Cylinder Knob Door Lock 578-Y

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Product Description:

Product Name:  Cylinder Knob Door Lock 578-Y

Product Information






AB/AC/PB/SB/SS/PSS/WR/WH (other finish is also available)

Door Thickness

35-50mm, other thickness available upon request




Brass cylinder


Normal/Computer key (brass/steel)


60/70mm adjustable tubular latch



Quality Standard

ANSI Grade 3


Box package, 24 Sets/Carton

N. W. per Ctn

12 Kg

G. W. Per Ctn

13 Kg

Payment Terms

T/T (30% deposit, 70% pay before shipment)


40-45 days upon order confirmation

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Q:Replace the K5 door lock how much money
If it is to be the original pair of about 1000 or so, the Internet has more than 200 yuan
Q:What method can be used to clean the car lock in the dirt
Hello, if you want to completely clean, then the best demolition, spray with a rust and then take a clean cloth clean. Is there anything else to help you? I wish you all the best work
Q:Car black came, why do the door lock often fail
Hello check the line whether there is a short circuit fault Check the left front door lock controller and then look at the remote control above the light brightness dark no dark if a battery battery low battery will affect the remote control car problems asked the car master hope to help you There are unknown to the car master to find me.
Q:How much is the car lock? The
Insurance company is right, because you are on the whole car Daoqiang Xian, insurance is just the insurance company launched the existing insurance, not what are lost! A lock is broken, the whole car lock should be changed, more than 2000!
Q:To determine the broken core is not bad, how to judge
1, from the cylinder material to distinguish: the price is not necessarily copper than stainless steel, the material is solid and hollow. In the choice of time to carefully weigh the weight; 2, the size from the keyhole: the lock cylinder is not bad, the key can be inserted into the bad words can not be inserted into the; 3, see the color: the color of the cylinder should be bright pure, not very dark and hurry, there is a rough feeling is bad;
Q:Digital camera memory card lock how to open it?
There is a switch on the card. You try that switch
Q:Central control door lock control switch, is not the ignition press? Press the door inside the open it?
Hello, yes, this is right. I hope my answer can help you [car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:How to open the padlock in the case of no damage (keyhole in the next golden kind of copper lock)?
Do not know your actual living situation, if it is a building, very troublesome. If it is a cottage, then look at the windows are not open, or the windows can be a small demolition can drill into. I used to lock the door, and then I found the door key is not open, the key is locked together in the house, the whole person trapped in the yard, no way, like a long time, found the door above the window can be opened , And then use my thin body cost a lot of skills, only drilled into it. But also found that the lock can not open from the inside, no way, I hurt the drill out. After several twists and turns, I found that after a few keys with a lot of necessary.
Q:The role of off-road truck differential lock?
Automatic mechanical lock differential The basic structure of this type of differential and mechanical lock differential is the same, the difference is that the mechanical lock differential lock and unlock, completely by the driver manual control; automatic mechanical lock differential It is locked and unlocked according to road conditions. Its locking detection mechanism is very sophisticated, there are two detection, one is the difference between the differential gear and the differential shell, and the other is the speed of the differential shell. Locking conditions: differential housing speed does not exceed the set value (that is, the vehicle speed is lower than the set value), variable gear and differential shell speed difference exceeds the set value (left and right wheel speed difference is too large) If both conditions are met, the differential lock will be triggered and the normal steering will not cause it to lock. The entire locking process, the wheel idling angle difference of not more than 360 degrees. Unlock condition: The speed of the differential shell exceeds the set value (the speed exceeds the set value). The torque of the left and right axles is reversed (the vehicle turns on), and any one of them will be unlocked immediately. Advantages: Highway driving characteristics and open differential exactly the same. The off-road surface, exactly the same as the locked differential, does not twist the axle due to steering, and its locking and unlocking process is completely automatic and does not require human intervention. Reliability is very high. Disadvantages: lock the noise is relatively large, the structure than the mechanical lock differential complex, each differential can only be applied to a model, not versatile. Applicability: can directly replace the open differential, the precursor can be used after the drive, there is no applicability of the restrictions.
Q:Buick Laojun Yue can not remote control to open the car lock, if it can be opened directly, the room side door button can open the door lock, in the end where is the bad? Help me
First of all to see if the remote control key is electric, if there is electricity that may be the central control lock electric small motor is broken, or connect the small motor wire is broken

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