FIBER REINFORCE PLASTIC Transparancy Skylight Panel

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FRP Skylight Panel:

2,Heat-resistant material
3,Insulated against noise
4,Good quality

FIBER REINFORCE PLASTIC Transparancy Skylight Panel


1) Owing to adopting continuous forming machinery, the length of theproducts is
not limited by product technique (except for transport equipment), any lengthand any section of panel can be made.

2) Excellent weather resistant property: surface is coated with ageingresistant film, which almost filters all UV light, the service life can be aslong as 20 years, greatly reduces the material cost and construction costbrought about by factors like the frequent change of PC boards

3) Good impact resistance and flexural strength make sure the translucentpanel can resist against the hit of hail and heavy typhoon

4) Excellent thermal stability: fiberglass panel belong to thermosettingfiber glass reinforced plastics, the thermal expansion coefficient is 2.2 x 10- 5cm/cmoc; PC (polycarbonate) are thermoplastics, the thermal expansion coefficientis 6.8 x 10 - 5cm/cmoc. When applied in big span buildings, the relativedisplacement of PC panel are too big, which results in the cracking andbreakage of hole position of screws, water leakage is virtually unavoidable

5) Fiberglass translucent panel are designed more personalized: FRP isheterogeneous material which can transform the direct light into diffusedlight, make the bright sunshine soft light friendly to man's eyes. The diffusedlight creates a comfortable working space (better effect in the region  

6)General panels like PC, create direct light , which make the brightnessin the room uneven and cause man's eyes fatigued, overfocus makes floor orobjects change colors.

Heatnsulating property. The K (heat transfer coefficient) is small as2.0W/m2K. According to the test report issued by National Center forQuality Supervision & Test of Building Engineering (No.:BETC-QC1-2009-304R, refer to GB/T8484-2008), the result shows GRP of thicknessof 50mm, K is 2.0W/m2K.

FIBER REINFORCE PLASTIC Transparancy Skylight Panel

  1. Fire     resistance: class B. According to the test repot issued by National Center     for Quality Supervision & Test of Fire Equipment (No.: Zb200921913),     refer to GB8624-2006, the result achieves class B.

  2. Smooth     surface, up to 85% in light transmittance. According to the test report     issued by National Center for Quality Supervision & Test of Building     Engineering (No.:BETC-QC1-2009-305G), refer to GB/T2680-1994, GRP of     thickness of 50mm, the transmittance is up to 85%. In sunny days, the     illumination indoors can reach to 1000 lux. Refer to DIN 5035, the     illumination in public place just needs 500 lux, and 200 lux is enough in     workshop. Though it is high in transmittance, light pollution is not     existed.

  3. Sound     isolation: 28dB. According to the test report issued by National Center     for Quality Supervision & Test of Building Engineering     (No.:BETC-QC1-2009-304S), refer to GB/T50121-2005, GRP of thickness of     50mm, sound isolation is 28dB.

  4. Wonderful     mechanical performance, which is shown in high elasticity and impact     resistance. According to the test report issued by National Center for     Quality Supervision & Test of Building Engineering     (No.:BETC-QC1-2009-305DA), refer to GB/T9962-1999, result shows the     vertical flexural strength is 131MPa, the lateral one is 124MPa, and the     bending strength is more than 80MPa.

  5. Long service     life: at least 30years. GRP enjoys good performance in light and UV light     resistance, and passed long-time exposure experiment.

  6. High safety-     hard to broken. Those doors, windows, curtain walls, partition panels,     etc. used commonly in public areas, industrial plants and warehouses     presently can be replaced to avoid maintenance in winter.

  7. Light in     weight: GRP of thickness of 50mm, it is 6.8Kg/m2 in weight.

  8. It is of no     pollution, and has good performance in erosion resistance (oxidation,     acid, alkali, salt, oil and grease resistance). If destructive fire     happens, GRP will be burned to be water, co2, co and dust,     exclusive of nitride, sulfide, halogen or heavy metal. The product of combustion     is low in toxicity, even lower than the one of pine, the result of smoke     toxicity test is class ZA3.

FIBER REINFORCE PLASTIC Transparancy Skylight Panel

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Q:Plastic or better glass fiber reinforced plastic better?
Plastic steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic have their own advantages, in the mechanical manufacturing and vehicles, ships and other industrial fields, glass fiber reinforced plastic is used; in furniture decoration, the use of plastic steel profiles.
Q:Are FRP Pultruded Shapes poisonous?
The use of food grade resins, pultruded extrusions, is not toxic, and this can be applied to Waterworks
Q:How to install GRP mark pile
The life of the font (because the FRP material should be polished and polished before printing, so that the printed fonts can be longer and a little bit less concrete)
Q:What are the main uses of pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic extrusions?
Construction of shopping malls, in the construction of shopping malls, pull glass fiber reinforced plastic has entered the traditional data shopping malls, such as: doors and windows, concrete templates, scaffolding, staircase handrails, house stalls, wall panels, tendons, decoration materials. It is worth noting that the materials and decoration materials will have a lot of room for improvement.
Q:What are the circumstances in which the pultrusion should be performed?
(1) the tensile strength of high strength extruded profiles for 150 ~ 300MPa, the bending strength reached 200 ~ 300MPa, the 1000h accelerated the bending strength after aging the retention rate of up to 78%.(2) the deformation rate is low. The length of the glass reinforced plastic pultruded section is accelerated by 1000h and the width change rate is +0.03%. The width change rate is -0.07%.. Therefore, the geometry and size of the product made of this pultruded section can be stable for a long time
Q:Can FRP profiles replace carbon steel profiles?
It can not be used as a cable carrier, but it can not replace the carbon steel profile. The general pultrusion section is connected with the connecting plate
Q:The manufacturing process of FRP products?
Each technique has its own characteristics. Production enterprises determine the process method in the selection, according to the basic situation of the enterprise and the production of products, such as mass production and product quality requirements, as well as the technical basis for enterprise capital and production factors such as comprehensive consideration.
Q:Are pultruded FRP sections strong? What are its main areas of application?
More fields. Advantage is obvious, if the corrosion resistance, insulation resistance, quality is lighter than steel; strength and steel strength comparable;
Q:Do you have any high temperature resistant resin made of pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic?
High temperature resistant resin heding sculpture factory used, can reach 300 degrees, you can go to Baidu or Taobao to find sellers. It seems that the material suppliers in Guangdong are selling, and they are all made of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures. The weather resistance is better.
Q:What are the best manufacturers of glass fiber reinforced plastic pultruded profiles in China?
Glass fiber reinforced plastic 1.5mm really can not do, I suggest you do PVC, PP or ABS profiles, the same corrosion resistance.

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