Fruit vegetable supermarket rack

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It has good looking appearance and stable structure. Various sepcification and design make fashion type.

Its looking and color could be nice with modern shopping mall, creating new commercial concept.

Its width and length could allow big volume of goods.

The surface is epoxy resin Static sprayed, with various colors and good resistance of rust

It's easy for installation and multi hanging device for seclection.

The upright and rack foot is welded for safety.

It has good universal usage and suitable for comprehensive supermarket.

The loading capacity is better than common commercial rack.

The upright and rack foot is welded for safety.

It has good universal usage and suitable for comprehensive supermarket.

The loading capacity is better than common commercial rack.

The beam is easy for changing lables

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Q:What are the advantages of the titanium magnesium alloy shelf?
The titanium alloy with very low temperature and extremely low interstitial elements, such as TA7, can maintain a certain plasticity at -253.Low elastic modulus, low thermal conductivity, no ferromagnetism.
Q:What's on the back shelf?
Back rack is a kind of shelf, specific to those can be classified according to the use or form
Q:What's the durability of a universal shelf for 0?
Each upgrade upgrade, the durability of the fixed return to 100+ (-1) *5, for example, you rose to 2, then the durability will 105, and whether you will consume to, back in 105, that is to say, consumption to a certain extent, with the upgrade to restore durability
Q:How are wall hanging shelves mounted on the wall?
Wall cargo rack installation principle(1) the installation of goods shelves on the wall shall comply with the principle of convenience and practicability. Install shelves of goods must take into account the whole layout and the habits of everyday life, such as in the kitchen wall on the mounting rack, to take into account the wall is installed in the rack can readily get cooking place.(2) the installation of the cargo rack on the wall shall comply with the principle of space saving. Kitchen and bathroom in the family is relatively small, so the installation of cargo racks must save space, reasonable use of space position.(3) the cargo shelves on the wall should be classified clearly. There are many kinds of goods shelves on the wall, and different goods shelves are installed at different locations in the home, so that they can "do their own duty" to make the home life orderly.
Q:What rules should be placed on the supermarket shelves?
In the allocation of space, the design of the supermarket should be based on the principle of increasing the flow of customers as much as possible to attract customersThe two areas are divided as far as possible, and other areas are arranged between two regions, such as placing traditional bread products in fresh foodDistrict and fast food, such as milk in the middle.
Q:What kind of warehouse shelves belong to fixed assets?
Fixed assets refer to the use of time for enterprises producing products or providing services, rental or held by management, more than 12 months, the value reached a certain standard of non monetary assets, including housing, buildings, machinery, machinery, transportation and other related activities of production and operation of equipment, appliances and tools etc..
Q:How do you deal with the surface of the paint spray shelf?
Spray directly with self spray paint and do not need to remove the paint. When painting, be sure to do not spray the surface of the protection.
Q:Which shelf to choose?
The pallet rack through the access mode, suitable for single species, large quantities of goods; compared with the tray shelf warehouse utilization rate can reach about 80%, the warehouse space utilization rate can be increased by more than 30%, is the highest efficiency of storage shelves. In support of the guide rail, the tray storage according to the depth direction, one after another, access to goods from the shelves of the same side and, after the first deposit, after the first deposit, the balance weight and forklift conveniently into the middle shelf access of goods. The investment cost is relatively low, suitable for lateral large size, fewer varieties, large quantity, used to store a large number of the same type of goods, because of its high storage density of floor space utilization rate is higher, the higher the cost of warehouse used in cold storage, food, tobacco and other storage space.
Q:What is the size of the supermarket shelves in general convenience stores?
Convenience store single shelf size, width minimum, starting from 350mm, height of size mainly from 1500mm, very suitable for major convenience stores.
Q:What is the national standard of spraying quality of shelves? Um
1, adhesion reached 1 of the GB92865-88 standard. 2, hardness (abrasion resistance) to GB6739-86 standard 2H. 3, corrosion resistance (salt fog test) GB1771-91>500 hours. 4 、 bend test, qualified under 2mm. 5 、 impact resistance is greater than (a) the column piece of each component precision comply with the following provisions: 1, total high shelf limit deviation + 2 mm; 2, shelf width limit deviation + 1 mm; 3, the first shelf piece column hole to hole accumulation without deviation of 2 mm; the adjacent hole distance error is less than 0.02mm.4, the shelf bottom plate height limit deviation + 0.5 mm; 5, the shelf side of the sheet and the column and the ultimate bending deviation is not greater than 6 mm 1/1000;

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