Diamond Aluminum Sheet For Embossing sheet

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Item specifice

6000 Series
Surface Treatment:
Enameled Wire
Insulation Material






 Product code: 618 a - 33 y titanium matte aluminum plate
Technical parameters
Aluminum alloy/material: 1100

Tensile strength N/was: 115-125
The yield strength of N/was: 150-150
Elongation % : 3 or more
Rainbow degrees: no
Process: light oxidation process
Product description: surface "colored metal silken face" as the main characteristics of the product, completely metal texture, color variety, products can be mild tensile and bending.
Product use: can be used to directly shape stamping, screen printing, thermal transfer two composite process, etc.Used in architectural decoration, household appliances, switch panel, auto parts, lamps lighting, electronic hardware and other industries.
Supply scope of coil or sheet
Mm thickness specification: 0.4 1
Maximum width mm: 1250
The tolerance range
Mm thickness: 0.02 mm
The width of the mm: 2 -
Mm length: 2 -
Actual weight kg: plus or minus 2
Protective film
Protective film on the surface of the aluminum quality assurance period for six months, aluminum is kept dry and ventilated, avoid heat and direct sunlight.If the aluminium material stored in high temperature or direct sunlight can cause protective film, or unable to tear in addition to wait for a phenomenon


 Diamond Aluminum Sheet For Embossing sheet

Some of the different types of surface treatments for aluminum sheets in the marine industry include anodizing, powder coating, chromate conversion coating, and painting.
Yes, aluminum sheets can be embossed or textured. The process of embossing or texturing aluminum sheets involves creating patterns or designs on the surface by pressing or rolling the sheet with specialized machinery. This can be done to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the sheet or to improve its functionality, such as adding grip or increasing strength. Embossed or textured aluminum sheets are commonly used in various industries, including automotive, interior design, and packaging.
Q:Other then pop cans, what else is aluminum that can be recycled?
all of it.
Q:HEY HEY HEY guys its me agian and during today and the six week hoiday i'm gonna be askin a LOT I mean A-LOT ok so firstly I want to ask about drill bit you see as a willing studend who is enginenerring and just now in sience (so please ansewr quikly) what properites does an aluminium oxide drill bit have alot more questions after this one are going to be veary youtube and game related such as what do you guys want me to tweet pewdiepie on fridays whith pewdiepie and so on thanks and bye!!!!!!
It acts a lubricant.
Yes, aluminum sheets are suitable for beverage cans. Aluminum is a widely used material in the beverage industry due to its unique properties. It is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and provides an excellent barrier against light, oxygen, and moisture, which helps to preserve the quality and freshness of the beverage. Additionally, aluminum is easily formable, allowing for the production of various can shapes and sizes. It is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Overall, aluminum sheets are an ideal material for beverage cans, meeting both functional and sustainability requirements.
Yes, aluminum sheets can be painted or coated with different colors. Aluminum is a versatile material that can be easily painted or coated to achieve a desired aesthetic. The process of painting or coating aluminum involves applying a layer of paint or coating material onto the surface of the sheet. This can be done through various methods such as spraying, rolling, or dipping. The paint or coating material adheres to the aluminum surface, providing a protective layer and giving it a different color or finish. The ability to paint or coat aluminum sheets with different colors allows for endless possibilities in terms of customization and design options.
Q:Fiber laser cutting machine and carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, which thin aluminum plate effect is better?
Carbon dioxide laser cutting edge, a little black, if it is to use optical fiber, the cutting effect is more beautiful, but it also depends on your needs, our fiber laser cutting machine and carbon dioxide laser cutting machine have, can come to visit Hummer laser
Q:How do aluminum plates paint?
Pretreatment is usually required. Acid and alkali cleaning can be done either by oil or by xylene,The paintings do not know, but most of them are painted or printed on the aluminum plate, usually by heat transfer, silk screen, or decorative board, which is sprayed directly and then painted.
Indeed, HVAC systems find aluminum sheets to be a fitting choice. As a lightweight and sturdy material, aluminum boasts exceptional thermal conductivity, rendering it highly suitable for integration into HVAC systems. It frequently serves as the base for crafting ductwork, heat exchangers, and fins within air conditioning units. Moreover, aluminum sheets exhibit corrosion resistance, which proves advantageous in settings with elevated humidity levels or instances of moisture exposure. Furthermore, aluminum stands as an eco-friendly alternative as it can be recycled, solidifying its status as an environmentally conscious option for HVAC systems. All in all, aluminum sheets present a multitude of advantages and remain widely embraced within the HVAC industry.
Yes, 101 aluminum sheets have specific sound and vibration damping properties. Aluminum is known for its excellent damping characteristics, meaning it can effectively absorb or dampen vibrations and reduce noise levels. This is due to its high density and stiffness, which allow it to dissipate vibrational energy. Additionally, aluminum sheets can be further enhanced by applying sound-damping coatings or treatments, such as adhesive-backed damping sheets or constrained layer damping materials. These treatments can further improve the sound and vibration damping properties of 101 aluminum sheets, making them a popular choice in various industries where noise reduction and vibration control are important considerations, such as automotive, aerospace, and construction.

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