Led Flashing Usb Cable

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$1.55 - 3.09 / pc
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300 Pieces pc
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50000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:



new style, USB cable, USB data line


for data to computer, or charging


LED flashing, after finishing charging, the LED will shut off, and let you know it is OK.


When charging, it will flashing.


When connect to computer, it will flashing.


LED colorstandard: red, blue, green
 other color: as required. white, yellow, pink are available.
lengthstandard: 90cm
 other length, we can produce as required
MOQ:standard style: 300pcs
 other style: 3000pcs
USB portstandard: iphone4, iphone5, microUSB
 other port: we can do it as required.


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Q:What can I do with a usb data cable for my cellphone?
there isnt another use really, but if you bought off itunes you may not be able to use unless you convert them into mp3s but you may be able to on your phone ( some can some cant )
Q:on the new psn update 3.15 do you need a reguler Ethernet cable or a?
regular works just fine
Q:does samsung sgh x-820 charge on the data cable?
Never tried it on my X820. But I dont think that will work. Regards.
Q:Data transfer between 2 computers with a cable?
If you already have a router in your house for sharing the internet, you can also use this to transfer the files between your computers. Get both the laptop and desktop connected to the internet. It doesn't matter if you use WiFi or an ethernet cable, but if you have a choice, use ethernet because it'll generally be faster. Now, on the laptop, simply make the folders or the entire hard drive shareable on the network. If you're using some flavor of Windows, open Explorer, right-click on the hard drive icon, and click on Share Once you've done this, open Explorer on your Desktop and click on Network Places and you should see your laptop's drive there. You can now browse and copy things over. (hint: Do your transfers in smallish batches - Windows will choke if you try transferring huge numbers of file/directories at once.) If you don't have a home network like this alreadywell, go get a router. They're $30, and make it easy for your computers to share your internet connection, as well as other things like printers, each others' hard drives (play music/video files stored on one computer through your other computer, etc.) If you really can't do this, you can connect the computers to make a small network. You will need a Crossover Ethernet cable. This looks like a phone cable but the connector is fatter. Also, the words Crossover Cable MUST appear on the cable, otherwise it's just a standard ethernet cable and won't work for this application. Locate the ethernet port on your laptop and desktop. Again, it looks like a phone plug, but it's wider. Connect the cable to each of them. Next you'll need to run the Network Setup Wizard on both computers. You'll be doing what's called an ad-hoc network. Follow the directions. If it asks you for an IP address, use something like 10.10.10.xxx (pick a different number between 1 and 254 for each computer.) Now go through the process above about sharing the laptop's hard drive.
Q:are their different types of SATA data cables?
SATA data cables are built to the same specification, so any SATA data cable should work. There are however, different configurations that offer different length, colors, etc. Good Luck
Q:HTC Touch Pro 2 T-Mobile?
get the htc contact professional 2 or the g1, i became going to get a sidekick and t cellular reported they have been having major problems with the sidekick deleting numbers, texts, dropping reception quite etc.
Q:Does iPhone data cable suit for Galaxy Note 10.1?
Not a chance. Iphones have their own data cable and charger. A non-apple device just can't support this.
Q:Whats the difference between Blue Tooth & Data cable?
Since Bluetooth is specifically designed for mobile use, in most cases it’s a bit nicer on your battery and consumes less power to do the same job as WiFi tethering does. Also like WiFi, Bluetooth is “fairly” secure. f the device you’re connecting is able to connect to your smartphone or tablet (whichever device has the data plan that you’re using to tether through), that’s probably the best option. Tethering consumes energy by expending power through the antenna to communicate with the carrier. When you connect via USB the device (we’ll call it a laptop, for the sake of simplicity) gets power via the USB cable.
Q:how to connect laptop with data cable?
All the mobile phones do not have this option (most of the recent ones have it, though). So make sure your mobile has this feature (one very good way of knowing is if the data cable has come with the mobile, then the phone must be capable of such transfer). Also make sure your computer has a USB port (again, all the recent ones have it) If you look at the data cable, you will find one USB socket (for the image, search USB in google images), and one socket of another shape - plug in the USB into your computer and the other end to your phone. You will be able to access the phone now as a pendrive, and copy/paste/delete data. If you want to also manage your contact lists and other details through the data cable, you will have to install a software provided by the cell phone manufacturer if at all he does that for the model you use. Hope this helps.
Q:do i need a data transfer cable if i buy a new xbox 360 slim?
Nope you'll have the gamerscore and gamertag but the saved data (dlc) on the hard drive of the old Xbox will not also be tranfered. I think 20$ is a rip off for the cable so I'm going to use my friend's cable if you have a friend with one I would recommend using theirs.

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