Jaw crushers used on mining, metallery and cement plant

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Jaw crushers are main equipments for crushing ores and rocks in mining, forging, constructing, cement industry. It is main equipment for coarse/ intermediate crushing ores and rocks. NHI jaw crushers have features of simple structure, reliable performance, easy operation, easy maintenance, safety use, etc.


According to the structure, jaw crusher can be divided into PEF double toggle jaw crusher (single knee plate jaw crusher) and PEJ simple toggle jaw crusher(double knee plates jaw crusher)


Double toggle jaw crusher, mainly consist of the frame body, moving jaw, knee plates and material output adjusting device. Simple toggle jaw crusher, mainly consist of frame body, moving jaw, knee plates, connecting rod and material output adjusting device.


NHI is one of professional manufacturer for designing, developing, testing and manufacturing of gyratory crusher, which has more than 60 years history. NHI has produced more than 8000 sets of jaw crusher, cone crusher and gyratory crusher. PEF、PEJ、PEF-X has been produced in 15 series.NHI jaw crusher equipped many mining companies and metallurgy companies in China. Many products have been draw into international market as early as in the '60 s and won several awards. NHI is the presiding company for making the occupation standard Simple toggle jaw crusher JB/T 3264—2002


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Q:Where do I find a hand operated crusher for big aluminum cans?
simple enough to make one out of some 2x4 stock and a hinge id probably get a 3 foot piece of 2x10 so it would be nice and stable put the 2x4 on top( same length) and install a nice heavy duty hinge. use carriage bolts to secure it so it wont pull out and place the can under it. close to the hinge and stand on the end of the 2x4 ,,,,,,,crush away . basically your copying the small ones design and enlarging it .
Q:Product features of vertical impact crusher
1. vertical impact crusher is a new type of medium and fine crushed stone equipment developed in 90s. It is also widely used as a substitute for cone crusher, roller mill and ball mill in the world.2.. The utility model has the advantages of novel structure, unique operation, stable operation, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and low cost. 3., small energy consumption, high yield, large crushing ratio, with fine crushing and coarse grinding function.4., equipment is small, easy to operate, easy installation and maintenance. High efficiency, energy saving, high crushing efficiency. The processing capacity is large, and the output is -----50-500 tons / hour. Compared with the sand making equipment under the same power, the output is increased by 35%. And the performance is relatively stable.The 5. is capable of shaping a cube shaped products, packing density, through the broken material ability, little influenced by moisture of material, water content of up to 8%, in six, finished good grain surface prism, and with reasonable use, especially with machine-made sand and stone plastic. It has been proved by many customers that the comprehensive effect of sand making and shaping improved by 30% compared with other power equipment.
Q:What are the better brands of cone crushers?
Ding Ding machine is located in Henan, Zhengzhou Province Ma walled industrial agglomeration. More than 20 years of mechanical R & D and production experience, professional technical and service team, for the tripod machine to build Evergreen Foundation provides an inexhaustible motive force. At present, the tripod machine in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 international quality certification system standards for design, production, assembly, testing.
Q:What is the name of this song?
can't help you out without link to vid. i don't know what video your talking about. there are none with crusher in the title.
Q:ok so i was ultimate fighting the other day, i drop down and do the calf crusher on my opponent and the ref?
Calf crushers are illegal until you achieve a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I was ultimate fighting the other day sounds like you just made this up and you want to be a fighter.
Q:What is the function of the liner of jaw crusher?
1. okorder.com/
Q:What materials are suitable for hammer crusher to grind?
Just about anything. Scrap metal, all kinds of stone, bones, you name it, it will do what it does. Blast it to bits. I don't think that it would work too well on things like flour or talc, but as long as it's a solid and not a powder or liquid, a hammer crusher will crush it. BTW, it doesn't grind, it crushes and tears with massive high frequency blows from enormous hammers. I wouldn't want to get tossed into one, that's for sure. Why do you ask? Do you have one?
Q:we have a science project and we need to make a pneumatic can crusher (grade 8)?
You need a bunsen burner, a pair of tongs and a sink full of cold water close to the bunsen. Take a can in the tongs and (carefully) hold it VERTICALLY with the open end over the bunsen flame until really hot. Keeping the hot can with open end down, QUICKLY immerse the open end into the cold water (not deep), without tilting it. There'll be a fairly loud (but safe) 'bang' and, the can will completely collapse due to a high vacuum created in the can. The pressure difference between the atmosphere acting on the large surface area of the can, and the vacuum in the can will provide you with a 'Pneumatic Can Crusher'.
Q:What happened to all the past rappers lately?
Loyd Banks: has never been good, almost in my bottom 10 rappers ever Bone crusher: MJA is right, one good song and then.... **** Mobb Deep: was good, now **** SuckDeesNuts Carter: Who?? jay z or lil wayne?
Q:How would Matt Morgan and Crimson do against The Following Big Man Tag Teams in their Prime?
1) Bundy and Studd were almost jobbers to the stars. I could see Morgan and Crimson getting a big win off of them and getting quite the rub from it. 2.) Kronik...that's all I have to say about that...Kronik. If you have no idea what I'm referring to, look up the match. While Morgan and Crimson are vastly more talent than either member of Kronik, back then Taker was probably worse about politics than anyone cares to mention, and probably wouldn't put a young tag team over. 3) I could see them beating the Skyscrapers. I think Crimson and Morgan are a bit more of a big deal than the Skyscrapers ever were. 4) I think I'd give it to Crimson and Morgan too. 5) Doom. 6) CC

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