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Ceramic fracturing proppant is a product of ceramic particles with high fracture strength, mainly used for oil and gas field down hole support to increase oil and gas production. Its mineral compositions are aluminum oxide, silicate and iron - titanium oxide.

It is round, and has high strength, suitable for the fracturing of deep oil and gas stratum with high closure pressure, for the middle and deep well; it can be used to enhance the conductivity as the trailing proppant.

It is an alternative product of natural quartz sand, glass balls, metal balls and other low-strength proppants, has a positive effect to the oil and gas production

Proppants are synthetic grains such as sintered bauxite ceramics used in the oil well drilling industry to hold fractures open around the wellbore to enhance fluid extraction after hydraulic fracturing processes. In Oil and gas deep well mining, the high-pressure low-permeability deposits after closure fracturing treatment, the split rock containing oil and gas, oil and gas from the formation of cracks in the collection out of the channel.

Ceramic support material with high-pressure solution into the formation along with filling in the cracks in the rock, playing a supporting stress release due to crack closure is not the role, so as to maintain high conductivity, so that oil and gas flow, to increase production. Practice has proved that using ceramic proppant fracturing of oil wells can increase production by 30-50%, and also to extend the service life of oil and gas wells.

Sand and sand-based materials became the most popular type of proppant due to availability and low cost. However, a study of production rates published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers has shown that the additional strength and uniform size and shape of ceramic proppant provide higher performance than other types of proppant .

Wells that have been fractured with ceramic proppant consistently exhibit improved production of oil and gas in a variety of reservoir condition.

Our products have passed tests of STIM-Lab, Frac-Tech Lab and the authentication of Reservoir Stimulation Laboratory of RIPED-Langfang PetroChina. Being certified as one of the top network suppliers of SINOPEC and CNPC.

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