Folding Bed Single Office Siesta Bed Siesta Chair Lazy Chair

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Product Description:

Product size: 178*62*30CM and 178* 67* 30CM

Regular color: Navy blue, Silver grey, Orange red

Fabric: 600D chequered Oxford cloth with PVC/PE waterproof coating

Packaging: Folding beds are packed in OPP plastic bags

Pipe: 20*40mm thickness of high strength steel pipe! The surface layer is shot blasting and plastic spraying

Connecting material: high tenacity PE plastic parts, galvanized silver solid rivets

We have Professional production, excellent quality. Can be customized various specifications, various colors.


1. Folding portable recliner for nap and companion, adjustable Angle, 3 gears.

Easy to find a comfortable Angle, anytime and anywhere easy to sleep.


2. Thickened Oxford cloth, comfortable, breathable and wear resistant, long service life. Comfortable and reasonable width, removable cotton pad can be cool and breathable in summer, luxury cotton pad warm and soft in winter.


3. The back of the chair is 45° adjustable and can be greatly adjusted to meet your comfortable experience and give you a new understanding of the folding chair for lunch break.


4. Thickening the support rod to bear the force evenly. Back/head support design, uniform force, safe and secure, more comfortable, stable, comfortable and durable.


5. Strengthen both sides of the thick pipe, safe bearing. Recliner front and rear main bracket adopt 40MM Thick square pipe, better bearing capacity.


6. Anti-slip and anti-rollover, safe and assured. The front and back four support feet are equipped with anti-slip pads to effectively protect personal safety. Can reduce the wear of steel pipe to the floor again.


7. Fast storage without installation, small space can also be stored.

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Q:What's the height of the bed?
The bed that contemporary people uses, actually include bedstead and mattress two parts. The latest trends require roughly four points for beds. First of all, steady, can not sleep, there is a feeling of shaking. Secondly, it is necessary to form a crisp, straight lines of the bed compared with the idea of consumers to buy. Third, the head of the area has increased trend, and to make characteristics. As furniture designers, the best aspects of furniture such as beds are actually placed on the headboard. Fourth, the height of the bed is reduced, the current popular bed, plus mattresses, after many are only 20 cm, while the traditional bed height is 40 cm.
Q:Carefresh Bedding?
There;... There are a number of types out there; it’s a case of trial and error. To see what is best for your pet, and one that he will be happy with.
Q:My side of the bed...?
Q:What are the sheet of the bed?
As the name suggests, the solid wood board is made of wood made from wood. These boards are rugged and natural and are among the best. But because of the high cost and high technological requirements, the use of this kind of sheet is not much. Solid wood board in accordance with the general classification of the actual name of the plate, there is no uniform standard specifications.
Q:Is it a twin room with a standard room
A single room is only one bed. It doesn't mean the worst. It's usually just a standard room. The room may be a little bit bigger
Q:Help finding bedding?
I like aspen. Other people swear by Yesterdays Mews/News- the only cat litter that can be used. Or just fleece/towels. My guys are on towels with aspen in their litter box.
Q:The electric fan of the clip is too noisy. How can I get out of the way? I feel the bed shaking in the bedstead
Fan blade imbalance, resulting in eccentric movement when the vibration, vibration massage rod is deliberately made eccentric vibration only, you need to adjust their own;
Q:How to choose the material of the bed
Divided from the style, the bed can be divided into: single bed, double bed, double bed, lifting bed, drawer bed, combination bed, high Peng bed, etc.. According to the needs of yourself and your family, choose a bed suitable for you and your family, so that the whole family's life is full of happiness.
Q:can you see all bed bugs?
imma go with fleas

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