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Super market could be combined by single-side and double-side type. Space between layer could be adjustable. It could be used with corner and semicircle for usage in shopping mall.


It has good looking appearance and stable structure. Various sepcification and design make fashion type.

Its looking and color could be nice with modern shopping mall, creating new commercial concept.

Its width and length could allow big volume of goods.

The surface is epoxy resin Static sprayed, with various colors and good resistance of rust

It's easy for installation and multi hanging device for seclection.

The upright and rack foot is welded for safety.

It has good universal usage and suitable for comprehensive supermarket.

The loading capacity is better than common commercial rack.

The beam is easy for changing lables


It is used in supermaket, super shopping mall


Single-side type:L900/750*W450/400*H1200/1500/1800/2000MM

Double-side type:L900/750*W850/750*H1200/1500/1800/2000MM

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Q:How should the wooden shelves be maintained in daily use?
Wipe the supermarket wooden shelves, do not use coarse or not to wear old clothes when dishcloth. It is better to wipe out supermarket wooden shelves with absorbent fabrics such as towels, cotton cloth, cotton goods, or cotton flannel. Coarse cloth, thread cloth or sutures, button will cause the supermarket shelves wooden surface scratching old clothes, you should try to avoid the use of.
Q:How much is the supermarket shelf?
Generally there are 22 specifications: 90*45*2000, the market price is about 210 yuan, a group or so. 90*45*1000 about 160 yuan a group, different places, there are differences in prices,.
Q:Is attic shelf suitable for supermarket
Mezzanine shelving system, usually use medium shelf or heavy duty shelf as the main support plus panel (according to the total load weight shelf unit to determine the shelf), floor panels are usually cold-rolled steel slabs, steel slabs or steel grid floor pattern plate.
Q:What is the way to clean up supermarket shelves
The goods on the supermarket shelves are dirty, indicating that the supermarket is out of control. How do you attract customers when the goods are all dirty?. Supermarkets should have their own standardized management procedures, including the management of goods on shelves, and are included in the process control.
Q:Is the supermarket shelf good for aluminum or iron?
Shelf is now the general supermarket shelf materials, is the use of high-quality cold rolled steel and good pigment, first of all in the shape of relatively beautiful and beautiful, bearing strength and good, good compressive resistance, corrosion resistance, anti grinding
Q:What kind of certificate do you need to open a pharmaceutical supermarket?
First of all, in the hospital annex or personnel intensive lots, rent pharmacies in accordance with the conditions of the house, the specific area to consult the local food and drug administration, the requirements vary from place to place.
Q:How to check the quality of supermarket shelves
Shelf materials generally choose cold rolled steel based, preferably national standards, but with the national standard manufacturers are few, the easiest way is in accordance with the two sides agreed to load an experiment on the line.
Q:What kind of material are the shelves in the supermarket made of?
Cold rolled steel: from ordinary hot-rolled steel by drawing more than the strain hardening stage of steel, high strength, but the shortcomings are toughness, weldability, hard and brittle.
Q:Is the commodity on the supermarket shelf an offer and an invitation to offer?
Is the commodity on the supermarket shelf an offer or an invitation to offer?
Q:The supermarket price tag is an offer or an invitation
Since the price displayed on the supermarket is in line with all the requirements of the offer stipulated in the contract law of China, the act should be an offer in our country.

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