Cool Touch Electric Oven 1200W 14 Liter

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Product Description:

Cool Touch Electric Oven 1200W 14 Liter

Product Specifications:

1. 4 stainless steel heating elements

2. 3 easy-turn round knobs

3. 60min timer with stay on

4.65-240℃  temperature control

5. 4 stage function control switch

6. Suitable for 4-slices toast;

11. 14 Liter

Standard Accessary:

◆Enameled Baking Tray, 1pc ◆Chromed Grill Rack, 1pc ◆tray / rack handle, 1pc

Cavity Size(mm):270*256*188

Unit Size(mm):400*345*245



G.W.:G.7.8 KGS

Loading Qty: 590PCS/20'GP(MOQ);1190PCS/40'GP;1344PCS/40'HQ

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Q:The oven can be adjusted to 20 degrees -40. Can I use it to ferment bread?
But humidity is important, if the humidity is not enough, so the skin will appear even thick bread crust, slow riseWhen the moisture is too high, the bread is unevenly fermented and the skin bubbles.The grill in the oven provides only temperature, but does not provide moisture, so the individual recommends no direct temperature regulation.
Q:Do you want pizza made directly from the oven's own grill?
The plastic bags to be placed on the baking tray are, of course, brought down. If it's burnt before, there are two reasons. One is the oven temperature is too high, resulting in some parts have been burned and immature. And two, you should place the pan in the middle and lower layers when you bake pizza. If your oven is small, place it under
Q:Who knows the embedded oven what brand is good, please explain, wow, to praise ah.
To ask what brand of embedded ovens, good, there are a few points to note. First look at the heat insulation system. It also consider whether the main computer temperature control, temperature control is accurate to once, there are several groups of heating pipe can not separate temperature control, and the heating pipe material life, whether there is a rotary baking fork and 3D stereo fan, these have a direct impact on the degree of uniformity of baking food. The recommended brand has 1, Gaggenau/ 2, Miele/ 3, Gaggenau Meinuo SIEMENS/ SIEMENS 4, ARISTON Ariston/ 5, Depelec/ 6, FOTILE/ 7, Depp FOTILE boss Robam/.
Q:Why does the oven turn off automatically?
Automatic flameout is divided into automatic flameout under normal conditions and automatic flameout under abnormal conditions.First of all, look at the instructions of your oven and see if it has a flameout protection function. If so, the oven will turn off automatically when your oven reaches a certain temperature. Protect your oven life.If there is no flameout protection, there is a problem with your oven. Please check it!
Q:Is the oven in the microwave different from the professional oven?
The box is made of thin steel plates, usually double decked, with air interlayer or filling insulation material. Box door is equipped with high temperature glass, so as to observe the situation of food baking.
Q:Clean the upper part of the oven
Metro has oven cleaners, or some clean essence with warm water, and clean with a clean sponge (green, rough side). I usually clean the chicken wings in the oven and clean them when the oven is not hot enough.
Q:Can oven bake cookie cake without temperature control?
If the temperature is enough, you can.I suggest you buy an oven thermometer, very cheap, ten or twenty dollars. Or borrow one from some friends.You turn the oven on for about fifteen minutes to see what the temperature is.Different baking ingredients require different temperatures, but generally they can be baked at about 180 degrees Celsius. If your oven is low, you can prolong the baking time. Contrarily, shorten. 150 degrees reluctantly, but it is difficult to lower.It can be used to bake cake cookies if the temperature is right. You can reference temperature baking recipe, and then make adjustments according to their own oven. And what you can see from the outside is good judgment.Don't judge the cake baked with a bamboo stick inserted in, pull out with sticky attachments can.Biscuits better judgment, looking at some brown line, again long burnt.
Q:What's the difference between an oven and a microwave oven?
Oven is suitable for baking noodles, meat pieces, bread, cakes, pizza, barbecue and many other food, you can do it well. If used for heating food is not suitable, usually more than twice as much time as microwave ovens, and large power consumption.
Q:Why does the oven smoke when it is preheated?
Smoking is normal. The first warm-up is smoke, because the grill is covered with protective oil.
Q:What's the standard size of the oven?
For we are not unfamiliar, more and more widely used, more and more features, household electric oven has become now the family kitchen essentials in the holidays when the weekend to call on relatives and friends together, barbecue or baked bread at home, not only not burnt, but the color is very nice. Life is a pleasure, then what size is it for household ovens? Here we have a look at: embedded oven size, most brands are similar, but still some discrepancy, the conventional size of embedded oven is 595*590*560mm.

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