Gypsum Board in Size 2400*1200*9.5mm for Partition

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Product Description:

Main Material: Gypsum Powder

Normal size: 2440x1220mm, 2400x1200mm

Normal thickness: 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5,10, 12, 13, 15mm

Edge: Square, Tappered

Category: Regular, Fire resistant, Moistureresistant, Water proof

Performance: Fire-resistance, Moisture-resistance,Water-proof, Heat-preventing


1) Sepcial healthy breath function

2) Cost effective and more reliable, easy to install

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Q:what adhesive to use to Fix a fibrous plaster cornice to plasterboard walls and ceilings?
How To Fix Plaster Coving
Q:Silicon calcium board with gypsum board is the same thing?
LZ first clear what is "calcium silicate board" or "silicon calcium board", which is two different things. Calcium silicate board - cement as the main raw material. Silicon calcium board - gypsum as the main raw material. Gypsum board: can be divided into paper gypsum board, decorative gypsum board (that is, silicon calcium board), plant fiber reinforced composite gypsum board and other types. In general, silicon calcium board is a class of gypsum board. The largest gypsum board on the market is the gypsum board, which adds a layer of paper to the surface of the plaster, which reduces the risk of cracking from the plaster itself. The plasterboard has a complete line. Strength is not high. Silicon calcium board is no surface paper, but in the plate inside the glass fiber reinforced materials, all the calcium calcium board is a composite material, and the paper gypsum board is not a composite material. Calcium calcium board than the gypsum board light, and strength High, but the silicon calcium board is not a complete pipeline, the basic or manual operation, which led to the size of the silicon calcium board factory uneven, the product quality gap is huge. Please LZ according to the above to determine whether the calcium calcium board, 8 of the calcium and calcium plate and three of the gypsum board are in the low-end products .8 block calcium calcium board ex-factory price is 3-4 yuan.
Q:Tiling on Damaged Plasterboard in Kitchen?
If the plaster or dry wall is exposed, its best to either run some paint primer over it to seal it, Or fill it in with some dry wall compound or spackle and then primer it. This is especially true if your using a mastic to reapply tiles.If your using a thin set to apply tiles just a primer is needed to seal the exposed plaster or dry wall. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:Why not join plasterboard on the noggins?
Lampost just curious what are noggins
Q:Painting on plasterboard?
I would not recommend a pastel board for acrylic. Buy an ordinary canvas or Masonite board.
Q:thin wavy mirrors need removing from a plasterboard wall?
If they were glued using a strong adhesive, there probably isn't any way to get them down without damaging the wall. Mirrors should NEVER be glued to the wall.
Q:How do you paint a stone on a gypsum board?
In order to ensure the quality of the stone pits on the gypsum board, please follow the following construction methods: 1, waterproof gypsum board. 2, grass-roots treatment. 3, full of putty again; to be greasy layer of white on the layer of sanding, remove the mark; 4, spray primer 2 times, interval of 2 hours, the thickness of about 30 microns, dry at room temperature for 12 hours. 5, polished: 400 - 600 mesh sandpaper, gently wipe the surface of the real stone can be raised sand. Note Intended to force can not be too fierce, otherwise it will damage the film, causing the bottom of the loose, serious will cause poor adhesion, really stone off. 6, spray paint twice: the next pot spray gun, pressure 4-7 kg / square centimeter, the construction is not less than 10 degrees Celsius, interval of 2 hours, the thickness of about 30 microns, completely dry to 7 days.
Q:The difference between silicon calcium board and gypsum board
Gypsum board and calcium silicate board have advantages and disadvantages, gypsum board is relatively environmentally friendly, easy construction, easy to crack, affordable, but not as good as watertight calcium carbonate board, bathroom available plaster board. Calcium silicate board water resistance is better, but the construction is not easy to cut difficult, and dust easy to cure, the market in addition to Etienne and other small plates without asbestos other small plants are containing asbestos, the other cost is about three times the gypsum board Above, it is recommended to use gypsum board decoration. Gypsum board line brand dragon card, Lafarge, can be resistant, cheap second and third line brands such as Taishan, according to your standard decoration it.
Q:replacing an old plater ceiling with new plasterboard?
It is attached to metal lathe and seems to be pretty tight. I wouldn't take it down unless you have to for some reason. We oftentimes laminate new wallboard over the existing plaster. Use construction adhesive on the back of the new wallboard and 3 drywall screws and screw through to the joists above. If you're almost to the point of total removal, you can use a reciprocating saw ( with proper eye and breathing protection) and run it through the wire lathe between the joists then pry down the separated pieces. In a bathroom, use moisture resistant drywall at a minimum or mold and moisture resistant.
Q:¿How do I fix a hole the size of a baseball in a plasterboard wall?
You can get mesh tape from Home Depot or hardware store to cover hole. Know it sounds crazy but if you use something like a wad of newspaper to put in hole it will help give strength to hole, won't be as easy to mash in again. Tape should have sticky backing and just cut and stick piece over hole. I use what I call sheetrock mud, different from spackeling, and apply a coat over tape, use a sheetrock knive(puddy knife) around 6 in. If mud is too thick, can add small amount of water to thin, but be sure it is blended well. Apply mud but be sure not to leave any edges, use edge of knife at a tilt to remove. Then after dried apply a thin coat then remove all excess, called a skim coat. Let dry completely. Sand smooth with med to fine sandpaper, block sander easier to hang on to. Paint!!! Hope this helps!

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