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1500 Sets Per Month set/month
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Sectional sofa PU on the front PVC on the back and side
Q:are gaming chairs compatible with playstation 2 thanks
chairs? it's just speakers with rumble anyway.. it should be 100% compatible.
Q:Hi!I have a typical desk/office chair and I want to reupholster its seat.It is made of nylon fabric.I would like to know if it is possible to find a store that sales upholstery for desk chairs (And which also has upholstery that will fit my chair properly), and how hard will it be to take off the current upholster and put the new one (Is it possible anyway?)Thanks!
There should be screws underneath holding the seat to the chair. Take them out and the seat will lift off. Measure the size and buy fabric, which by the way Walmart sells heavy grade upholstery fabric. But, buy it where each seat piece will have at least 4 inches overhang on each side. Just lay the seat on the fabric and use a staple gun to staple the new cloth on. (Try to keep the padding that is there now, unless it's worn or too dirty.) When stapling, start in the center of the first side and work out. If there's too much excess fabric, just trim it off. Then re-screw them back on the chair. Voila!
Q:I bought a new office chair for my linoleum floored office and every time I sit down, the chair moves about 3 to 4 feet back from my keyboard. Is there anyway to tighten the casters? I think a chair mat would do the same thing.
Find a small area rug that has a very low pile. This will allow the casters to sink into the rug, preventing them from rolling you across the floor, out the door, and tossing you out of the chair when you hit the lawn.
Q:What we have available for the site are these not so great metal chairs! Don't really have the budget to rent chair covers (and probably would not want to even if we did) so I'm really just looking for something to decorate the back a bit to make it prettier. After all, most of the chair is going to be covered anyway by a person!But the backs of a metal folding chair..yuck..not pretty.Anyone have any ideas out there?
I am answering off the top of my head... but could you go to Wal-Mart and buy cheap fabric and make a little cover that just goes over the top of the chair? (you can probably even just sew 2 pieces of fabric together and slip it over the top of the chair and have it just long enough to cover the back... I may not be explaining myself very well. Dollar store - big bows, or some bridal ribbon and a pretty silk flower, and scotch tape it on the back of the chair If you choose to go with a flower, maybe you can get some magnet tape, cut a couple little pieces for each decoration... then it'll be easy on and easy off and won't ruin the paint on the chairs. best of luck!
Q:so its a really dumb question.. but i have this assignment for school. my teacher gave us the example of a desk (like one with the chair and table part connected). he said we have to decide whether the exhibit A (desk) is a table or a chair. we cant be in between, and we cant say its a desk. its either a chair or table. and we need to come up with a thesis and 3 supports for whichever side we choose...its actually really hard. help anyone??
Different. Real linen is a fabric made from flax fibers. Sometimes people call tableclothes linens, though. Satin is a kind of weave...a way of processing the fibers to make the cloth shiny and smooth and thin. Can be done with many different cloths, but is usually done with silk or cotton.
Q:i am considering getting one and am wondering if we can play my surround sound while using the game chair with a dvd player, tv, xbox. Or do we just have to listen to movies from the game chair speakers
Depending on the particular chair you get, and what you actually want to do, the answer is going to vary. Most gaming chairs I've seen at least support stereo audio via the red/white RCA cables. So what you could do is connect your devices to the surround sound system as normal, then run a pair of the red/white RCA cables from the Receiver's 2nd room outputs. I don't know if your receiver has this feature or not, but it would allow you to have the receiver playing audio through its speakers and your chair at the same time. Another option would be to connect the RCA audio cables directly to the device in question. You'll need a set of long cables for this, and maybe a male-male adapter plug (you can get these from Radio Shack.) Another way would be to get a cheap A/V switch (the type for composite video) and just plug your audio cables into that, then plug the chair into the switch. Most devices can output an audio signal on all their outputs at once so this shouldn't be a problem.
Q:The office of the company has just been renovated. Which office furniture is necessary?
Look at your office needsIf it's the office desk, the office chair, the file cabinet, the boss, the manager's office!
Q:I want a chair like the one in the link but i need it for a cheaper price because im going to buy two. any ideas?
Try IKEA i got a really cool chair from there. Its awesome and they are pretty reasonable and they always have stuff in the as is section that is on sale.
Q:I heard chair squats make your but bigger and i need a bigger butt so how do you do them and how many should i do to make my butt look better?
chair okorder /... Have a great day! And here is to a better, fitter you!
Q:These chairs are supposedly good for the back. Does anyone have one and what do you think about it?
You could buy a GOOD Lane or LaZBoy and spend 1/3 the money.... They are stylish /minimalist but they are sure Hiding the cushioning.... Do you think your butt could handle HOURS of that chair? And do you think your butt CARES how stylish it is? They may say it's good for the back, but anyone can say that...and without PROOF I would NOT believe anything they or anybody else says.... Show me a Zero Chair Showroom where I can go and SIT on a Zero Chair....then let me sit for an hour while I read the Sunday paper....And get me a cup of coffee while I sit here reading my Sunday paper... And stop trying to Sell me on the chair while I'm reading ! My Back and Butt NEED silence to think ! That's the best way to know for sure...and get that salesman to give you some space to think....
We are a sourcing office of a broad range of products including furniture, housewars and office supplies. Our main markets are USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2012
Annual Output Value Above US$2 Million
Main Markets

Mid East;Western Europe;North America;Africa
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 100 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 200,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 5
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range Average

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