CNBM Wooden materials Suspended beds CMAX-21

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CNBM Wooden materials Suspended beds CMAX-21

antique french wooden bed with exquisite carving.

1.Material:100%solid wood

2.Size: Bed:240*213*172  Chest:83*48*82

antique french wooden bed

1.Painted in eco-friendly water base paint

2.We have many other designs and colors for your choice

3.Packing: with PE Foam or bubble bag  and outside brown 2-layor carboard or carton

4.Qty per carton:1pc

The related certifications we have:


The types of products:                                                                                                                          .

 Antique furniture combined with different materials such as wood, metal, rattan, bamboo , glass,

etc and beautiful carvings

The Characters of Our Products:          

 Different from machinery production, our products are with unique shape and irregular color, all

these are the unique feature of hand-made                                                                                                    .

We own best designers, experienced wokers and master of carvings to design and produce

what you want. Antique Imitation:shows some scratches,edge wear and paint flaking.

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Q:Home textile kind of bedding, is twill cotton good or plain weave good?.
It should be said that the plain and twill bedding in the use process and have no obvious difference, so the purchase of bedding is not too concerned about this aspect, mainly to see the style and color are suitable for their own.
Q:What kind of bed is best for the body?
But people who sleep well know that the bed is too hard to sleep on, and the air permeability is bad, so the bed should not be too hard. Zongbeng bed is not durable. The bed is a good choice, whether it's breathability or softness. But this bed a little longer, the elasticity will gradually weaken, the soft bed. Therefore, this bed should not be used for a long time. The wire spring bed is the worst. This bed is similar to brown trampoline, also have similar characteristics and advantages. It may be comfortable to sleep at first, but it is uncomfortable for a long time and is not suitable for patients with cervical spondylosis or other spinal diseases. The ideal of kang. The rural people often sleep Kang, Kang can be heated in the winter cold, summer heat can reduce the heat, is the ideal place to sleep. But directly lying on the Kang above is also very hard, people will be covered with blanket and mattress, then go to sleep very comfortable. This is the best bed for patients with cervical spondylosis".
Q:Do you make your bed?
Some days I leave it, but most days I make it. Not making the bed is like parking the car and leaving the door open.
Q:Can you see Bed Bugs?
Bed bug problems are becoming widespread, not only in some of the heavily populated states in the U.S., but also worldwide. It wouldn't surprise me if you found bed bugs in California. It really depends on what stage of the bed bugs you find, but adult and fully fed bed bugs are easier to spot. Some will compare their size to that of an apple seed. But of course the nymphs and eggs are extremely hard to see with the naked eye, mainly because of their size and color. Some of the key places to check for bed bugs are under the mattress corners, right inside the sheet lining, behind headboards, by the nightstand, fixtures on the wall, behind hanging picture frames, and etc. You can see signs of feces left behind and you may be able to find adult bed bugs as well. Other signs might be blood spots on the sheet from when they were crushed while feeding. Although inaccurate, bites may also be a sign of a bed bug infestation. If you are getting bit, most likely, you will react allergically, much like a mosquito, ant, or flea bite.
Q:Can I use rabbit bedding for...?
You are correct. Most Pine and cedar bedding have sents that are harmful to rodents. Never use it. Care freash is great! It's recycled, so it's good for the environment and it's ultra ubsorbent. You can find it at almost every pet store. It's also the same price as wood shavings. Oh, and stay away from any cotton wool bedding, if a rodent digests this, it can be very harmful. Hope this helped :D
Q:need help finding a bed?
Q:if im getting bedding do i also need bed fluff?
In my opinion, bed fluff is not necessary, and can be dangerous. The fibers could wrap around limbs and such. I, personally, wouldn't risk it. Wood shavings are fine. However, stay away from pine and cedar shavings. The aromatic oils can cause respiratory problems. Aspen is the safest wood shaving you'll find. Another popular bedding among hamster owners is Carefresh. It's very soft, and they can tear it up for their nests.
Q:why do i still wet the bed?
Need to get checked out from your doctor to be sure whats going on. It can be a medical issue or even hereditary. It ran in my family and I was the lucky one to get that trait because I wet the bed up until past age 15 and wore disposable diapers to bed every night. I don't know if you are wearing diapers to bed or not but I can tell you as a bed wetter is better to wake up in a wet diaper than wet bedding and wet pajamas. I absolutely hated the feeling of waking up in a wet cold bed, diapers much better.
Q:Under my bed?
mouse traps
Q:my friend's hamster bedding?
I use cotton cloth bedding which ensures that my hamsters are warm and cosy, but avoids the risk of them getting tangled up in it or choking. The cotton wool bedding is dangerous, as there have been many cases of hamsters eating the bedding (something that they often do) and being unable to digest it, causing their stomaches to swell and eventually die. Shredded newspaper is also a no no as the ink can run onto their skin, and cause them to become ill. Another reason against this bedding is that they can become tangled up and even lose limbs. Dont use cedar wood chips or sawdust as the amount of dust from these are extremely dangerous to your hamster and can cause severe respiratory problems.

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