Cummins Engine 6C8.3 Cummins Engine Assembly

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Type: Diesel Engine Power: 186KW Brand Name: Cummins
Model Numbe: 6C8.3 Place of Origin: USA

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Supply  original cummins diesel engine 6C8.3, QSM11, QSX15. for marine, industry, excavator.

CUMMINS ENGINE With Quality assurance 1 years or 2000 hours, whichever occurs first .

typemodelpower/speed  (kw/rpm)Displacement
6C8.3 diesel engine
QSM11 diesel engineZJE2-ZLSHTF1202250/200010.8L
QSM11 diesel engineZJE2-ZLSHTF1203280/200010.8L
QSX15 diesel engine

Cummins Engine 6C8.3 Cummins Engine Assembly

Cummins Engine 6C8.3 Cummins Engine Assembly

Cummins Engine 6C8.3 Cummins Engine Assembly


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You can put 2 sets of of wheel loaders in one 40HQ container. The spare parts are packed with boxes.

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Q:Is the engine oil burning normal?
Disadvantages: engine with T 1 is not suitable for beginners, and 2, T engine will burn engine oil. 3, the turbocharged engine with T can only be started at a certain speed. In the case of stop and stop on the city road, perhaps 1.4T's engine is almost the same as the 1.4 regular engine. 4, the engine with T will delay when it accelerates rapidly. 5, the T engine has a high maintenance cost, such as the turbine must be replaced every 5W kilometers or so.
Q:What is the engine broken cylinder technology
Most of the reason is the cylinder spark plug problems, such as circuit failure, the electrode gap is not correct, electrode ablation, electrode carbon deposition and so on.
Q:Audi a6l2012 30fsi technical 4S shop maintenance, said the engine water pump leakage needs to be replaced, but not leaking,
1, FSI refers to the fuel stratified injection. The emphasis is on stratified jets rather than stratified combustion. Fuelstratifiedinjection technology is EFI engine with electronic chips through calculation and analysis, precise control of injection quantity into the cylinder combustion engine, in order to improve the mixing proportion of fuel, and a technique to improve the efficiency of the engine. The main advantages of the FSI engine are as follows: the dynamic response is good, the power and torque can be increased simultaneously, and the fuel consumption is reduced compared with the traditional technology of injecting the fuel into the intake manifold.
Q:The car's engine trouble light is on. What should I do about it?
2, fuel quality is not good, many found that the engine fault lights on the car has a feeling: that is added to a tank of oil, engine fault light suddenly lit. Because the engine for oil quality indicators are required, especially with the increasing demand for engine specifications everywhere, then the quality of the oil index is also demanding higher and higher. In real life, after all, there are some gas stations can not fully meet the specifications to meet the high performance engine fuel, which led to the engine fault lights occur.
Q:How about all the engine.
X8 Landwind engine is produced by the Mitsubishi Co four cylinder engine, the use of a wide range of mature technology. The displacement of the 2.0L Landwind X8, more suitable for urban driving, and after resetting the maximum power output of 133 HP (98kW), peak torque of 175N - m, transmission part matching 5 speed manual transmission.
Q:The Mazda 3 engine?
Electronic solar term door control (FTC), it can ensure that the engine in a variety of gas demand, fast response speed, air control precision; variable intake control (S - VT), which ensures that the engine under all conditions, the intake valve opening and closing control at the right moment, the best mixed gas engine. And to ensure that the mixed gas engine combustion condition
Q:Does the engine flow directly to the engine by adding oil to the engine?
To join in the oil through the engine oil to the oil pan, not directly poured in the sump, into the oil sump oil from the oil pump will by filtration for engine operation, oil to overtime may dirty things have been stopped in the pipeline
Q:What's the difference between front and rear of a car engine?
Front engine, front wheel drive vehicle drive system, that is, what we usually call FF. In addition to some high-performance sports cars, the cars we see on the street are generally pre - engined. Why? Obviously, the engine is placed in the front, you can increase the interior space, to make the ride more comfortable, so as not to pursue high performance supercar like car or SUV this kind of vehicle is the front engine layout.
Q:Kart engines are
Domestic frame general assembly Honda 200cc, 270cc, respectively 6.5 horsepower and 9 horsepower. Different venues, and some venues to 200 plus speed limit to become an ordinary car, not a member of the car. Yes, 200 are ordinary cars, and 270 are member cars. 9 horsepower 270 is the current four stroke fastest, but how to control depends on the frame, which should be the best sq frame, with 270 of the steering accuracy, is the best choice for non professional track. But even the 9 horsepower car, in the majors, is no entry level.
Q:The principle of automobile engine
In contrast, the internal combustion engine is more efficient than the external combustion engine, cheaper than the gas turbine, easier to add fuel than electric vehicles. These advantages make most modern cars use reciprocating internal combustion engines.

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