HDPE Geomembranes with High Quality from Manufactory

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10000 m²
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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:

HDPE Geomembranes Description
This product is extruded PE membrane formed by adding anti- oxidant, absorbent of ultraviolet and dyestuff into HDPE or LDPE or EVA and will provide an effective barrier to of liquid water and water vapor.
HDPE Geomembranes Application
1. Municipal project.
2. landfill treatment project.
3. Waste water treatment.
4. Mineral waterproofing.
HDPE Geomembranes Advantages:

1. High flexibility, high waterproof coefficient.
2. Could be used in the temperature of -70 ℃~110 ℃.
3.Good stability, anti acid and alkalis,anti-erosion.
4.High climate bearing ability, excellent in anti-aging.
5.High tensile strength and elongation, can be used in bad geology and climate, especially be used in the soil uneven sedimentation.
6.High friction coefficient.
HDPE GeomembranesSpecification
1. Thickness: 1.0mm to 3.0mm.
2. 4m-9m in width, roll length as design or client's request.

HDPE Geomembranes Characteristics
1.HDPE performs well in mechanical properties ,ageing-resistance , chemical-resistance ,climate- resistance and resistance to puncture .
2.LDPE & EVA feathers great elongation, good flexibility at low temperature, softness and easy installation.
3.ECB ,high-class waterproofing rolls, is formed by combining ethylene polymer with oil-resin.
HDPE Geomembranes Features:
1.All physical factors such as anti-draw, anti-tear, and anti-stab meet the requirement of water works, chemicals, tunnels,and transportation project in most conditions.
2.Good aging, durable performance, and wide temperature range, it can be useful over thirty years on the condition of -60æ«60æ.
3.Anti-stab and fine friction factors.
4.Canker proof, acid and alkali proof, untoxic.
5.Lower cost per unit area, cost is 1/3«1/2 lower than that of PVC film, glass and cloth.
6.Convevient to install and dependable effect.


Q: What kind of payments does jenor support?

A: T/T, L/C, Cash are accepted.

Q: Do you charge for the samples? 

A: Accordeing to our company policy, the samples are freee, we only charge the freight fee. And we will return the freight fee during the next order. 

Q: Can you produce according to customers' design? 

A: Sure, we are professional manufacturer, OEM and ODM are both welcome.

HDPE Geomembranes with High Quality from Manufactory

HDPE Geomembranes with High Quality from Manufactory

HDPE Geomembranes with High Quality from Manufactory

HDPE Geomembranes with High Quality from Manufactory

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Q:What determines the hardness of paint film
Its physical meaning can be understood as the resistance of the film surface to the action of the other hardness of the larger objects. It can be determined by measuring the ability of the film to resist deformation when a certain mass load is exposed on the surface of the film, (including the ability of deformation caused by collision, indentation or scratching). the test equipment should have damped pendulum hardness, scratch hardness, indentation hardness ,ect..
Q:Does a mist screen need to stick membrane?
If the computer is equipped with mist screen, then there is no need, just use it directly. Film is only available in the mobile phone, no necessary in computer.
Q:What are the standards of geotechnical test methods?
Common standards and codes related to geotechnical tests are as follows: (1) the railway engineering geotechnical test method "(TBJ102-96) (2) the geotechnical test method standard" (\ t50123-1999) (3) "road geotechnique test procedures" (JTJ051-93) (4) the water conservancy geotechnique test procedures in the "(SL237-1999) (5) the railway subgrade construction specifications, TB10202-2002 (6) the highway roadbed construction technology standard" JTJ033-950 geotechnical test in the regular program. (1) water content, density, proportion; (2) analysis of the particle size , liquid limit, plastic limit; (3) maximum density and minimum density of sand; (4) compaction test, bearing ratio test.
Q:Speaking of renovation of small dam pond , is it necessary to cover anti-seepage geomembrane in the dam base with soil ? if so, then how thick do we need?
Yes, of course. we had better ensure that the thickness is insusceptible to stone or other sharp objects. We don't need too thick, 5cm is enough.
Q:How to remove the mobile phone film?
the film on the mobile phone can be directly removed, the above glue can be cleared: 1, the first step is using drawing eraser to wipe screen so you can remove most of the offset print; 2, the second step is to use a small amount of toothpaste, it is better to choose a good one, which is the kind will not wear CD box as advertised, a little bit evenly on the surface of the screen, but it is better not to seep into the screen edge seam. Then add a little water to slowly rub on the screen, you can remove stubborn dirt. 3,Second step, you can also use the wet paper towel gently wipe the residual dirt. 4, the third step, use a damp cloth to wipe clean the screen, a light screen appears.
Q:Soft film smallpox box film how to make?
Production: To use the acrylic boards, plastic sheeting, or other insulating material, i often take use of the double layer 2.5mm black aluminum plate. First, to carve the words you need with the single-sided adhesive paper. Then paste it on sided adhesive paper, and penetrate a drill or hole with the help of electric drill or carving machine(The pitch is according to the size of the word, the general interval is 10-15mm). !
Q:What is the difference between the matte stick membrane and HD stick membrane?
HD has a good light transmittance, when looking the video it is more clear, but it is not wear-resistant, easy to have scratches, and some of them are not easy to slide up. Grinding is more wear-resistant, when sliding up it is smoothly, but there is a little bit difference in light transmittance. when watching the video, it may have a little impact on the quality of the picture what film should be use depends on how you usually use.
Q:Functional enhancement of composite geomembrane
Q:What are the benefits of the water film floor?
1, the mill floor brick table light treatment brightness reached more than 70, to achieve the quality of marble dust slip. 2, the mill floor tile surface hardness can reach 6-8 level, close to the surface of granite with high hardness, good abrasion resistance. 3, terrazzo floor tile can optionally spliced color, color can be custom made. 4, water floor brick cracks, not afraid, not afraid of heavy vehicles rolled heavy drag, not contraction deformation. 5, terrazzo floor brick does not dust, and has high cleanness. 6, the mill floor brick not burning, not firing, aging resistance, fouling, corrosion resistance, no smell and no pollution. 7, terrazzo floor brick bright finish, if need to improve the light hit the ordinary floor wax (does not affect the anti-static performance). 8, terrazzo floor brick decoration case of horizontal and vertical dividing strip without clearance, connection density, the overall appearance is good. 9, water floor brick building performance and mechanical properties and all kinds of construction quality of terrazzo floor is complying with the requirements of GB50209-2002, to meet the requirements of JC507-1993 standard building terrazzo.
Q:Why apply HDPE geomembrane into anti-seepage project in the cesspit?

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