Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets

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It' called heavy supermarket shelf, used for light weight goods storage.Heavy supermarket has good appearance and is easy for installation. The production adopts guarantee good quality material and process. Good material ensure long usage life. It upgrade shopping mall and marking area.



·         Light duty

·         Easy installation

·         Good looking appearance




Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets

Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets

Heavy Supermarket Rack for Super Markets




Loading capacity






What is heavy super market shelf ?

super market shelf  is used for light weight goods marketing, usually have sections compbined and have suitable loading capacity. It has good appearance for  shopping mall and super market,


How is quality guaranteed?

The production use good quality material and process, ensure good working life.


How about the project installation?

It's easy for installation for users.

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Q:What about the manned shelves of mountain bikes?
Tripod shelves, the shelves are tens of millions can not buy ah, not that girl carrying more than 20 pounds of eggs, carrying goods are not made, that bought a plan to travel, the broken before starting a week, I thought it was just beginning to buy inferior goods, but I bought the same paragraph but in the flagship store, carrying 25 pounds less goods on less than 500 kilometers died.
Q:When buying shelves, how do you judge shelf quality?
Shelf surface treatment, shelf surface spray treatment should be uniform and strong adhesion.
Q:How to put the clothes warehouse shelves?
The passages are usually made toward the door, with items placed on both sides. Such as large area, the main channel to ensure that 1.5m or so, and the main channel to both sides of the symmetrical push shelf, each of the two shelves must be about 1m (to ensure that one person) of the small channel;
Q:What color ceiling does the gray shelf match?
The color combination must be harmonious, natural, seeking unity in diversity (all things), not too big difference, gruff (of color have hard and soft warm cold weight feeling) and is like the difference between twill lines, symmetry and abnormal feeling, multiple and single vision, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa (like the non inverted inverted), Venus (Brokeback incomplete and perfect (Monalisa), a faint smile on one's face).
Q:Warehouse tray is 1.1m*1.1m, height is 0.15m, household appliances packaging box Height 80cm, warehouse height 7.8 meters, should be set to several shelf, each floor height is how much
The height of the pallet + box + altitude forklift or crane height is =1.1 meters, height 1.1 meters, the thickness of the beam is generally 0.14 meters (according to the specific numerical bearing set tentatively to 0.14 to count), if the top shelf, then set height of 1.16 meters, it should set five shelves six, can put a layer of goods, 6* (0.14+1.16) =7.8 meters, in order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of general installed after the shelves are not top (first installed rear warehouse shelves, so the other said) as high as 1.1 meters can be, so there are 0.36 meters from the top shelf.
Q:What are the main materials on the shelf?
Paper shelves: usually disposable products, used in supermarkets more;
Q:What kind of materials are used in the supermarket shelves?
Supermarket shelves, selling products are different, the shelves are not the same choice bar.
Q:What is a mobile racking?
Light and medium shelf mobile (also known as dilute apart) by light and medium plate on shelf transformation, dense bulk structure, only one channel (about 1m wide), sealed a good taste for, safe and reliable, is a kind of shelf space utilization rate is the highest, and two electric separation type.
Q:What kind of board is the shelf good?
And corrosion resistance, this is common knowledge. But in the use of timber, the situation can not be considered solely from the strength of the plate, but also to consider its stability, it is worth noting.
Q:How are the items displayed in the convenience store? How can I place shelves and freezers?
Goods shelves are generally 90 to 180 centimeters high, while the customer's chest to eye height is the best display, some people call this "golden space."".

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