Hydraulic FRP Corrugated Sheet Making Machine-Steel Roof Making Machines

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Product Description:

Hydraulic FRP Corrugated Sheet Making Machine-Steel Roof Making Machines

Product Description:

This production line is able to produce lighting sheet, color sheet, common plane sheet and gel coat sheet (make on demand).

Product Features:

1.Independent temperature control oven, unique arithmetic on temperature control, heating of oven are

fast,temperature control is precise, quality of product is improved, energy consumption,Preparing & starting machine time is shorten effectively.

2.All the machine parts apply international standard steel, Machine with high stability.System failure can be

automatic alarm fault point. Lower maintenance.

3.Cable selection also have exquisite in some machine parts.

Product Parameter:


Hydraulic FRP Corrugated Sheet Making Machine-Steel Roof Making Machines










280V 50HZ 3Phase(Customized)

Product Type

FRP Machinery





Raw material

Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Place of Origin

Hebei, China (Mainland)




2 Years

Time of Delivery

20-45 days

Product Pictures:

Hydraulic FRP Corrugated Sheet Making Machine-Steel Roof Making Machines

Hydraulic FRP Corrugated Sheet Making Machine-Steel Roof Making Machines

Hydraulic FRP Corrugated Sheet Making Machine-Steel Roof Making Machines

Our Services:

1.Spare parts: Non-artificial damage parts, during warranty period, can be provided free of charge

2. Testing and debugging: Every machine will be tested and debugged before shipment

3. Training and maintaining: Sending our engineer to your factory or sending your machine operator to our factory


Q:How do I know which is the right machine for me?

A:Just tell me what kind of product you want to make, and I will give suggestions according to it. 

Q:How do I know the output range?

A:I will need size information (length, width, height) to calculate the weight of the product. And give suggestions due to the products for you

Q: How long is the lead time?

A:  Our lead time will be about 20-45 days.

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