High performance micro X-ray fluorescence

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Micro X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy technique is uneven sample, irregular sample, or even the preferred method for non-destructive analysis of elements of high sensitivity and small samples were inclusions. Rapid analysis using multi-channel focusing light to a very small area, in order to obtain an excellent spatial resolution capillary focusing mirror will inspire. Any type of sample can be prepared even directly analyzed by a simple sample preparation.

Determination of sample thickness and composition of the coating

X-ray fluorescence analysis of a thin coating of M4 can sample, such as a printed circuit board, metal or plastic parts, including single and multiple layer coating. XSpect software using non standard fundamental parameter method, can be calculated simultaneously coating thickness and coating composition. Using standard samples to further improve the accuracy of quantitative analysis

RoHS testing

PCB measuring a sample. u Anso surface maps show the distribution of the following elements: Br (green), Cu (red), Au (yellow), Pb (white) and Sn (pink)

The original image size: 250 × 75 pixels

Measuring time: 0.15s / pixel

Main features:

M4 TORNADO uses a new technology to provide the best analysis of the performance and handling is very convenient for a variety of users.

Using multi-channel capillary focusing lens, minimum illumination spot, the highest spatial resolution.

TurboSpeed XYZ sample stage, with variable magnification imaging system to obtain high-quality images of the sample, in the "fly" elemental distribution analysis.

High-intensity X-ray tube with a multi-channel capillary focusing lens combine to ensure access to a very high excitation intensity illumination in a very small area. Using filters and can be used concurrently with a different target of bifocal tube, the analysis according to different requirements, optimization of the excitation spectrum.

Use XFlash® detector ultra high speed access to the sample spectrum, additionally, a plurality of detectors can be used to further increase the measurement speed.

Using non-standard analysis accurate quantitative analysis of bulk samples, accurate analysis of multilayer samples.

Can vacuum sample chamber is equipped with automatic doors, large sample compartment can be placed samples of various sizes. Through two variable magnification camera system to observe the sample (careful observation and analysis of the overall observation area), convenient injection capabilities and autofocus functions can be fast and accurate positioning. Edited by the user to run the program XYZ sample stage allows repeated measurements.

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Q:I have instrument to need to make calibration, how to choose measuring instrument calibration service?
Tell them the calibration parameters, such as balance, temperature, time and so on, they will make you in accordance with the requirements of the calibration and measurement instrument calibration, Boluo has many places in the city, you can check your.
Q:What is the working principle of an Austrian Gas Analyzer?
The advantages of austenitic gas analyzer are simple structure, low cost and easy maintenance
Q:Which brand is good for chemical analysis instruments?
Glutaraldehyde is a five carbon aldehyde with two aldehyde groups. The formula is $C_5H_8O_2$, and the molecular weight is 100. Electron microscopic fixation is usually diluted with commercially available 25% glutaraldehyde water solution to the desired concentration. Its pH is 4.0$sim$5.0. Oxygen, high temperature, neutral or alkaline pH can make glutaraldehyde polymerization, lose aldehyde group, and reduce cross-linking effect, so usually this kind of liquid should be kept at low temperature.
Q:Is there an instrument that can detect leaking water in a wall?
Leak detection method of water pipe:1, the first thing to do is to close the main locks. The hose is then attached to both ends of the hot and cold water pipe.2, at the same time, one end of the instrument is fixed on another pipe in the same space.3, when the master in the use of equipment, you need to wring each interface, can not cause leakage, so that the measured water pressure will be accurate.4, when everything is ready, you can be ready for pressure testing.5, the water pressure will gradually increase, test the water pipe pressure, to see whether there is water leakage.6, the test division of the water pressure hit, in accordance with popular parlance, at this time the water pressure is 8 pounds.7, check the water pipes everywhere to see if there is water seepage or water leakage.
Q:Which UPS power supply is better for analytical instruments?
Green environmental protectionThis product is a green environmental protection product, and conforms to the national electronic information products pollution control management measures, the product in normal use, will not cause harm to the environment and the human body.
Q:Analytical instruments, laboratory supplies, agricultural materials, which industry prospects for development?
Shandong Aibo trading services in the fields of life science and technology, including the operation of imported and domestic biochemical instruments, scientific instruments, reagents and other supplies, the main brands including Japan OLYMPUS microscope, TheroFisher centrifuge, ultra low temperature refrigerator, oven, Roche Diagnostics products, the United States Alpha gel imaging system, balance, pH meter and Swiss Mettler-toledo analytical instrument, Japan EYELA series of organic synthesis, drying oven, rotary evaporator, cryogenic device, synthesis device, Shanghai days to gel imaging system, BROOKFIELD rheometer, texture analyzer, American rainin pipettors, American PALL, ultra pure water filtration equipment, Hangzhou bauges gene amplification instrument.
Q:The working principle of flue gas analyzer, with the brand
It consists of hand manipulator and analysis box and probe. The larger part below is the analysis box, which is disassembled from below to see the sensors, batteries, and condensers.
Q:Could you tell me the error range of carbon and sulfur analysis?
High frequency infrared carbon sulfur analyzer can analyze the metallic elements inside the C and S content, detailed parameters see below, while P, Si, Mn, Cr, Ni of these elements need to use multi elemental analyzer to measure range, these are not HCS-500 can measure the inside, such as single C and S measurement it is of course the measurement error range of high-frequency infrared carbon sulfur analyzer HCS-500 to be smaller, in a word, is a general instrument and equipment dedicated to the difference
Q:What kind of instrument does a battery company usually use?
YXD-3000 internal battery resistance tester.
Q:What instruments are needed for feed testing?
Feed moisture detection, a SFY-20H halogen moisture meter, you can, a few minutes fast,

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