Gypsum Board 8.5mm

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Main Material: Gypsum Powder

Normal size: 2440x1220mm, 2400x1200mm

Normal thickness: 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5,10, 12, 13, 15mm

Edge: Square, Tappered

Category: Regular, Fire resistant, Moistureresistant, Water proof

Performance: Fire-resistance, Moisture-resistance,Water-proof, Heat-preventing


1) Sepcial healthy breath function

2) Cost effective and more reliable, easy to install

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Q:Brick and gypsum board partition which is good?
Gypsum board smashed not dead, bricks even light brick will be killed people.Shut the door is also a family only, noise requirements do not have too high, my home is gypsum board, the kind of fire, I feel enough.
Q:I have leaks in my ceiling flat, which is plasterboard, how should the work be done properly?
Its not a big issue, if your landlord is not willing to fix this problem, you can do it by yourself, there are lots of online resources from where you can choose a good product and apply it on your roof, i am also going to recommend a link and hoping it can be helpful for you, check out the link in the source box.
Q:how to fix a hole in plasterboard?
have a look round your area see if a builder is close by .ask him if he has a piece of plasterboard about 12inches sqaure he will probably give it to you ..push a hole through the middle of it with a nail thread a piece of string through it and tie some knots on one end ,,place the board over hole from above so string hangs.. down mix a small amount of carlite bonding (ask builder) pull on string and patch hole ..leave to dry ..if not to smooth use a little polyfilla sand carefully when dry ..cut string level with ceiling ..EASY
Q:Gypsum board wall how to install
First determine the wall, cleaning contact parts and so on. Methods as below: 1, the wall of the line according to the design to determine the wall. Place the wall bit on the ground and lead the wire to the ceiling and side walls. 2, the construction of the wall before the first wall and floor, ground contact parts for cleaning, coating interface treatment agent, then pouring C20 concrete wall, the wall surface should be flat, both sides of the vertical. 3, the installation along the ground, along the top keel along the ground, along the top keel in place, with the nail fixed, shot nail from the 900MM, nail position to avoid the laying of the tube area.
Q:Can gypsum board be nailed?
To be fixed in the fixed gypsum board in the wood or keel on the firm,
Q:Is it better to use a mortar or and adhesive to dot and dab plaster board to walls?David?
In a sense the question is a bit confusing. Are you installing DRYWALL to studs? OR are you boarding over and existing wall material? Is PLASTERBOARD the actual substance? Have you defined the differences between Mortar and adhesives? Certainly if this is material going over studs or existing wall material, one might use a contracting adhesive, but it wouldn't be my choice as the only method to secure new wall material. I'm going to assume this is not Lathe/ Mesh/ and Plaster being installed. Just my two sense
Q:Gypsum board size
The size of the general large gypsum board is 1.2 meters wide and 2.4 meters long.
Q:What can I do?
Can Beverly gypsum board keel is a German product, in the tooling special, the price is more expensive than Saint-Gobainje, of course, the German product quality is very good.
Q:what is best to make one room two?
plasterboard or sheetrock, it depends if you need it to be permanent or just to create 2 spaces with a little privacy. You may not want to go all the way to the ceiling.
Q:Are these good rawl plugs for plasterboard walls?
hi yes provided they are not very heavy and not yanked try and find a stud to screw to go give a solid fixing it may take time but could be worth it

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