Humidifier ultrasonic atomization

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The latest ultrasonic atomization technology, distribute water more easily absorbed by the body 3μm oxygen ions;

★ no fire aromatherapy cleansing zero pollution;

★ stalls set up automatic shutdown time: 30/60/120/180 minutes;

★ convenient water Timescale: How long plus water, at a glance;

★ designed specifically for aromatherapy oils, water tank liner isolated seepage;

★ anhydrous self off systems, unmanned also can purify the air inside the house.

Businesses include: product development, "production" product testing "business sales, the company sold all the goods in accordance with national laws and regulations implemented Quality.

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Our company's products are guaranteed authentic, if it is batch quality problem, then we can ment. We will be the most perfect service to solve your problem product orders.

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