DGZDW Microcomputer-controlled DC Power Panel

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The DC power supply panel serves in power generation plants and substations to function as power supply needed for opening & closing of high-voltage switch in case of normal operation or emergency state relaying protection automatic protection emergency lighting and sound project. It also serves as power supply in such occasions as metallurgical industry railway mine petrochemical industry post telecom hospital bank hotel tall building and computer network etc.

1. Input voltage: AC380V ±15%;50HZ±5%;three-phase four wire,two way put in,
2. Output voltage: DC220V,DC110V,DC48V;DC24V.
3. Output voltage: controled busbar (KM)5~200A,closing busbar(HM)5~3000A      4. charge storage capacity (AH): 10~ 3000;
5. regulation accuracy: ≤ 0.5%; steady flow coefficient: ≤ 0.5%;
6. ripple: ≤ 0.5%; system efficiency: ≥ 92%;
7. Noise: ≤ 50dB;
8. Dielectric strength: 2000V/min no flashover and breakdown

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Q:is electronics engineering a promising field of study?
It's pretty booming right now, and probably will be for the next couple of decades at least. As far as possibilities go, what are you looking for? Some EE's start their own companies and make millions. It's as much as what you make of things as it is about hopping on the right train to take you where you want to go. The downside of engineering has to be the pressure and the deadlines. Marketing and money drive engineering. And the market doesn't want to wait forever for the next gismo. Your design has to be finished by a certain time or else the whole bridge project gets held up, etc.
Q:what is the difference btwn an electrical engineer and a Mechanical engineer?
electrical engineer deals with electrical equipments(like motor,drive,plc),automation process etc and a mechanical engineer deals with mechanical equipments (like compressor, refregeration,air conditioning engine etc) both of the engineers need to know programming language. but it is not necessary to learn java
Q:Various Electrical Equipment Information?
HMI Human Machine Interface Gen-set Engine generator set for generating electricity PLC Program able Logic Controller used in factory automation UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition industrial control system using HMI and PLCs Citect the software company that specilized in SCADA control MCC Motor Control Center E-Stop Emergency Stop Stop Control PCS/SIS PCS (Process Control Systems) and SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) Murphy switch shutdown switch actuated when process parameters are not correct, like shutting down an engine when engine oil level is critically low.
Q:Are jobs in electrical engineering well paid?
The median annual wage for EE's is $91,810. Check out the source
Q:what sort of problem do electrical engineers work on?
Q:why do we recycle electronics?
They are made from a number of valuable materials. Gold, for one. Its used on connectors as it doesn't tarnish or corrode, making the connection reliable. They also use a number of poisonous heavy metals. Letting used computers go into the garbage dump allows those metals to leach out and possibly pollute the water supply. Recycling keeps down that pollution by reusing those metals.
Q:About how much does an electrical engineer make?
$40,000-$60,000 out of college $70,000-$100,000 depending on location and experience or lots of meats and vegitables
Q:What can I use to find the electrical conductivity of water?
water doesn't conduct electricity, the impurities in it do salt, chlorine, etc. distilled water has no conductivity.
Q:What will happen to electrical equipment during the once in a generation solar storm NASA predicts?
NASA aren't predicting any 'once in a generation solar storm'. They are merely saying that warning and protection systems should be in place - a perfectly reasonable precaution. In fact NASA are predicting the next maximum of solar activity in 2013 to be less intense than the last in 2001: solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/images Solar activity can produce induced currents in transmission lines, very occasionally leading to problems in electricity supply and distribution, so the worst that might happen is a power cut. The Sun does not directly affect your computer or any other electrical equipment. You certainly don't need any lead casing. Having said that, backing up your computer files is never a bad idea. No medium is completely immune to damage, whether heat, damp, power surges or physical damage so maybe you should put your more important files on both DVD and an external drive.
Q:How do you install electrical equipment into a car?
Fuse blocks in cars often have SPARE (usually disused in some particular model) positions with wires already attached and within the wiring loom, with nothing connected to the end. Knowing what the intended accessory was, might allow you to connect something to its unconnected end, and always, the negative return is the car's frame. The circuit must be capable of carrying the current required. Some of these spares may be connected via the ignition switch, some may not. The next alternative is to run a new wire with a fuse inline, at the supply end at least. It is good practice to fuse the supply end, then have a further fuse at the accessory end (most accessories will already have this). The wire can often be run along and fixed to the existing car looms, passing through the firewall where the loom passes through. Again, negative is anywhere convenient on the car's metal frame. A quick and simple connection is the cigarette lighter, if fitted. Just procure a plug to replace the lighter. It can supply a fair current. So far as connecting a scanner to the existing speakers, I suggest you don't try to, unless the audio/ radio system has an accessory input. Maybe a bluetooth connection might be used, but really, the scanner's own speaker should supply the scanner sound. You can also connect accessories by splicing into existing car circuits, but I would suggest you do your college course first! You really need to understand current and wire sizes and fusing (not to mention basic circuitry!), before splicing into existing wires.

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