PP239 impact mobile crushing and screening plant

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Product Description:

Our Portable Crushing and Screening Plant is the first independently developed successfully, and exported to Russia in2004. In the ensuing years ,the product are improved constantly withsophisticated design. In China Baoma Exhibition 2008, an appearance of mobileJaw Crusher Plant caused a huge sensation in the industry. From 2008 to now,the impeccable mobile plant were exported to all around the world.

Meanwhile in 2012 ,according to the Chinesemarket,we launched a mobile construction waste recycling station,which were pinnacled on the peak inAugust 2012,through the recommendation and presentation of Science ChannelCCTV-10 CCTV .

Featuresand benefits:

1.We recommends special belt conveyor for mobileplant instead of common belt conveyor in view of long-term earningconvenience and automaticity.Consequently, labor cost is reduced and efficiency is enhanced. The specialbelt conveyor adopts ribbed style to increase transport angle and reduce thearea. Meanwhile, the ribbed belt conveyor has strong abrasive resistance andlong service life. In addition, if the project is finished, the mobile plant canmove to any other area to work independently

2.Vehicle mounted cable is made of rubbercopper and bound by protective casing. It is fixed on the frame and hasreasonable line to extend its service life.

3.The chassis tire is chinese famous brand,the factory is the professional manufacturer of semi trailer axle and autoparts. So the axle has standard lighting unit and braking device. Reliableoperation.

4. Steel-frame chassis

we produce the high strength chassis by ourselfand make groove grinding according to welding technology to ensure smooth ofweld joint. After welding, we use vibratory stress relief equipment to remove weldingstress. Meanwhile, flaw detector is used to ensure the seamless weld joint. Asa result, the chassis impact resistance is enhanced during the subsequentoperation.

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Q:What are the main structural differences between coarse crushing and medium crushing cone crushers?
From the fixed cone place has been broken material by gravity from the cone bottom discharging port unloading. Because the movable cone partial continuous rotation, the crushing process and unloading process is fixed along the inner surface of the cone continuously.Fine and medium crushing cone crusher should be different rotation coefficient
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I am a cement factory, but I know what kind of crusher is used in the cement plant. The crusher of our company mainly uses the hammer crusher, and the production capacity is 700-1300 tons / hour.
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