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Fiberglass grille

Products overview:

Shandong yongrun glass fiber grating is using high quality enhanced non-alkali glass fiber yarn, using foreign advanced the warp knitting woven into base material, USES the warp knitting oriented structure, make full use of fabric, yarn strength improve its mechanical properties, make its have good tensile strength, tensile strength and resistance to creep properties, and through high quality modified drain green coating processing and into the plane of the network materials. Following the principle, key to highlight similar compatible with the composite performance of asphalt mixture, and full protection of the glass fiber base material, greatly improves a base material wear resistance and shearing ability, so as to be used for road, crack resistance and enhance rut highway diseases occurring, the end of the asphalt pavement is difficult to enhance of difficult problems. Product features: The product has high strength, low extension, high temperature resistant, high modulus, light weight, good toughness, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics, which can be widely used in the old cement road surface, airport runway repair, DAMS, the bank slope protection, enhance bridge road engineering, can deal with to pavement enhancement, reinforcing, prevent pavement rut fatigue crack, hot cold crack and the following reflection adjustable crack, and the load stress can be scattered, prolong the service life of road surface, high tensile strength low elongation ratio, no long-term creep, physical chemistry stability is good, good thermal stability, resist fatigue cracking, high temperature resistant rut, resistance to low temperature shrinkage, delay reduce reflection crack.

Product application:

1. The old asphalt concrete pavements, the reinforcement of asphalt surface, prevention and cure disease enhancement.

2. Cement concrete road surface reconstruction compound, restrain the plate surface contraction caused crack reflection.

3. Road to engineering, prevention and control of extension of old and new band and the uneven settlement and cause a crack.

4. Soft soil base reinforcement treatment, beneficial to the soft soil water chromatography, and effectively suppress the consolidation settlement, uniform stress distribution, enhance the overall strength of roadbed.

5. New roads and a half the shrinkage crack, produce steel reinforcement to prevent the crack reflection and strengthen basic caused cracks road.

Packing specification:


Yes, geogrids can be used in temporary construction platforms. Geogrids provide structural reinforcement and stabilization to the soil, making them suitable for supporting heavy loads and providing a stable working surface during temporary construction projects.
Geogrids improve the performance of geosynthetic-reinforced retaining walls by adding stability and enhancing the overall strength of the structure. They function by distributing applied forces throughout the wall, reducing pressure on the wall face, and preventing soil movement and potential failure. Geogrids increase the bearing capacity of the soil, improve the load-bearing capabilities of the wall, and provide long-term reinforcement, making the retaining wall more durable and resistant to external forces.
Q:Glass fiber mesh cloth is mainly used in what place
Reinforced cement products (such as Rome column, flue, etc.) Danyang BOSCH Molding Co., Ltd.. 3) granite, mosaic dedicated network, marble back affixed to the network
Q:What kind of projects are used to detect the geogrid
Geogrid conventional testing includes
Yes, geogrids can be used in geotechnical engineering. Geogrids are commonly used for soil stabilization, reinforcement of retaining walls, and improving the performance of paved and unpaved roads. They provide tensile strength to soils and help distribute loads more efficiently, making them a valuable tool in geotechnical engineering projects.
Q:What is the use of glass fiber grille paving asphalt road
Fiberglass geogrid is glass fiber as the material, the reticular structure material of the knitting process, for the protection of glass fiber, improve the overall performance of geo composites through a special coating treatment process and the. The main component of glass fiber
A woven geogrid is made from weaving durable synthetic fibers together, creating a strong and flexible grid structure. On the other hand, a non-woven geogrid is formed by bonding synthetic fibers together using heat and pressure, resulting in a uniform and stable matrix. Overall, the key difference lies in the manufacturing process and structure, with woven geogrids offering higher tensile strength and stability, while non-woven geogrids provide better filtration and drainage properties.
Q:Who knows how much the staggered distance of the lap joint of the geogrid is?
Straight and smooth and close to the cushion, all longitudinal or transverse lap joints should be staggered, overlapping length shall not be less than 300MM.
Geogrids are typically used for soil reinforcement and stabilization, providing structural support to prevent soil movement. On the other hand, geotextiles are used for filtration, drainage, and separation purposes, allowing water to pass through while preventing soil migration. Essentially, geogrids focus on reinforcement, while geotextiles focus on filtration and separation.
The cost of geogrid installation can vary depending on various factors such as the size of the area, the type of geogrid being used, the complexity of the installation process, and the labor costs in a particular location. It is best to consult with a geogrid installation specialist or contractor to get an accurate estimate for your specific project.

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