Gyratory crusher used on mining, metallury and cement plant

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Gyratory crushers are main equipments for coarse crushing ores and rocks in mining, forging, constructing, chemical industry and power stations. They have high crushing rate, high output rate and their products have even grains.


NHI produces three series of gyratory crushers. They are PXZ(heavy), PXQ(light), PXF(introduced). PXZ series is used for crushing material of high or intermediate hardness and PXQ series is used for crushing material of intermediate or low hardness.PXF is mainly used as coarse crushing equipments for large open mines and ore dressing plants.


NHI is the birth place of Chinese first gyratory crusher and the professional manufacturer for designing, testing and manufacturing of gyratory crusher, which has more than 60 years history. These products are welcomed by customers for their variety of models, advanced design, reliable capacity, stable running and low consumption of energy.


In 1987, PXQ1200 gyratory crusher that developed and manufactured by our company won the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. In 1994, PXZ1417 gyratory crusher that developed and manufactured by our company won the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

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