CRUSHER SERIE - Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher

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Product Description:

 1. It adopts ship form steel structure and low vehicle chassis with light weight. The volume is controlled reasonably. Hidden style traction frame is easy to be packed up and put up. The transportation turning radius is very small.

2. Feeding guard is lifted by hydraulic pressure, easy to be loaded and unloaded, conveniently and reliably to be fixed.
3. Feeding guard adopts hierarchical type with two layers structure which provides prerequisites for widening.
4. The vehicle control cabinet is equipped with high-tech LCD touch screen and PLC control system. LCD touch screen with man-machine dialogue function makes it possess the functions of key start, misuse tips and protection, electrical control operations, fault and safe tips. It is convenient, efficient and secure.
5. Grizzly bars of the feeder is capable to separate out the small-sized material as the wastes. By adopting the automatic separatory hatch door, materials in the wastes hopper would flow either with the side-opening belt conveyor, or with the main materials.
6. Height of belt conveyor is adjustable. It also can be twisted and folded.
7. Landing legs adopt hydraulic lift mode which is of convenient operation and reliable performance.
8. With overall streamlined body design and metallic paint spraying, this plant is the perfect combination of mechanics and aesthetics.

Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher

Technical Data//ModelYG938E69YG1142E710YG1349E912YG1349EW86YG1349EW110
Transportation size(mm)11900×2550×365013500×2550×430015200×2950×445014600×2750×435015200×2800×4900
Tire ConfigurationDualaxialTriaxialTriaxialTriaxialTriaxial
Jaw CrusherPE600×900PE750×1060PE900×1200PEW860PEW1100
The Maximum Feeding Size(mm)480630750730940
Discharge Opening Size(mm)65~16080~140100~20075~225150~275
Vibrating FeederGZD960×3800GZD1100×4200GZD1300×4900GZD1300×4900GZD1300×4900
Main Belt ConveyorB800×8.5MB1000×9MB1200×9.5MB1200×9.5MB1200×9.5M
Side Belt Conveyor (optional)B450×3MB500×3.5MB650×4MB650×4MB650×4M
Electric controlstandardcontrol box + control panelcontrol box + control panelcontrol box + control panelcontrol box + control panelcontrol box + control panel
optionalControl box + LCDControl box + LCDControl box + LCDControl box + LCDControl box + LCD
Hydraulic legstandard44444
Hydraulic cylinderstandard44444
Genset (optional)(Kw)180250250270380
Iron Separator (optional) (Kw)RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-10RCYD(C)-12RCYD(C)-12RCYD(C)-12

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Q:What is a crusher? How many kinds of crushers are there? What are the uses of a crusher? How to choose a crusher manufacturer?
The scope of various types of crusher, jaw crusher and cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard rock blocks (compressive strength in 150-250Mpa); gyratory crusher is suitable for crushing hard (compressive strength is more than 100MPA) and medium hardness (compressive strength at about 100MPA) rock blocks. The hammer crusher is suitable for crushing brittle rock of medium hardness (the ultimate compressive strength is below 100MPA); the roller crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness toughness rock (the ultimate compressive strength is about 70MPA). In actual selection, the following factors should be considered in light of specific circumstances:
Q:what materials would i require to make a model of a head crusher?
Wow, you're a girl, you're supposed to be scared of those things :D Well, for you to model such a weird device, you need some woods and plastics. Hope this helps :)
Q:What is the working principle of a hammer crusher?
. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed in the crushing chamber. The material is fed into the machine from the upper feed port, and is smashed by the hammer, impact, shearing and grinding of the high-speed hammer. In the lower part of the rotor, with sieve plate, crushing material in less than sieve size fractions discharged through the sieve plate, sieve size greater than the coarse grain resistance in the sieve continue to be a hammer blow and grinding, finally through the sievedischarged outside the machine.
Q:What are the characteristics of Barmac crusher
The main features are:1. The structure is simple and reasonable, self crushing and low cost;2 、 easy to operate and easy to install;3, unique rotor and cavity design, processing capacity and high rate of sand, the product shape is good, a round cube, material flow performance is good;4, smooth operation, small noise, high efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency;5, unique bearing forms and advanced spindle design, so that the machine has heavy load and high speed rotating characteristics, can be broken in the hard, hard materials (such as corundum, sintered alumina, etc.);6, the production process, stone can form lining, self-protection, the body without wear, iron pollution is small;7, vortex cavity internal air circulation, dust less, easy to dust removal;8, a dual-purpose machine, change the crushing cavity liner (rock stone or stone timbewolves) form, can be easy to achieve in crushing and fine crushing and shaping function;9, unique observation door design, easy maintenance, easy to wear parts, made of special hard wear-resistant materials, small size, light weight, easy to change.
Q:Best songs by Bone Crusher?
neva sceard
Q:why can't l find a bottle crusher for under bar with prices?
cuz is not good for u
Q:Why to choose a jaw crusher for a quarry ? who can tell me~?
It is required to penetrate hard rock.
Q:How to select cone crusher?
According to the size of the aggregate, and the return. (wanted) Peace.
Q:I need a value on a transmisssion out of a 1968 roadrunner it is a 4 speed rock crusher?
Nick B is in line.If you can prove it's a Rock Crusher, there's a Mopar guy out there who will buy it.Check some of the Mopar sites,Club sites ,and even Ebay for price comparisons.
Q:Would you shake hands with a bone crusher?
some guys like to try to pulp the other person's hand when they shake; it's some sort of juvenile tough-guy thing. Others are just naturally strong, and don't realize what a grip they have. Tell him, the next time you shake hands, to ease up. If after that he continues hurting your hand, refuse to shake from that point on.

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