heavy duty supermarket rack

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It's to support more weghted goods than light duty type, usually used in shopping centre and supermarket.


It has bigger loading capacity than light type and suitable heavy goods.

It has back net type, back plate type and back hole type.

Single-side type and double-side type could both be combined for usage.

Layer space could be modified for different goods.

The single-side rack could be used with corner and double-side with semicircle unit.

It makes perfect for shopping mall and supermarket.

It's easy for installation and motion, convenient for operation.

The color of it could be red, green and blue for selection and other colors could be done as required by customers.

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Q:Rizhao where there are shelves supermarket shelves wholesale market?
Rizhao shelf wholesale, usually in the furniture market or flea market.But here are generally do storage shelves, or that no brand of storage shelves, the quality of it?......
Q:What are the problems you need to pay attention to when choosing supermarket shelves?
The length is 0.9/0.75 meters, the width of the single face is 0.4 meters, the width of the double face is 0.75 meters, and the height is 1.2/1.5/1.8/2 meters, four kinds
Q:What kind of supermarket shelves?
These shelves are commonly used shelves, are based on their style and process to distinguish between different. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Two, small supermarket convenience store shelves, this type of shelf main features of small, detailed, flexible, light load, mainly a few models:1. small center backplane shelf, 2. small back net shelf, 3. four column type shelf, 4. small hanging board shelf. 5. Angle steel shelf 6., changeable shelf, 7. goods shelf etc.
Q:When buying shelves, how do you judge shelf quality
Shelf surface treatment, shelf surface spray treatment should be uniform and strong adhesion.
Q:Supermarket shelves installation method, do well when there are pictures
Now do supermarket shelves, with the installation bar! Now the effect diagram and installation plan should be all right.
Q:What are the main materials on the shelf
Shelf material from the points, may be divided into the following categories:1) steel shelf: it is currently on the market sales of the largest varieties, from the warehouse to the supermarket shelves, steel sales volume is the largest, the reason should be the mechanical properties of steel raw materials with low price and excellent and good processing properties (such as weldability);2) wooden shelves, mostly for household storage or display in supermarkets3) aluminum shelves: because of its portability and beauty, mostly used in supermarkets, carrying capacity is limited;
Q:How much is the supermarket shelf
One side shelf is better, 200-300 is double, and the end of 300-400 is around 100-200
Q:What's the shelf price of luxury supermarket?
This luxury supermarket does not know what specific area, and generally large supermarkets thousands of square meters, luxury supermarket is to use more high-end shelves.It must consider the use of high-end shelves shelf, currently on the market shelves inferior quality and grade is not satisfied. In fact, the current domestic brand shelf to do good is not much, the north only one estimated that a well-known Hercules, the south to write more about five or six brands.
Q:Supermarket shelves compared with the plate, which environmental protection?
Buy Timber first depends on whether environmental protection, according to regulations, wood formaldehyde emissions must be less than or equal to 1.5 mg per liter, if more than 5 mg per liter, that is substandard.
Q:What rules should be placed on the supermarket shelves
Supermarkets currently use display shelves (high 165250 cm long, 90200 cm), the shelf display section of the best is between the upper and mid section, this section is called the display of the gold line, second layer, third layer shelves, is most easily seen eye, hand most likely to get the goods display position. This position is usually used to display high profit goods, private brand goods, exclusive agents or distribution of goods. Display the other two Dan, the top display usually need to recommend the goods, the sales cycle is usually lower into the recession of goods.

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