For Iphone 5 Cable Usb Cable For Ipad Mini Led Data Cable

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nameluminous usb cable for iphone5
cable length: 1M/2M
packingPC packing
coloras picture



USB cable for iphone mobile phone, data cable, USB charging cable

 1.USB cable for mobile phone charger

 2.with sync & charging

 3.with the luminous data cable




1.The effect of lighting when it is charged is like water flow


2.The lighting speed can be changed with the strength of the power


3.Energy saving, environmental friendly, fashion, energetic and robust


4.The lighting is even and fine, with multiple choice of color


5.360 degree multi-color lighting


6.Soft, foldable and the nature of lighting will not be impacted by knotting


7.Applicable for iPod/iPhone/iPad


8.Charging data synchronization functi



*Update your iPo at high speed with the latest music and data


*This USB cable offers up to 480 Mbps throughput for quick transfer of your music and data to iPo.


*USB cable also has charging capability, in addition to hotsync


*Type: generic/aftermarket


*An ultra-portable solution that enables you to use iPhon as a portable storage drive for transferring and saving any type of files


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Q:Is it possible to combine phone and data on single cat5e cable?
In theory it should be possible, but a few caveats, one, you will never get speed over 100mb for the data side, and there is a theoretical risk to the ethernet devices due to phone ringer interference. The link below talks about it and gives the correct pinout info.
Q:can any nokia data cable be used for nokia 3230?
No it can't already tried if you know any info tell me
Q:Data transfer between 2 computers with a cable?
If you already have a router in your house for sharing the internet, you can also use this to transfer the files between your computers. Get both the laptop and desktop connected to the internet. It doesn't matter if you use WiFi or an ethernet cable, but if you have a choice, use ethernet because it'll generally be faster. Now, on the laptop, simply make the folders or the entire hard drive shareable on the network. If you're using some flavor of Windows, open Explorer, right-click on the hard drive icon, and click on Share Once you've done this, open Explorer on your Desktop and click on Network Places and you should see your laptop's drive there. You can now browse and copy things over. (hint: Do your transfers in smallish batches - Windows will choke if you try transferring huge numbers of file/directories at once.) If you don't have a home network like this alreadywell, go get a router. They're $30, and make it easy for your computers to share your internet connection, as well as other things like printers, each others' hard drives (play music/video files stored on one computer through your other computer, etc.) If you really can't do this, you can connect the computers to make a small network. You will need a Crossover Ethernet cable. This looks like a phone cable but the connector is fatter. Also, the words Crossover Cable MUST appear on the cable, otherwise it's just a standard ethernet cable and won't work for this application. Locate the ethernet port on your laptop and desktop. Again, it looks like a phone plug, but it's wider. Connect the cable to each of them. Next you'll need to run the Network Setup Wizard on both computers. You'll be doing what's called an ad-hoc network. Follow the directions. If it asks you for an IP address, use something like (pick a different number between 1 and 254 for each computer.) Now go through the process above about sharing the laptop's hard drive.
Q:will a data cable of sony ericcson w200 also work with k310i?
Might be. If the connection bit for the two mobile is the same.
Q:I heard audio cable requires break in. Is there any objective data support this claim? Thanks, T Green
I have read some articles about audio cables and how they need to be broken in, installed in the right direction, etc. I have also read articles about how this is ridiculous. Basically a wire is a wire. A conductor that has no directional properties. Nor do the properties change with use unless you put more current through the wire than it can handle. In that case it could get hot, melt the insulation and perhaps, if it gets hot enough, to melt or partially melt the wire. I would put most of the claim of certain wire properties as snob appeal or the manufacturer taking advantage of some people who are not technical and are willing to pay exhorbinant prices for claims that cannot be substantiated. From wiki: Many of the most outspoken subjectivists, including reviewers, columnists, and pundits, lack engineering training, technical knowledge, and objective credentials, and most will fully admit a lack of understanding as to the technical merits of what they are analyzing, but nevertheless praise a product's innovation and performance [5] based on perceptual jargon. Counterintuitively, subjectivists claim, but cannot substantiate, that wires are directional and therefore give better sonic performance in one direction. Subjectivists often claim that home-theater sound is inferior to high-fidelity sound, even though double-blind tests have shown that this is wrong. Many subjectivists believe that the sound from records is superior to the sound from home theater. Subjectivists often look down on home-theater sound even though many subjectivists accept FM radio as high fidelity [24][25].
Q:Transfer xbox 360 game data, downloads, etc. to pc using a crossover cable.?
it is impossible to tranfer files from you box to your computer without the tranfer kit unless you have a modded xbox. but to my knowledge all HDD purchased from a legit supplier will come with the transfer kit or at least they do here in Canada
Q:I have Nokia 2626. I want to download ringtones through net? I don't have data cable. So, is it possible?
yes try this free site Ventones they send the ringtone in a picture messaje!
Q:Does a Sprint Data Cable work for a U.S. Cellular LG UX260 Phone?
It's the same wire no matter what carrier. As long as it fits in the phone it will work
Q:is data cable there for sony ericsson j230i mobile?
i don think it has a appropriate data cable cos my friend has that mobile olyi've seen many times
Q:anybody had their xbox 360 elite data cable arrive yet?
if you just complete a few quick tasks on this site they'll send you an xbox 360, completely free of charge!!

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