Fabric Chesterfield sofa

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Item typeChesterfield sofa
Product No.KC47
ApplicationCommercial and residential use.widely applied in projects like villa, hotel, bar, etc
style European style
Frame MaterialSolid wood & plywood
Material - FillerFireproof high density sponge
Foot and Foot PadSolid wood
Available ColorsAs per customers' request
PackingInner layer is EPE foam or bubble paper,Outer layer is cardboard
Quality controlProfessional and strict QC on each producing process
ServiceSupplied high quality sofa for retails,wholesales;OEM service are offered
StandardEuropean and American double standard
Lead Time20-45 Days after deposit is received
Place of OriginGuangdong

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Q:Which type of bed do you prefer? Waterbed or regular bed?
It really only matters what feels best to you. With that said, I sleep on a softside waterbed. There is no medical data that says one bed is better than another, only opinions. What I can tell you is that mattresses and boxsprings are the same old beds that were invented around 1900 with fancier fabric and new up to date coils. Waterbeds, memory foam beds, airbeds, and all natural latex beds are your newest technologies and in my opinion have the most to offer in adjustable firmness, temperature control, and pressure relief. All of those things are very important in order to get a great night of sleep and support.
Q:Okay, so i'm like redecorating my room. But its kinda small so i need a Bunk-bed type thing to help make more room in my room. But Bunk-beds are kinda lame... So any suggestions?
Hi, okorder /. Hope this helps.
Q:Most of the bed are placed sideways can be placed vertically.
You can put on end to bed put not only to pay attention to cynical habits, should also fit the overall planning room space, achieve beautiful, comfortable and convenient, the overall style of suture.
Q:I can't afford store bought bedding so I was wondering if there was someway I could make a safe, cheap, bedding for my hamster. Thanks!
I use shredded toilet paper (it's safe) but don't use the scented variety. NEVER USE: -Newspaper (the ink on them could be toxic) -Cotton (if they digest it, they could die -- the cotton will stick to their systems and not digest) -***Animal Bedding Fluff (I've seen these in pet store and they should not sell them. They are a health hazard, just like the cotton) Toilet paper is totally safe because it melts unlike cotton. They recommend it in lots of hamster care sites.
Q:what is kosher bed and breakfast rome?
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Q:Its amy's bedding from secret life of the american teenager. I cant find it anywhere. But if you know where i can get it or if you have 1 and want to sell it...I just really really luv this beddingthnx
The bedding is by Andrea Kakel. The bedding was sold at Ikea, but has been out of stock for quite some time. Lately, there has been none on OKorder, overstock, amazon or other places similar to those. I must say, that bedding is very popular! But keep looking, you never know if you'll find it someday(:
Q:I'm a 25 yr old female and for some time have been thinking about getting some new bedding.. something that would go with anything if i decided to change other decorations in the room..Does anyone like this bedding is it age appropriate? Suggestions would be great thanks:)
That is some awesome bedding there. I have that same exact one on my bed right now and it looks great and feels wonderful too. It is definately age appropriate.
Q:how can i get rid of them? can i get rid of them without calling pest control? can bed bugs hide in mattresses as well?
First you may want to have them identified to be certin your dealing with bed bugs. Usually the warning signs are bites, itching and a bit of pain, next... Bed bugs can be found not just on the bedding but have been found on headboards, decorative pillows and even popcorn celling texture. Inspect your mattress for bed bugs by pulling back the sheets, blanket and comforter, looking carefully at the seams and tufts for bed bugs or bed bug evidences (black fecal spots). Bed bugs are hard to get rid of, personally if you have an infestation get a hold of your local pest company that treats for bed bugs.
Q:My cat has his own cat bed, cat tree, and of course the couches and chairs to lounge around on. I bought my dog a big dog bed for her and she loves it. Recently I noticed my dog hasn't been sleeping on it. Yesterday I found my cat sleeping on her bed all stretched out and comfy. My dog walked into the room, smelled the bed and walked off as if pouting! Is my cat just being an asshole or? How can I make him sleep on his own beds?
One of the fundamental facts of cat ownership is that cats sleep where they want to, not where we tell them to sleep. If you get a second dog bed, the cat can't sleep on both at the same time, so the dog can use the one the cat isn't in.

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