Hammer crusher used on mining, metallurgy and cement plant

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Hammer crushers are main equipment for intermediate crushing the limestone, coal and other brittle materials below medium hardness in mining, constructing, chemical and power stations. The crushers have the feature of high crushing rate, high output rate and their products have even grains.


According to the structure, hammer crusher can be divided into horizontal type hammer crusher and vertical hammer crusher. According to the using requirements, hammer crusher can be divided into reversible, irreversible hammer crusher, single stage hammer crusher and dry-type hammer crusher. Reversible hammer crusher with reversible rotor used for fine crushing in general; irreversible hammer crusher with irreversible rotor used for intermediate crushing.

NHI has more than 60 years history of designing and manufacturing hammer crusher. Over 1000 sets of hammer crusher were produced and exported to many other countries. NHI hammer crusher is been produced in series. These products are welcomed by customers for their variety of models, advanced design, reliable capacity, stable running and low consumption of energy.


NHI is the presiding company for making the occupation standard hammer crusher for coal JB/T 3765—2008 and hammer crusher for limestone JB/T 3766—2008.


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