Commercial aeroponic greenhouse for vegetable fruit

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Product Description:

Suit forVegetable Crops /Floriculture Production

A versatile greenhouse designed for vegetable crops or floriculture

A single piece arch rolled into a gothic peak for superior condensation control

Product Parameter:

Polycarbonate greenhouse PC8000/9600Venlo

-Commercial Greenhouses - agricultural greenhouse for flower/vegetable


Good heat retention, high intensity, easy assembly, energy saving, anti dew, strong impact resistance and long service life, etc


2.Structural Characteristics:

Venlo structure or A shape structure

span:  8m/9.6M/12M,  bay size:  3.2M/ 4M, section :4M/ 4.5M;

Gutter: 3-5.5M

The frame works structure is assembled by prefabricated parts. All main parts are hot dipping galvanized after processing with zinc cover 275G/M2 in order to avoid any rust;

Cover: 8mm polycarbonate panel, by special aluminum profiles together with sealed band

Ventilation: single roof vents or double roof vents, controlled by rack and pinion system

Aluminum sliding doors;

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