General Purpose Pumping LYB vertical arc gear pump oil pump

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Product Description:

Type: Vertical Installed Pump for Ship

Characteristic: It has characteristics low noise, long life and high efficiency.

Shaft seal: This series of pump adopt mechanical sealing. It also adopts the packing seal according to the requirement of customer.

Temperature: The max environment temperature is 50 °C  and the max use temperature is 80 °C.

( If you are looking for arc gear pump used in ships, just need it -- LYB Vertical Arc Gear Pump. )

TypeLYB arc gear pump

Environmental temperature: <50°c

Use temperature: <80°c

Rated pressure0.6Mpa
Frequency50Hz      60Hz
CertificationGL, ABS, BV, CE, CNV etc.
Deliever timeAbout 25~40 days according to quantity.

More Details:

CertificationGL, ABS,BV, CE, 3C, ISO9001-2000, GJB9001A-2001
PackageStandard export carton or plywood case. (By sea or by air)
Deliver dateWithin 25 working days after confirm orther
Warranty1 year

LYB arc gear pump

Outline and Installation diagram

General Purpose Pumping LYB vertical arc gear pump oil pump

Performance parameter

Rated pressure: 0.6Mpa

ModelDiameterRated Capacity(m3/h)
Inlet*Outlet 60Hz50Hz
LYB20 Φ100*Φ8024 -20 -
LYB2530 -25 -
LYB30 Φ125*Φ10036 -30 -
LYB40 Φ150*Φ12548 -40 -
LYB50 Φ150*Φ12561 -50 -
LYB65 - 65 - 55
LYB80 - 80 - 65
LYB90 - 90 - 75
LYB100 Φ200*Φ150 - 100 - 85
LYB150 - 150 - 125
LYB175 Φ250*Φ200 - 175 - 145
LYB200 - 200 - 165

All Products can be matched with different motors as customer's requirment

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Q:Metering pumps related matters
1., exports higher than imports, avoid siphonage2. the pump head and the injection valve require vertical installation3., the attached pipe can be tightened by hand, please do not use the tool; the thread does not use the raw meal belt4. the supply voltage is stable and grounded5. installation environment clean, spacious, well ventilated) 1) metering pump suction is not normal
Q:Why can't the inlet of centrifugal pump be negative pressure?
Therefore, the centrifugal pump inlet pressure can be negative, and negative number, should be used to pump cavitation margin and liquid saturated steam pressure parameters to specific calculation. Sometimes, the liquid saturated steam conveying pressure is very high, such as the 9 m water column, then the minimum pressure of the pump inlet should be equal to 4+9=13 meters, the atmospheric pressure is higher than 3 meters, not only for negative pressure, even higher than the atmospheric pressure to work properly.
Q:What is the "variable" of a variable pump?
Variable pump variable refers to the flow can be changed to distinguish from the constant flow of quantitative pumps.
Q:Do you have a suction pump higher than 9 meters?
Pump rated suction generally 7 meters or so, it is estimated that no one calibration pump suction stroke 9 meters. Calibration suction range of 9 meters is not reliable.
Q:Bolus dosage of infusion pumpWhat is the purpose of the pill dose control in the special safety standard for infusion pumps? If the risk is not properly controlled, what is the degree of risk? And how can the open infusion pump be used in this regard?
(three) infusion limited number of pills produced after the dose of obstruction by infusion pump and specification of the matching test, will reach acceptable when the storage pressure of the pressure to determine the alarm blocking. Thus, some have restrictions on the infusion tube blocked after the maximum dose pill may have blocked the trigger before the alarm.
Q:How to distinguish the flow and displacement in the hydraulic pump? What's the difference between the two?
The unit of displacement is the milliliter. How many milliliters does the pump rotate per circle? The displacement is the pump, the individual,The unit of flow is generally a liter, a figure added to the displacement of the pump over a period of time,
Q:How to calculate the motor power of metering pump?
The motor power of the metering pump is divided into two parts1. mechanical power, this part of the power metering pump design part will be some data, mainly to control the mechanical structure of the metering pump required power
Q:Rules for operation of centrifugal pumps
Operating rules:1, before starting to check whether the water pump foot loose, coupling shield, and motor fan blade cover is intact, in order to ensure the safety of equipment and personal safety.2. Check whether the inlet valve is open and open as fully as possible. Is the outlet valve closed, open the bleeder valve, exhaust until there is no air, and close the bleeder valve. At the end of the valve to the pipeline in the pump cavity filled with water.
Q:Brief description of centrifugal pump on / off operation
First, the preparation before the start(1) carefully check the inlet and outlet pipe line, valve, flange and pressure gauge joint of the pump, whether the installation is safe, comply with the requirements, whether the flow is correct, whether the anchor bolt and other connecting parts are loose or not.(2) add lubricating oil to the bearing case, and the oil level is 2/3 of the gauge of the bearing box.
Q:What's the pump? Where can I use it?
A pump is a machine that transports liquids or pumps liquids. Pumps are ubiquitous in life. They can be used to transport liquids such as water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsions, suspensions and liquid metals, as well as liquids, gas mixtures, and liquids containing suspended solids.

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