semi-mobile crusher station used for super heavy-duty open-pit metal mines

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semi-mobile crusher station (SMCS) is used for super heavy-duty open-pit metal mines. There are two types: gyratory crusher and double-geared roller semi-portable crushing station.




  1. The gyratory crusher on this SMCS is from Metso, USA; here are models 60-110E, 60-89 and 54-75 (feed opening size of crusher / max diameter of crushing cone are shown in inches). The Chinese models, 7650 / 6100 / 3580 t/h SMCS are suitable for dumper-semi-mobile crusher station-conveyors. Materials are delivered by the dumper from the pit site to the crusher station, and then transferred to the fixed conveyor through the discharge conveyor after primary crushing via the gyratory crusher. This SMCS is used for the primary crushing of metal ores and hard rocks in mines with a capacity of more than ten million tons, adopting a T1250 or T850 crawler conveyor to perform movement from the top shell to the bottom shell.



2. Our double-geared roller semi-mobile crushing station is a heavy-duty opencast coal ore crusher. Its two teeth roller crusher is a product of the Australian Abon Corporation, including 11/220CHD, 11/300CCTD, 13/300CCTD and 16/350CCTD models (center distance of crusher teeth rollers/length of crushing chamber). The Chinese models 9000 t/h,7000 t/h,4500 t/h,3000t/h two-teeth roller semi-portable crushing stations can be used for cargo truck-semi-portable crushing station-rubber belts, for crushing raw coal at an opencast coal mine of at least ten million tons. This semi-portable crushing station is movable and consists of four main parts: the feeder, crusher, discharge rubber belt conveyor and control tower panel. The support base of each part is sledge-style. This semi-movable crushing station can be used with a transport crawler for movable setting or a large bulldozer for towing and movable setting.


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