HCS 239 Impact crusher

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HC Series Impact Crushers are built onadvanced technology with a combination of domestic applications. Morehuman-oriented with simple design and reasonable structure, bigger and bettercavity, higher capacity.

1.As the core part, rotor is locked throughassembly wedge block, but many rotors form other manufacturers are locked by Spressing block. As a result, the pressing block will easily fall off to damagethe crusher. Assembly wedge block has larger torque and is conducive to replaceblow bar. During working, the larger of momentum, the more tight of stability.We can increase the power and rotor speed to enhance the crushing efficiencyand capacity if conditions are good.

2.The front shell and back shell are fastened through bowknotbolt、pin、compressor sheet and plate lug. It is simple operation and saveslocking time.

3. HC adopts hydraulicsystem to open the frame to maintain crusher and adjust discharging opening. Soit has simple operation and working efficiency and capacity are increased.

4.The main shaft of HC hasno press button and adopts word advanced locking way so that more reliableoperation and more convenient maintenance are ensured.

5. HC crusher changes feeding angel of material to increase capacity.

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Q:Crushing methods for various types of crushers?
Impact crusher. The ore block is crushed by the impact of the fast moving parts, which can be divided into hammer crusher, cage crusher and counterattack crusher
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Q:How do i make a Wooden can crusher fir school??
i like the broomhandle and block of wood
Q:Should the crusher run or stop and refuel?
General crusher in the operation risk is relatively large, such as special grinding metal grinder is used for iron cutter grinder, run time, greater efforts alone refueling, running in the crushing iron when artificial can be next to the machine, so as to stop operation or something relatively safe
Q:Would you shake hands with a bone crusher?
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I've got skull candy headphones, and the quality of them is great. I have the Buds, but it is a matter of preference between the Crushers and Buds.I don't like headphones all that much, so I just go with ear buds.If you like head phones better go with the Crushers. I have a Windows 8 laptop(non-touch), and it's not as bad as people may tell you. It does take some time getting used to,though. It took me awhile to figure everything out. Windows 7 would be a better way to go if you felt you wouldn't like the setup of Windows 8. If you already have an iPod Touch, I would just stick with what you have. If you don't, then get the 5g.If you have an iTouch 4g, there are some big differences between the 5g and 4g such as color and size, but both will do the same functions. As for CoD, that's up to you. If you are a big fan and you have been wanting it for a long time, go ahead and get it. So, I would say the Crushers or the Buds depending on what you like. If you're just going to use your laptop to do basic things, like go on the internet, watch YouTube, etc., go with the iTouch 5g. If you're a gamer and plan on playing games on your laptop, go with the laptop.

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