Hot Sell Silicon Flexible Keyboard

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$2.00 - 4.00 / pc
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Min Order Qty:
500 Pieces pc
Supply Capability:
100000 Piece/Pieces per Month 5000/week pc/month
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Hot sell silicon flexible keyboard:


Why choose us?

1. All keyboard made of RoHS silicone materil

•2.Embrace flexibility and professionalism

•3. No lowest price but always value for money

•4. We treat our workers and other suppliers as respectful partners


We are flexible keyboard manufacturer for more than 5 years. We supply flexible keyboard with good quality, competitive price and fast delivery.

We have designers working on styles for customers for free and embrace flexibility! 


Description & Specification:




Keyboard Type


Keyboard Size


Keyboard Weight



1000 million times

Operating Temperature

 -30 ~ 80 °C / -22 ~ 176 - °F

Operating Force

80 ± 10g

Operating voltage

+5 V DC

Operating current

50 mA


Keyboard into circle drum, with color card.

Packing Size(cm)




CTN Meas(cm)


GW/NW (kgs)



RoHS silicone


black, gray, blue, red, pink, green, purple, yellow, orange, white, as client need






Why we choose is a professional and reliable online E-market place

Providing a variety of products with reasonable prices

High quality goods provided by factory suppliers

Shipping to over 200 countries.

One-stop sourcing

Dubai Logistic Complex


Okorder Quality Control?

We hold a very strict quality control system to check every connector of our products for your safety.


Okorder services for you

1. We will reply you in detail within 24 hours

2. We own well-trained and professional sales and after- sale services who can speak fluent English.

3. We offer OEM services and can print your own logo on products.

4. We have strong ability to do ODM projects. 

Q:If I want to learn an instrument to play contemporary songs like lady gaga, bruno mars, lmfao, should i learn to play the keyboard or the piano? I really want to learn an instrument and I just want to play contemporary songs. what's a good instrument to learn? piano or keyboard?
A keyboard is cheaper, but a piano would be better quality, provided you gat a good one. If you play one though you can play the other, so getting a keyboard with weighted keys would probably be best for you. They still feel like a proper piano and are mech easier to play than a crappy plastic keyboard. Although, if you can afford a piano would be better for what you want to play.
Q:Hello,I started having keyboard problems last night,i'm running XP Pro SP2, US, with Japanese keyboard.Everything was fine till last night when I noticed that typying the B letter would turn on Japanese input, and typing V would always put extra Cs(5V cvvccvcvcv)the problem occur even with English as default input, in that case, only the V is faulty.In Safemode or GUEST, there are no problem (in Guest, everything is US/English)What is the problem ???
go to control panel, then choose 'regional and language options'. click on 'keyboards and languages', then on 'change keyboards'. click on 'add', then choose the language you want. experiment with the types of keyboard - choose one that suits your needs best. after closing the 'add' box, click on the 'language bar' tab. there, make sure that you have ticked the box that allows you to see the bar on the desktop or wherever so you can change between languages easily. hope that helps!
Q:Are Midi keyboards good to have if I want to make music on my Mac with garage band?
yes as long as its a decent one, its invaluable btw. A MIDI keyboard is a piano-style digital keyboard device used for sending MIDI signals or commands to other devices connected to the same interface as the keyboard
Q:Also, how do I remove the keyboard?Thanks.
Onscreen Keyboard Mac
Q:A friend gave me a nice interface called Komplete Audio 6 and I purchased fruity loops so now I'd like to get a keyboard to use with it. So what do I have to look for to see if the keyboard will plug into this interface? Are there any keyboards around $100 anybody would suggest? I sincerly appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.-John
Aw, taking a visit down reminiscence lane! :) it quite is a few i presumed-approximately off the staggering of my head: REO Speedwagon - i will't combat this sense Anymore or shop on Loving You At This 2d - Billy Vera the Beaters reducing team - I purely Died on your palms this nighttime Foreigner - waiting for a girl such as you adventure - Open palms Phill Collins - one extra nighttime
Q:dont know what could have happened, i connected a keyboard to my laptop, and when i finished using it i tried to type on the laptop keyboard and fpor example the L was a 3?help please
Press Fn+Numlock.
Q:i dont speak english good i'm native french so i am wondering if i can find a french keyboard to talk french with my friends? money is not problem merci
agree with OKorder
Q:Are there any phones that are big like the Samsung Omnia II and have a slide out keyboard?And on the samsung omnia II is is possible to change the themes? Like to change the colors and the keyboard style?
The best once is probably the Samsung Propel. It has a great slide keyboard and really big screen. If you want a thick phone, go with the Matrix which has two keyboards, numeric and a QWERTY keyboard with really big keys.
Q:I am able to use my F keys and get into my OS with F12, but once I am in my OS my keyboard does not work. My mouse works and I have unplugged the system, but still no keyboard use.
Your BIOS is telling you the keyboard is not connected or is bad. Unplug the keyboard. If it is a PS2 keyboard check for bent pins and plug it back in. If it is a USB keyboard unplug and put it in another USB port. Usually USB ports are in pairs on the rear of the motherboard. If you have 4 ports then plug the connector into the other set or a front USB port. Reboot. If problem persists take the keyboard to another computer and test it. If it is a USB keyboard you can simply plug it in any open port. There is no need to reboot or unplug the other keyboard. If it is a PS2 keyboard you will have to shutdown and swap keyboards to test it.
Q:HiiWhen i start the computer the keyboard doesn't get detected in the bios it says keyboard was not detectedpress f1 to continue (i cant press f1 obviously)so the keyboard starts to work only after the windows loading screen but before it it doesn't so i cant re-install xp as i need to hit anykey to boot the cd which the keyboard ain't working. I was thinking if i clear the cmos would the bios pick the keyboard because if i do i need to to hit f1 after i turn computer on and load defualt cmos setting but if the keyboard doesn't work ill be STUCK. So would i be stuck or not it will work? because my computer works after loading screen so i don't want to totally screw things up. thnx
Hi.Dont know if this link will help but its worth a look: forums.

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