Electric Oven with Rotisserie and Convection Functions

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Product Description:

Electric Oven with Rotisserie and Convection Functions

Product Specifications:

1. 4 stainless steel heating elements

2. 3 easy-turn round knobs

3. independent power indicator

4.90-240  temperature control;

5. 4 stage function control switch

6. Hot plate:1 x ø185mm, 1200W, 4-stage(0,400,800,1200W) setting

7. Hot plate:1 x ø155mm, 700W, 4-stage(0,300,400,700W) setting;

8.independent power indicators to each hotplate;

9. independent working or together with oven

10.Suitable for 6-slices toastt;

11. Capacity:25 Liter-27 Liter

Standard Accessary:

◆Enameled Baking Tray, 1pc ◆Chromed Grill Rack, 1pc ◆tray / rack handle, 1pc

Cavity Size(mm):349*300*250

Unit Size(mm):487*368*323




Loading Qty: 428PCS/20'GP(MOQ);882PCS/40'GP;997PCS/40'HQ

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Q:How is the three-phase oven connected?
Whether in a three-phase oven or a single-phase oven, the heating element is usually 220 volts.The three-phase oven uses 220 volt electric heating element and adopts star connection. 3 phase line terminals, three phase lines, 1 zero line terminals, zero line, a total of 4 lines. The ground wire of the three-phase five wire power supply is borrowed from the oven shell.
Q:How do you control the fire on the oven?
Preheat the oven when using it. Preheat is to allow food to be placed in the oven before the oven has reached the required temperature. If not preheated, the food directly into the baked, and then heating tube heating, food will face uneven heating, water loss, the surface easily scorched and other problems, affecting quality.Methods preheating: bake cookies, the recipe requires a temperature of 190 degrees before, put the cookies in the oven, the oven is switched on, up to 190 degrees, let the air burning oven for a while, when the oven to 190 degrees after add biscuits baking.Preheating time: domestic ovens are generally not preheat indicator light. Therefore, attention should be paid to the heating tube, when the heating pipe from red to black, it means that the warm-up is good. Depending on the temperature and the size of the oven, the warm-up time is different. In theory, the larger the power, the smaller the oven is, the faster it will warm up. General warm-up takes 5-10 minutes. Preheat not too long. If the oven is empty for too long, it will not only waste energy, but also shorten the life of the oven.
Q:How do you make homemade bread in the oven?
Now make bread at home, when the need to put a bowl of hot water proofing in the oven, by hot water steam to increase the humidity in the oven, to help better bread fermentation. The bowl of hot water has to keep changing. If the bread is not ready yet, the water is already cold, and you must replace the new hot water.
Q:Why don't you buy an oven instead of a microwave oven?
I've never heard of it. Microwave ovens are hot stuff. The oven is baked. Do you remember it? Some microwave bands can replace the oven.
Q:Is the oven in the microwave different from the professional oven?
The heating elements used in electric ovens can be broadly divided into three categories: one is an electric oven using a far infrared tube and a quartz heating tube, and the other is the lower grade of all electric ovens. However, the basic function is to achieve the electricity, just baked speed will slow down a bit. Therefore, it is suitable for families with an average economy, but needs to buy an electric oven and a single family. The other is an electric oven with two far-infrared tubes and a quartz heating tube, which is characterized by faster heating. However, compared with the former, the price should be slightly higher, generally expensive one hundred or two hundred yuan. Another is an ultraviolet heating tube attached to the attachment, which can be used for high temperature sterilization. It can disinfect, disinfect, the hygiene degree is higher, and the heating speed is fast, so the price is more expensive, it is suitable for the consumer with good economic condition.
Q:What are the differences between a light oven and an oven?
When the Galanz light wave microwave oven is assembled, the light source and magnetron can be started simultaneously. Both can be used alone, but also can be used in combination, all the functions are using the latest high-tech digital control. When in use, the utility model can be operated by microwave, and can be operated by light wave alone, and can also be combined with light wave and microwave. Therefore, the light wave oven is compatible with the function of the microwave oven. Structurally, the light wave furnace is provided with a light wave emitter and a light wave reflector at the upper part of the furnace chamber.
Q:What is the advantage of oven temperature control?
If the electric oven is equipped with a hot air circulation, it will guarantee the same quality at the same time as the four layers.
Q:Can mousse be put into the oven?
The oven in the heat should avoid scalding.In addition to the internal heat, the shell and glass doors are very hot, so be careful when opening or closing the oven door so as not to be scalded by the glass door. Place the pan in the oven or remove it from the oven. Be sure to use the handle. Do not touch the pan or baked food directly with your hands. Do not touch the heater or other parts of the stove by hand so as not to burn.
Q:Is there any poison in silica gel? The mold for the cake is made of silicone, and the oven is hot.
I bake pastry with paper mold, and occasionally with metal mold. Now do not necessarily buy money assured things, can only choose relatively safe.
Q:Which is better for a domestic oven?
Buy oven first according to their own needs to choose, general household oven requirements are as follows: 1.19 liters, too little not die; 2 must have time to switch, the temperature control switch, on fire; 3 to bake cookies, preferably with the convection fan; 4 Roast Chicken frame need not be used. Some pads can roast potatoes and onions,.5. do not try to buy Electronic computer control, mechanical control and durable and convenient.

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