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CNBM is China's well-known trademark enterprise, the center of science and technology enterprises in China, the company has issued by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine qualification grade A of special equipment production, the production of large hoisting machinery, tower crane, construction elevator construction machinery such as the national fixed-point enterprise, but also in north China's largest construction machinery and equipment production base.

Quality is the life of the enterprise, we always pursue "zero fault", product quality and safety performance has been in a leading position in the domestic industry."Brand is famous for its security" enjoys a good reputation the industry inside and outside.First-class service quality, life-long follow-up service, customers of buy and use the rest assured.For both heavy industry have to form large, mature marketing network all over the country, with the agent 288, nearly 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions nationwide, and exported to India, Singapore, Iran, Russia, Mongolia, South Korea and other dozens of countries and regions, deeply the general customers the high praise.
"Create brilliant achievements, built for both machine", sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life came to negotiate, visit, investigation, expand the international construction market, and seek common development plans.








Q: What serice you could provide?

A: Providing timely delivery, standby engineers are ready to slove any of your problem

Providing all-embraced warranty of products quality, worksite installation guidance

Providing ample spare parts and training of operation and maintenance

Engineers have more than 20 years' experience in tower crane, ready to solve any of your problems.


Q: What kind of steel used for  tower crane ?

A: Normally, as for the main force bearing steel structure, Q345B is adopted; as for the assistance force bearing steel structure Q235B is adopted. All of the raw material is outsourced from qualified steel factory in China.

Q:What are the characteristics of a tower crane?
Two, according to the structure characteristics of the boom can be divided into the pitching amplitude boom (boom) and trolley jib tower crane (arms).Luffing jib tower crane luffing jib by lifting does not achieve the amplitude, the utility model can give full play to the effective height of the boom, simple mechanism.Trolley jib tower crane is installed on the level of the boom on the track trolley achieve amplitude, the utility model has the advantages of large amplitude range, trolley can near the tower, can load amplitude, the shortcoming is: the boom stress on the structure of complex, high requirements, and the boom and the car must be in the building the upper part of the spire, the installation height should be higher than the roof of buildings 15-20 meters.Three, according to the turret structure, the rotation mode can be divided into lower slewing (turret rotation) and upper slewing (turret not slewing) tower crane.Under the rotary tower crane slewing bearing, balance weight mechanism are arranged on the lower end of the main tower, its advantages are: less bending, low gravity, good stability, convenient installation and maintenance, the disadvantage is the higher requirement to the slewing bearing, installation height is limited.The slewing tower crane is characterized in that the slewing bearing is balanced and the main mechanisms are arranged at the upper end, and the advantage of the utility model is that the lower part of the tower body can be simplified, and the lifting and the adding of the joint can be simplified because the tower body is not turned. The disadvantage is: when the building exceeds the tower height, due to the influence of the balance arm, limit the slewing of the crane, at the same time, the center of gravity is higher, the air pressure increases, the weight increases, so that the total weight of the whole machine increases.
Q:I have three of these little pests hovering around in my tiny bathroom (my flatmate left the window open). I don't like to get close to them, and when they flutter near me I panic. I need an effective method of getting rid of them, that doesn't require me to get close or touch them - I really need to shower, so any advice is welcomed!Thanks, Ashley.
a daddy long legs interior the united statesis a sort of spider with an extremely small around physique and intensely long 8 legs. interior the united kingdom, Australia, and Canada crane flies are noted as daddy long legs. So what you ought to have seen could have been a crane fly and it could have been a spider. The crane fly has an elongated physique, six legs, and wings. It sounds like a good sized mosquito.
Q:I have preliminary data: up to 2 tons of weight; work range of 40 meters; lifting torque 800KNm; lifting height 45m.. I encountered problems in the design, and some of its specific reference, I would like to ask here, for example, how much is the weight of its whole machine, how much is the balance weight, the balance of the radius of gyration? Super boom weight? (it's better to have the approximate weight of each component). And when I design this tower crane, is it necessary to use planetary gear for the gear reducer?Thanks to your advice, Liu is here to thank you
You made the tower crane. All manufacturers are not necessarily the same
Q:What is the free height of a tower crane?
General small 40 tower, its free height is about 30 meters. The 63-80 tower is usually about 45 meters. The 125 tower is about 47-50 meters.
Q:Its on of the biggest helicopters in 1952-1955 I just need any information via you, internet, or even blue prints!I highly doubt that blueprints are probably destroyed
On okorder /... Scroll down the page and you'll find that English follows lower on the page. There is alot of info on this page.
Q:Probably my favorite of the jumping kicks I practice, and I'm curious what experiences you guys have had with it. I've caught people of guard with it after using a crescent or roundhouse kick in kickboxing, and I've done it with a knee to the chest then the kick to the head in Muay Thai. I've also practiced the ten foot kick (using the initial foot up to propel yourself forward instead of up) and crossed the ring to the opponent before they could move. What are your thoughts? What kind of variations do you practice? Ever had any good/bad results from it?
Every technique has its purpose. If you have favorites, you are limiting yourself by putting more emphasis on one thing over the other.
Q:i need six colors mentioned in the story and wat each one means thanks :)
From: The Open Boat By Stephan Crane. These waves were of the hue of slate... for the tops, which were of foaming white... In the wan light, the faces of the men must have been grey. ...the color of the sea changed from slate to emerald-green... ...wild with lights of emerald and white and amber. ...near patches of brown seaweed... ... at the men with black bead-like eyes. ... marked by dingy clouds, and clouds brick-red, ... Ain't they peaches? A faint yellow tone came into the sky over the low land. ... a small bluish gleam on the edge of the waters. ... with a sky of pure blue...
Q:How do they get big cranes up on skyscrapers for renovation? and how do they bring it down? And where they keep the cranes after done?
Renovation of skyscrapers typically uses a crane, if it has one, that is built up the side of the building, resting on the ground but fastened to the frame periodically for bracing. Tower cranes are built in sections and assembled in place with smaller cranes. To a large extent, renovation of skyscrapers is done from the inside - modifying some of the existing elevators, rather than doing anything from the outside, breaking through the walls to get stuff inside.
Q:How to calculate the pouring and maintenance of tower crane concrete in valuation?
Calculated according to actual concrete quantity. According to the design plan of the visa and construction organization.
Q:the title. the battery --- 9.6v 2000Mah INT NIMH Crane Stock Battery. will this fit in an echo 1 crane stock? the desc. said its designed for GG and SRC crane stocks, but may fit in other crane stocks.
yeah, all crane stock battery's are pretty much interchangeable.

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