BST1-4 80*200CM roll up banner stand /pull up banner stand /roll up display stand

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Item specifice:

Material: Aluminum

Product Description:

BST1-4 80*200CM roll up banner stand /pull up banner stand /roll up display stand

BST1-4 80*200CM roll up banner stand /pull up banner stand /roll up display stand

BST1-4 80*200CM roll up banner stand /pull up banner stand /roll up display stand

BST1-4 80*200CM roll up banner stand /pull up banner stand /roll up display stand

BST1-4 80*200CM roll up banner stand /pull up banner stand /roll up display stand

Item Specifics

Color:silver                 Material: Aluminum

Size:80*5000px              Usage:Convention Business Exhibition

Model No: BST1-4            Printing Service:Yes

Packaging Details: padded bag  Banner Printing Method: Indoor Digital Printing

Leading Time:5-7days         Inch:31.5”*79”

Place of Origin:Shanghai       Quantity:6PCS/CTN

Description of Product:

1.Aluminum Material is thicker with 2 absolute aluminum feet.

2.Easy to handle , quick to set up and pick up , convenient to transport

3.High quality matte anodized silver surface treatment with a compact foot for added stability

4.Portable and widely-used indoor , a perfect presentation of your message ,service or product

5.Ease for use ,graphic is easy changeable and banner stand can be used repeatedly

6.Extremely practical , used in conventions ,stores , restaurants ,malls hotels , exhibition and more

7.A popular tool for sales promotion ,has a unique look that makes your image stand out .

8.Direct manufacturer, different size and qualities available(60/85/100/120/3750px).

9.Banner materials: photo paper, PP, PVC or fabric printing.

Over valued service:

1. One-stop-shopping service, include banners, install into the displays, packages, logistic service and quality products.

2. Shipment way: sample order, small order and urgent order by express (UPS,DHL,FEDEX,TNT) or by air to anyplace;  Normal order by sea to anywhere.

3. There are some discount for big quantity.

In stock next day delivery for small order.

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Padded bag






Padded bag






Padded bag






Padded bag






Padded bag







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Q:Print 80*200cm Yilabao how much money? Shelves are not included
General Yilabao are in accordance with the specifications set to quote, prices in the tens of dollars, if the picture, it should be cheaper, in accordance with the square metres, ten or twenty yuan per square metre;
Q:What is the desktop Yilabao
Is the poster, his structure is composed of a metal box shell, wrapped in painting, when used, to draw out the metal box when the bottom, this is ilabo. To put it plainly, it is a convenient and easy to get publicity page.
Q:Ilabo is what machine printed? Is the use of photo machine or printer? What's the difference between the two?
General ilabo is indoor photo machine to print out, occasionally with outdoor photo machine, indoor outdoor photo machine is dye ink, solvent ink is weak, weatherability indoor is relatively poor, about half of fading, weak solvent can be about 2 years do not fade, indoor photo machine format is generally 1 meters in 5 less than 3 meters less than 2 outdoor photo machine.
Q:In the campus recruitment Yilabao generally is how much, how much is the price.
The width is fixed, and the back of the 80 and 100cm is a brace, with two struts at the back of 120 and 150cm.
Q:Yilabao PS can do?
After doing well, it is to undertake the adjustment of a few delicate structure, tonal collocation. Hide the reference line and check the overall effect. Make complete.
Q:Yilabao plastic stent is good or Aluminum Alloy good?
Plastic steel is big in weight but long in storage. Aluminum alloy has a limited storage time, but it is light in weight and good in quality. If the dew want to save for a long time, you can choose plastic steel, if you want to bring convenience, you can choose aluminum alloy.
Q:Why is the volume Yilabao picture
Suggestion: if you are using PP or paper ordinary material, so keep the picture as smooth with smooth joints bonded together, if it is heat transfer cloth or PVC some of the high-grade materials, as long as the cutting and connecting pieces around smooth bonding is good. The gross pre trimming work must be done well, the picture four must be cut together, it is best not to cut error conditions more than 1mm, the four corners must be kept at a 90 degree angle, bonding time can not pull, must let the picture with the connector _____ Yilabao is my natural bonding designer, the new design is happening, if you have any questions please ask me.
Q:Printer can make Yilabao it or not is not the same as to photo machine ink film can improve.
If Yilabao choose better materials, such as knife cloth or double spray, can certainly use printer or outdoor photo machine, the premise is to choose good Yilabao, not cloth rolled up empress, caused out of the poor.
Q:Eagle display Yilabao what role?
Yilabao display screen is relatively large, and attract the attention of customers, the display of images is more reasonable, can let the customer understand the product knowledge at a glance.
Q:Yilabao with neutral pen how to rub?
If the writing is light, you can wipe it with wet paper towels;

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