Wooden furniture Suspended beds CMAX-12

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Product Description:

antique french wooden bed with exquisite carving.

1.Material:100%solid wood

2.Size: Bed:240*213*172  Chest:83*48*82

antique french wooden bed

1.Painted in eco-friendly water base paint

2.We have many other designs and colors for your choice

3.Packing: with PE Foam or bubble bag  and outside brown 2-layor carboard or carton

4.Qty per carton:1pc

The related certifications we have:


The types of products:                                                                                                                          .

 Antique furniture combined with different materials such as wood, metal, rattan, bamboo , glass,

etc and beautiful carvings

The Characters of Our Products:          

 Different from machinery production, our products are with unique shape and irregular color, all

these are the unique feature of hand-made                                                                                                    .

We own best designers, experienced wokers and master of carvings to design and produce

what you want. Antique Imitation:shows some scratches,edge wear and paint flaking.

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Hello, if you booked a room, then you can check in the room, the hotel will not arrange for other people to live with you, you can invite your friend to live with you.
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Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. It might be from Tom Paine or Ben Franklin, but I think it's from Mother Goose (much older).
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Change the mattress, not necessarily change the bedstead, oh, you can measure your bed length and width, and then according to the proportion to buy mattress, usually 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 2 meters
Q:What's the length of a general bed?
The standard double bed is 1.5*2.0m, the king size bed is 1.8*2.0m, and the single bed is 1.2*1.9m
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But from the physical point of view, the earliest bed is in Xinyang, Tai Long Guan YiFound a large Chu, engraved on the drawing of a delicate pattern, railings, around 6 feet short,Height is only 19 cm.Since the spring and Autumn period, beds often do other furniture as well. People write, read, eat, and put them in bedTable。 After the Wei, Jin, northern and Southern Dynasties, many buildings were heightened and the interior space increasedWith the corresponding heightening, the height of the bed is also increased. The Jin Dynasty painter Gu Kaizhi's "history of women Fazhen map" in the paintingThe bed is almost the same height as today's bed. There is also a four legged high bed. But the bed has not yet becomeUnder special furniture.
Q:Would you rather sleep in your bed or....?
My bed
Q:Wetting the bed......?
i never drink water and i wet the bed every night

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