high density fiberglass insulation batt vermiculite heat insulation board glass wool price

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Vermiculite coated glass fabrics are tough, durable and resist metal splash and welding spatter.

  • Description:

  • Vermiculite coated glass fabrics are tough, durable and resist metal splash and welding spatter. Vermiculite coated glass fabrics are capable of withstanding temperatures of 1000C for short periods and make an ideal material for fire barriers and welding curtains.


  • Application:

  • Typical Application: Welding spark protection blankets/Curtains, Plumbers Pads, Fire Protection, Insulation mattress/jacket cover material, High temperature fabric seals


  • Basic fabric: E-glass texturized glass fabric

  • 1. Thickness:1.1mm

  • 2. Weight:1000g/m2

  • 3. Width:100cm


  • Coating: Vermuculite

  • Coating weight:100g/m2

  • Working Temperature :750 degrees centigrade.


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Q:How well would vermiculite work as a mulch?
Hi there! First of all, Vermiculite doesn't always improve drainage. In fact, sometimes it can do the opposite, and hold water around the roots, which is BAD. What you actually want is some regular soil, some coarse grit, and some pumice, or if you don't have access to pumice, some perlite. The object of making special soil for cacti (and most other succulents as well) is to make a quick-draining mix. Cacti do not like to sit in wet soil. This is particularly important in cooler times of the year. It should also be noted that unless you have a jungle cactus (which are usually long, and hang over the edges of the pot - plants like Epiphyllums, Rhipsalis, etc), you don't want to be watering it in the winter anyway. Desert cacti need a rest period where they are kept dry, and this is usually in the winter. If you follow these suggestions, I promise your cacti will thank you for it! : )
Q:Why does vermiculite have gold or silver on its surface?
The reasons for the surface of vermiculite are gold or silver: the surface color of vermiculite is false color, and the selective absorption of minerals by visible light is the main reason for the color of objects.
Q:Vermiculite soil and clay can be kind of meat plants collocation
It is best to add some particles in, because vermiculite and soil are water retention, so airtight soggy, fleshy easy to rot.
Q:where can i get these garden ingredients?
Potting Soil would be better than Garden Soil in a raised bed like that. It's lighter (made of those things you mentioned - vermiculite, etc.) so it will dry out a bit faster but it will also drain a lot better and if you get a lot of rain/water the thing won't rot. Miracle grow is fortified with a lot of nutrients so you definitely don't want to plant seeds right in the mix or it's possible it will burn and kill the seeds. If you're planting seedlings your safe with MG, just don't fertilize for the first few weeks and after that start with a VERY low concentration and work your way up to full strength. Good luck.
Q:is vermiculite and perlite the same thing?
this is a sight for seriouse answers not dumb jokes...grow up...there is no such thing as a south american vermiculite snail and snails dont cough let alone do their mothers abandon them because they neve get raised by there mother .... ***
Q:vermiculite, perlite, pumice, or other amendment?
you could use vermiculite. But i have had the bet luck with moss. You just want her to be able to dig in it. Also try to stay away from coconut fibers.
Q:I live in Netherlands and it rains alot is there a specfic soil mixture or way to make pots drain better?
a good rule of thumb to remember is chemical foods are fast acting and need to be repeated more often, all natural foods are slow release and last longer....chemicals suck------fox farm is great.
Q:Where can I buy vermiculite or perlite?
Just vacuum it up. Even if the worst of the asbestos containing vermiculite, you risk is so small, it could not be measured. The risk would be in the range of getting hit by lightning, twice.
Q:What is the white stuff in potting soil?
It is probally ground up newspaper.
Q:Is Vermiculite and Perlite the same thing?
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