Multi-span polycarbonate green house for plant

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Product Description:



2- Good for warm keeping. 

3- Strong,Good Looking.



1-Structure: Hot galvanized steel tubes, Triple-A Roof structure per bay. 15 year warranty.


2- Covered by twin-wall polycarbonate sheet.10 year warranty. Anti-storm. Anti-hail. Anti-Snow. Best material for warm-keeping.


3-Strength: Long life ,Good looking, Warm keeping. Energy saving in winter.


4-Suitable for heavy snow place, flower market, expensive flower & vegetable planting, research center or restaurant.



1-Outside&Inside Shading system controlled.


2- Cooling Pad & Fan system.


3-Auto-enviroment controlled panel.


4-Rounf Roof instead of Triple A-Style is available with simplified structure.

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