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Super market could be combined by single-side and double-side type. Space between layer could be adjustable. It could be used with corner and semicircle for usage in shopping mall.


It has good looking appearance and stable structure. Various sepcification and design make fashion type.

Its looking and color could be nice with modern shopping mall, creating new commercial concept.

Its width and length could allow big volume of goods.

The surface is epoxy resin Static sprayed, with various colors and good resistance of rust

It's easy for installation and multi hanging device for seclection.

The upright and rack foot is welded for safety.

It has good universal usage and suitable for comprehensive supermarket.

The loading capacity is better than common commercial rack.

The beam is easy for changing lables


It is used in supermaket, super shopping mall


Single-side type:L900/750*W450/400*H1200/1500/1800/2000MM

Double-side type:L900/750*W850/750*H1200/1500/1800/2000MM

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Q:120 square house to open the supermarket. how to place shelves?
A uniform configuration of the end of each row of shelves enables the shelf to look more beautiful and increase the display area. In order to make the whole style of small supermarket coordination, shelves should be matched as far as possible. Placed in the shelf, you can first close to the shop's 3 wall, placed 3 rows, so that it was "door" font, and then placed in accordance with the store space 3 to 6 rows, so that it was orderly vertical discharge. The shelves are spaced about 1.5 meters apart.
Q:I opened a small supermarket, 3.8 meters wide and 80 meters long, can you put a few rows of shelves?
Price, supermarket shelf price is the supermarket operator to choose the shelf of the first condition, but "one price, a sub goods" this phrase spread a century old saying also tells us, cheap, no good goods. The supermarket hardware investment in a rental property, the total share ratio of 30-40% supermarket shelves, investors are hoping for less investment and quick, funding is not sufficient in the circumstances, the purchase price is often low shelves these supermarket operators preferred. In the eyes of investors, supermarkets operating equipment, shelves are the most no scientific and technological equipment, cheap shelves and high-end shelves as the same. But Carrefour, RT mart, Tesco, WAL-MART and other large supermarket chain operators had different ideas, in their view, the supermarket shelves is the carrier of supermarket goods, supermarket goods display effect is achieved by some high margin goods shelves, shelf is in the special exhibition background impress consumers, to achieve "impulse buy, bring more sales and profits to the supermarket. Coupled with the shelf life of the contrast, large supermarket chains are willing to buy more expensive manufacturers shelves, quality assurance, high market share, and supermarkets can grow together. In Hohhot, a chain supermarket opened 3 stores and used 3 manufacturers' shelves to investigate the reason and the price. In this way, the shelves of three supermarkets can not be universal, the store more shelves, the store is out of stock, to order, for supermarket operators to such investment is how painful.
Q:What is the supermarket shelf called Island display
In some hypermarkets' central halls and entrances, stores often display products by special display booths, which are called island displays. Especially for those brands of higher quality, have a certain reputation of the brand will often use this method of display. Because the effect of the island display is three-dimensional and omni-directional, it is often easier to attract the attention of consumers, and its display effect in supermarkets is also quite good.The equipment used for island display is usually made up of platform or large container, and its internal construction is also complicated. Therefore, in operation, we should pay attention to the following points: Island display props height is not too highIf the display props are too high, it is easy to affect the entire store vision, but also affect the customer from 4 directions for island display of goods perspective.
Q:What is the aisle distance between the shelves of a medium-sized supermarket
The distance between the aisles of the medium-sized supermarket shelves: the main channel is usually 1.5-2 meters, and the others can be 0.8-1.2 meters.
Q:I have to deal with supermarket shelves?
If your shelves look good, new ones aren't old or ugly. Maybe some cheap people will buy your shelves.
Q:What's the size of the shelf when you buy it? Supermarket shelves should pay attention to what
Convenience stores can choose 0.9m long shelf, big supermarket is best to use 1.2m shelf. Choose supermarket shelves, you should pay attention to the shelf thickness of the shelf, price, origin and so on
Q:What kind of board is the shelf good
Use multilayer panels (hardwood, multilayer) as a common load-bearing plate. That is, it has higher strength and stability, and it is two-way force, the effect is more ideal.
Q:Excuse me, what kind of material is the supermarket shelf with single back screen type?
Supermarket shelves, as the name suggests, is the supermarket to put things inside, ah, there are many materials, iron, stainless steel, there are
Q:What items should I pay attention to when buying goods shelves
Floats are also useful. Specific model rules are based on the supermarket's graphic design and product placement. Storage shelves with warehouse shelves is actually one thing, he can be divided into four kinds, heavy shelves, shelves, light shelves and shelf, detailed specifications are based on the size of the warehouse, the height, and the required display of items to decide.
Q:The goods on the supermarket shelves are dirty and dusty. What can you do to clean them up without moving the goods?
The goods on the supermarket shelves are dirty, indicating that the supermarket is out of control. How do you attract customers when the goods are all dirty?. Supermarkets should have their own standardized management procedures, including the management of goods on shelves, and are included in the process control.

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