Factory original Professional design cladding style outdoor wpc decking

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Product Description:

Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC)  floor accessory is manufactured from a combination of plastic, natural fiber and some additives using special equipments. It mixes natural fiber and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood but with rich colors of plastic. It has gradually replaced wood and plastic, getting widely used in more and more fields.

For our wpc decking floor, there are many kinds of types, such as TW-K01(150 x 35 mm)TS-01(150 x 25mm), TH-07(140 x 30 mm), TS-A01(90 x 20mm),TH-16(133 x 24 mm, solid design) etc..

1. Material: 50% natural wood flour; 35%~40%HDPE, 10%~15% additives

2. Color: cedar, grey ,red pine, coffee, brown, nature wood etc.

3. Usage: outdoor, garden, summer house, villa, pool surrounds, exterior floor, seaside walk board etc.

4. Normal length: 5.4 meters/pc, can also be cut according to the requirement of customer.

5. Surface treating methods: Brushing, groove, sanding, embossing etc.

6. CE Approved

7. Advantages:

Keep the excellent character of plastic

Have the properties of wood

Produce fire-new WPC


easy to cut, fix and glue

Can be recycled with 100%

no crack, split, warp, or splinter

easy to tenon , drill and nail

No sting of wood

High dimensional stability

Natural feeling0

Requires less routine maintenance

Resistance to insects

Resistance to UV

Is environmentally friendly

easy to manufacture manifold profiles


Multicolor, and needn't to painting

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Q:Know nothing about ceramic floor tile.?
If you do not know anything about tile you probably should not try and take on the work yourself until you at least talk with someone who can advise you on what might work best in your situation. That being said, next time you are in a Lowe's or Home Depot ask the folks in the flooring area what they would recommend for you. They can show you how to put the tile down and what supplies you will need to complete the work. I was in a Lowe's just last week and watched a demonstration for putting down the 12 square tiles. Ask some of your friends or co-workers about. I bet someone will either know how to, or know someone who knows how to lay the tile. If the tile is not put down correctly it will all have to be removed and done again so make sure you or whoever does put the tile down knows what they are doing.
Q:How many wooden floors are needed for 130 square meters of house
130 square meters of the actual use of the house area in terms of normal conditions in general about 110 square meters, the number of wood tiles is based on the owner's own needs. The general bedroom is the use of wooden floor from the mute effect, the rest of the living room, balcony wall floor, restaurant, kitchen wall floor, bathroom wall floor will use the tiles. And the use of ceramic tile area is the number of specific needs according to the actual size of the site.
Q:Changing a slate floor?
If its the gauged slate that is smooth and not a rough texture you can go over it with pad and carpet as normal. The tack strips will have to be glued and screwed into the sub floor. This will have to be treated as a slab or basement floor installation. Its possible to glue direct the carpet but the slate must be clean and solidly attached. Then you must treat the grout lines so the lines on t show through the carpet. Check all exterior doors to make sure you have clearances. Interior doors can be trimed down. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:Sprung floor????????
it depends on the facility. usually theaters have elevated stages, not necessarily sprung or set like dance studios floors are, but the elevation takes off the impact on your body. to be on the safe side, always practice proper and safe technique and execute your movements with plies
Q:Can I lay a new vinyl flooring over the previous vinyl floor in the bathroom?
The best thing to do is to take up the old and to put a quarter inch piece of plywood down to level it out. If you leave the old down, it will be lumpy and uneven...been there- my husband lived and learned this one.Its alot of work and mess bt it'll be worth it to not have partially sunken floors...
Q:how to get rid of divits in a cement floor??
Most flooring outlets especially ceramic outlets can obtain a floor leveller, it is a quick-drying cement that is used usually used to smooth out dips, slopes and other irregularities in floors before another surface is put on top of it. It can be built up to 1/4. For more money there is a liquid-pour leveller that you pour onto the floor and spread it out over the floor with a large garage squeegee or wiper.
yes but just know there is lots of pushing. if you fall, you will get trampled. sometimes people are dragged out because they get claustrophobic. i've never had a problem besides the occasional tight feeling from the pushing right before the band comes out [ because everyone is anxious to get to the front. ]
Q:floating cork flooring?
Cork flooring is a wonderful and environmentally responsible option. Be sure to seal it up fully. Not sure why your dad controls your life so fully, but it would be a better installation over a proper substrate (base) than the tile, as has been pointed out, and not laid loose. I have cork in two rooms of my house and am very happy with it in every respect.
Q:Whats located on free floors of skyscrapers,like World Trade Center ?
The former World Trade Center towers, plus virtually all of the other skyscrapers, are office buildings, providing floor after floor of space for companies ranging from small corporations, housed in a small suite of offices, to large corporations that may take virtually the entire building. It's usually only the ground floor that has services, such as restaurants, convenience stores, and the like. If you were to go to a random skyscraper and get off the elevator at a random floor, you would see a sign such as XYZ Importing Corporation, Suite 4201-4244 plus possibly a receptionist or a security guard restricting access to only those who have legitimate business there. Once you went inside one of the doors, you would see people at work at desks, either in cubicles or in private offices, reading e-mails, processing data, working on advertising graphics, people meeting in conference rooms--typical office functions. Remember that New York City is home to many of America's largest corporations.
Q:Can a vinyl floor be refinished?
Check out a product called super-Crylic Floor Finish that you can buy at Smart & Final. The product is a tough acrylic co-polymer finish that goes down easily and requires minimum maintenance while providing long lasting shine. The glass like film blends beautifully and will not discolor in successive coats, eliminating the need for frequent stripping. It stands up to continuous scrubbing and mopping as well! Recommended for use on: Asphalt tile, concrete, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, linoleum, terrazzo and vinly composition tile.

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