HDPE LLDPE LDPE High Speed Film Blowing Machine

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Its extruder, cylinder and screw rods are made of quality alloy steel that have been nitrized and processed in a precision way. Hence it is sound in hardness, durable in corrosion resistance, The specially-designed screw is of sound quality in plasticizing, which helps increase the production capacity. It is applied to blowing the plastic films like low density polythene (LDPE), high density polythene(HDPE) and linear low density polythene (LLDPE). It is widely applied to producing the packing bags for foodstuff, clothing, rubbish bag and vest ones.

Optional devices:
1). Auto loader
2). Film surface treater
3). Air compressor
4). Mechanical screen changer.
 Model  TR-FMB50/650  TR-FMB55/850  TR-FMB60/1100  TR-FMB65/1400
 Suitable Material                                                                                      HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
 Film Width (mm)  300-600  300-800  400-1000  600-1200
 Film Thickness (mm)  0.01-0.05  0.01-0.05  0.01-0.05  0.01-0.05
 Max. Extrusion Output (kg/h)  55  70  85  110


 Screw Diameter (mm)  Φ 50  Φ 55  Φ 60  Φ 65
 Screw L/D Ratio  28: 1/30: 1
 Screw Material  SACM-645/38 CRMOALA
 Cylinder Material  SACM-645/38 CRMOALA
 Cylinder Cooling (kw)  0.25    0.25X2  0.25X2  0.25X3
 Driving Motor (kw)  11  15  18.5  30
 Temperature Control  3  3  3  4
 Average Power-consume (kw)  14  22  26  37

 Die Size (mm)  Φ 60/80  Φ 80/100  Φ 100/120  Φ 100/150
 Φ 100/150  Φ 150/200  Φ 200/250  Φ 250/300
 Temperature Control3
 Air Ring1
 Air Blower (kw)  3  3  3  4
 Center Steady Stick2

 Pinch Roller (Dia. width) mm  650  850  1100  1300
 Height Adjustable Type  700
 Take-up Speed (m/min)  10-100  10-100  10-100  10-80
 Take-up Motor (kw)  0.75  0.75  1.1  1.5

 Winding Motor (N. m)  5/10  5/ 10  10/16  10/ 16
 Winding Speed (m/min)  10-100  10-100  10-100  10-80
 Cover Dimension (m)  5.0*2.1*4.5  5.0*2.3*4.8  5.5*3.3*5.5  5.8*3.6*6

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Q:Why is the oil filtered out of the oil filter cleaner?
Improve the cleanliness of the oil, but filter it clean
Q:What's the difference between a purifier and an oil purifier?
In addition to the impurities in the oil, the purifier can also separate the moisture in the oil. The oil filter is only a simple filtration of impurities.
Q:Zjcq-4 vacuum oil purifier starts several seconds later, how to deal with unbalanced three-phase current and broken phase?
Oil filter is not cabbage, sold regardless of ah, if you encounter, indicating that you buy small manufacturers! In the past, our company bought the Chongqing Ashton, when the motor burned, a phone call to them, is not coming, dare not come?
Q:Centrifugal oil filter speed is not fast before, what is the matter?
Generally, it's a long time, and the belt is wearing and slipping. Or the screws are loose
Q:Points for attention of vacuum oil filter
1.4 check whether the external power supply is correct, whether the power cable meets the capacity requirements of the oil filter.1.5 check the machine housing should be reliable grounding.1.6 check that all rotating parts should be free of obstruction.1.7 test turn, check the oil pump, vacuum pump and other motor steering should meet the requirements.1.8 check whether the cooling water connection is reliable and the water should be clear.1.9 check field fire extinguishers to meet the requirements.
Q:Excuse me, what's the reason why the oil is not clear and cloudy after being filtered by the centrifugal oil filter?
There may be two cases of opaque filtration: [1] the oil before filtration is emulsified and turbid, while the centrifugal oil filter is unable to break the emulsion, so the transparency is limited after filtration. If it is caused by emulsification, the multifunctional vacuum dehydration oil filter can be selected to break the emulsification and increase the transparency
Q:Which is the best vacuum oil filter?
Vacuum oil filter machine imported brands and domestic brands of domestic brands, but also imported and domestic configuration configuration; imported oil filter oil filter better than domestic, domestic and imported configuration than the domestic configuration, the price must be configured expensive. In addition, the vacuum oil purifier has to distinguish the two-stage vacuum oil filter and the single-stage vacuum oil filter, and the vacuum effect of bipolar vacuum is better than that of the single stage vacuum, but the price must be higher.
Q:How much is the equipment for the oil press?
It is wrong that all the cases should be fitted with the same equipment.Should be configured according to different circumstances, such as: centrifugal oil filter can not filter cold oil.Therefore, in the cold press cooking oil, do not choose centrifugal oil filter, and hot pressed cooking oil, usually choose centrifugal oil filter.
Q:Oil filter HNP021-380-50-K-Z what does that mean?
First of all, HNP021-380-50-K-Z is only the model name of the oil filter machine. It is the independent name of the oil filter manufacturer and has nothing to do with your purchase of the oil filter.
Q:Common troubles of vacuum oil filter
The pressure is greater than 0.3MPa 1, the tubing is too long, the oil level is too high, the oil outlet is small or the pipe is too small;2, filter oil absorption has many impurities. 1, change the working environment;2. Replace filter paper or filter core. Vacuum pump starting oil injection 1, filtered oil, water content, oil floating upward, was sucked into the vacuum pump, vacuum pump oil level rise;2, vacuum pump gasket shift or damage. 1, the vacuum oil shall not be higher than the oil level line;2, overhaul. Oil control or no temperature 1, oil temperature and thermometer does not match;2 、 heater burn out or line break or contact arm end anastomosis. 1, adjust oil control;2 、 maintenance line change heater. No pressure out of the oil pump

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