Commercial polycarbonate greenhouse for flower

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Good heat retention, high intensity, easy assembly, energy saving, anti dew, strong impact resistance and long service life, etc


2.Structural Characteristics:


Venlo structure or A shape structure

span:  8m/9.6M/12M,  bay size:  3.2M/ 4M, section :4M/ 4.5M;

Gutter: 3-5.5M

The frame works structure is assembled by prefabricated parts. All main parts are hot dipping galvanized after processing with zinc cover 275G/M2 in order to avoid any rust;

Cover: 8mm polycarbonate panel, by special aluminum profiles together with sealed band

Ventilation: single roof vents or double roof vents, controlled by rack and pinion system

Aluminum sliding doors;

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Q:why do cats eat plastic?
Plastic bags are treated with beef tallow, in the manufacturing process. Eating a plastic bag is dangerous -- it can cause blockage of intestines, throat stomach. All plastic can be very dangerous to cats.
Q:Sanding matte black plastic to get a high glossy shine?
Tooth paste on a rag may work. Have removed small scratches before.
Q:Dry food storage in plastic containers & health issues?
Are you talking about long term food storage, or just daily use type of items? By long term, I mean purchasing the items in bulk, and storing them for several years in your pantry? Then you should always use food grade plastics to put up your food storage. Most common are the food grade five gallon plastic buckets. Never, ever store your food, even in a food grade plastic container on a bare dirt, or cement floor. Despite the buckets being plastic, there IS still air and moisture exchange. Most people do not realize that even though a food product is in plastic that there IS still an exchange of air and moisture with the outside air (even in food grade containers). The only way to prevent this is to use food grade mylar bags and seal your food items before placing them into the food grade plastic buckets, and sealing the buckets. Nuts will only keep 1-2 years, no matter how well you seal them. The oils found in nuts cause them to start going rancid. Coffee and tea also have short shelf lives of 6months-2 years. However you said powder. If your coffee and tea has been freeze dried and turned into powder they will store virtually forever. Always use food grade plastic containers for any type of food storage. You have much less worry though, with dry foods leaching in anything bad from the plastics though. I've had a one gallon plastic container of chilli power sitting properly stored in my pantry for just over six years. I just opened it, smells and tastes as good as anything just purchased. ~Garnet Permaculture homesteading/farming over 20 years
Q:What's the use of old plastics?
Paper plastic composite film, paper plastic composite film on recycling before the first paper separation, this is a method of paper plastic composite separation, separation equipment for electric heating with a chrome plated hollow barrel, the barrel is equipped with a hollow cylinder with a blade, the cylinder and the hollow cylinder to rotate in the opposite direction, a mixture of paper and plastic after the break of the adding barrel in the barrel by heating a mixture of the plastic melt in the barrel at the lower part of the discharge, the air in the hollow cylinder exhaust.
Q:What is the effect of calcium carbonate in plastics?
The first link below is an excellent tutorial on fillers in plastics. CaCO3 filler is used to reduce cost and to impart structural rigidity to plastics. It is used in both thermosetting resins like polyesters and thermosetting resins like polypropylene. CaCO3 does not impart a significant amount of strength to the plastic, like happens with fiberglass and carbon fiber, but its effect on the plastic allows the manufacturer to make products with some improvement in properties like compression. Most mineral fillers like CaCO3 result in a reduction in the tensile strength of the plastic. Hope this is helpful to you. JIL HIR
Q:Polyester,Vinyl Plastics?
Polyester is a plastic. It is a condensation product made by the reaction of a monomer that has both an alcohol and acid function. Polyester monomers are usually very short in chain length or they would polymerize to themselves in the polymer manufacturer. Polyvinylchloride, PVC, is a plastic. Sometimes this is called vinyl but that is not an accurate name. Vinyl is an organic functional group, CH2=CH- and one of the more common vinyl products is Vinyl Chloride, often called vinyl chloride monomer or VCM which structurally is CH2=CHCl. VCM is polymerized as an addition polymer to make PVC. A plastic is any synthetic resin. It can be a condensation product or an addition product. Often the plastic, unformulated and in the raw state has limited value if any value. Once properly formulated with stabilizers, plasticizers, and other additives, it has high value.
Q:plastic surgery. what is it;s good and bad side?
Q:How much plastic is recycled?
with plastic bottles alone, 90% end up in landfills, or the ocean. a measly 10% is recycled nationwide. that's 200 Million Tons of plastic wasted. 18 million barrels of oil that we will never get back. plastic bottles are just an environmental atrocity. look at the links i provided for more statistics.
Q:eddie bauer plastic bottles & BPA?
it will say BPA free on the bottle.
Q:What is the flow rate for plastic pipe should not exceed?
problematic stuff. look into in google. that will might help!

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