Horticultural and Agricultural Golden And Silvery Vermiculite Price

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Product Description:

Product Specifications:

1.Agriculture vermiculite,expanded vermiculite 
2.Expansion ratios:5.5-11times 
4.Size:all kinds


Product Description


0.5-2mm,1-3mm,2-5mm,3-6mm,4-8mm,8-12mm expanded vermiculite

Heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, well-ventilation, water preservation, poisonless, odorless, low hardness, burning-avoidness , lighter. non-asbestos etc.

Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Detail: 25kg/bag,40bags/big bag; other packing is allowed as required

                             Pure PP bags or PP bag inner with PE or as per customer’s demands


Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after received deposit.

Horticultural and Agricultural Golden And Silvery Vermiculite Price

Horticultural and Agricultural Golden And Silvery Vermiculite Price

Horticultural and Agricultural Golden And Silvery Vermiculite Price

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Q:Questions about inground pool Liner install?
Q:what can I use for my incubator other than vermiculite, perlite and hatch right?
sphagnum moss
Q:Cymbidium can use vermiculite or vermiculite mixed pine? Peanut shell?
In addition, vermiculite can also provide the crops with K, Mg, Ca, Fe and trace amounts of Mn, Cu, Zn and other elements. Vermiculite has the characteristics of water absorption, cation exchange and chemical composition, so it has many functions such as fertilizer preservation, water retention, water storage, air permeability, mineral fertilizer and so on.
Q:Found something odd in my houseplant's soil...I think my plant is making its own metal?
vermiculite is indeed a very good insulation,years ago it was used for texture,to spray on ceilings as insulation as alternative for asbestos if you can find a way to CONTAIN it should work yery well
Q:How to apply the quota of cement and vermiculite insulation layer?
The present price is the separation of quantity and price.Here, the amount consumed. The consumption of fixed consumption is only the price of a natural machine. The corresponding "04 consumption quota" in Guizhou."Consumption corresponding to the so-called price is fixed base price, respectively, corresponding to the combination of talent prices. The corresponding books, such as "Guizhou city 08 price list", because different regions of the price list is not the sameFor example, we want to build a brick wall now 1.3 cubic meters of water mixing, Lane corresponding to the fixed quota items such as 3-1, the consumer can find the corresponding item is brick mixing.
Q:what are the ingredients of potting soil?
The fact they are not laid together is not a good sign. The females will usually find a spot to lay and do so, but it's possible that with having another snake in there and no laying box, she continuously moved around to try to find a safe place to lay. Co habitating is also not good. Separate the two snakes so that the male won't continously breed the female. This can lead to early death of the female as it takes a great deal out of her to produce the eggs. Double and triple clutching can be the death of her since she might be too small already. You should NEVER keep more than one snake in a cage...no matter what anyone tells you and this is just one reason why! That said, there's nothing you can do about it now...eggs are here. A tupperware tub is fine to incubate in. Put 3-4 pinholes in the lid to allow airflow (they don't need much). I use perlite rather than vermiculite to incubate in as it reduces the chance of drowning the eggs if the medium is too wet. Use lukewarm water and add an amount that lets the perlite clump when squeezed, but not enough for a lot of moisture. Place the eggs into the perlite. You can cover them completely or just leave a little of the tops of them out. You can cover the tops with a little damp moss if you want. As long as you don't turn the eggs they are fine to move. They will definitely dry out and die if you don't. Put the egg container in a place that stays around 80 degrees or so. At 80 degrees it will take approximately 69 days for the eggs to hatch. Higher temps will shorten the time, but your risk killing the eggs with higher temps. They tolerate lower temperatures better than high. If necessary you can add water to the egg box if it starts to dry out. You should see a mist on the side of the egg box at the perlite level. Use tepid water and pour close to the edge of the egg box so that the eggs do not get touched directly.
Because its not porous, so it doesn't absorb the water. How much something expands or contacts when wet depends on how much water it can absorb.
Q:Is vermiculite bad if eaten by infants?
Potting soil typically has more nutrients and is mixed with peat in it for the roots to grow deep and strong in. It s thicker and helps retain moisture in a hanging pot for example. It also costs more. Top soil is obviously used to fertilize either a planter bed or lawn to give the plants/lawn roots food/nutrients to grow and prosper.
Q:why do stores not carry vermiculite?
You need a incubator or they won't stand a chance.
Q:My Leopard Gecko laid an egg in the waterdish?Will it hatch?
its fine dont worry ive used perlite and they can out fine

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