Garden flat wire

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Product introduction::it is a filament by pvc coated and become, mainly used in binding and

manor garden decorations, there are several common fixed it, one is fixed with a bracket,

another way is to use a plastic frame. The finished product is very beautiful, the price is very  affordable,

it is the preferred product for garden binding.Many of its color type, you can choose from, is one

of the more practical  products.

Specification :(0.4mm-0.7mm)(0.8mm-1.20mm)(2.8mm-3.5mm)


Packing:0.01kg to 10kg coil packing,with plastic bracket,label,carton,pallet,or according to customers' requirement.


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Q:why we use copper wires?
copper has a physical property that is a very good conductor of electricity.
Q:ignition wire?
find the positive fuse by using a test light on the fuses, when the ignition is on the light your using will light up when the ignitions off it should not light up on the test light, once thats done connect a wire from the back of that fuse behind the fuse box to the terminal run the wire to the stereo wire you need to connect to, twist the wires together use decent electrical tape aroung the join to make sure the bare join does not touch anything else on the car. hope this helps.
Q:How do I connect a threaded wire with a naked solid copper ground wire with a wire nut?
Early on as an electrian I had a mentor who gave me this tip....take the stranded wire and lightly rub it in a clockwise direction, not a real twist just mold it so it sticks together a bit, place the two wires side by side but cheat the stranded wire up a bit so it (apprears) longer than the solid by maybe 1/32 of an inch. place the wire nut on and twist, you will feel it grab continue toi tighten just until it begins to pull the insulated part of the stranded wire taught.... you will see what I mean and understand....gently tug on stranded wire to make sure the joint is good.
Q:3 wire switch and 2 wire motor?
a 3 phase motor has 3 windings whose centers are separated by 120° mechanically. The phases in a 3-phase system are separated by 120° electrically. The sum of the magnetic fields produced by these currents has a constant magnitude, and rotates the direction determined by connection of the phase wires. Arbitrarily giving ABC as one direction of rotation, then BAC = ACB = CBA reverses the rotation of the field in the motor, reversing its rotation.
Q:2001 honda civic oxygen sensor wiring?
Keep in mind the sensor has a signal wire, a ground wire and a heater wire (or wires). Good luck!
Q:1999 durango speaker wires, whats pos. whats neg.?
Take a AA battery and put the green to positive and black to negative. if speaker pops out a lil thats the correct way. If speaker goes in, its the oppisite way (meaning black would be pos. and not neg) but normally in cars, Black is NEG. I don't have a book and i'm at school with the site i need to look your info up blocked. I google it and it won't even let me google. sorry
Q:how do you make a simple wire person?
take the wire and make the circle head first. then get the body wire and wrap the end of the to the head. get the right amount of wire for the arms and lay it across the body wire then twist it around the body in the middle a few times. for the legs bend them in the middle and wrap the bottom of the body around the bend.
Q:how to wire a 240v 12.5amp forklift charger?
wire colors are green is ground the black and white wires are you load wires look at you 240 volt plug and determine which terminal is the ground this one is where the green wire goes the black and white wire go to other two terminals this should do it
Q:Please help me understand parallel wiring!?!?
Parallel is simple. Connect positives to positives and negatives to negatives. Series wiring is the opposite.
Q:Which guage power wire...?

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