hardware toll type rack

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Its upright and foundation could be movable

The upright could be connected with back plate and layers could be added as required.

light and label could be with couple and net.

It's suitable for hardware shopping.

It has movable type, independent type and connection type.

Movable type is suitable for material moving, machinery maintennance ans installation.

Independent type is combined with goods plate, foundation and frame。

Holes back plate could be equipped.

Connection type could added, when independent type is not enough.

It lower cost and add space, stable and good for material managerment.

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Q:In the shelf to promote the development of the industry
Steel plate can be placed on the general light, small and medium-sized pieces of goods or storage period of long goods, forklift, conveyor belt, hoist, electric hoist or lifting platform to promote goods. In the attic generally uses the light trolley or the tray towing trolley work. In recent years, a large number of attic shelves have emerged, which has promoted the development of steel grid industry.
Q:What are the types and specifications of drugstore shelves?
Drugstore shelf size, we have to proceed according to the actual situation, the store owner in the drugstore shelves, we must first determine the size of their stores, so that we can buy the right shelf.
Q:What are the materials on the shelf?
Plastic shelves: usually of small size, used for display or storage of some commonly used small commodities.
Q:How to identify the shelf surface treatment process?
Shelf surface treatment process, mainly refers to the shelves, after assembly and welding, the shelf surface processing.
Q:How can the shelf industry carry out network promotion?
Choose a reasonable way to promote the network, long-term adherence to do, and constantly sum up experience, do a good job analysis, according to the effect of promotion to make adjustments.
Q:How do you rent a supermarket shelf?
In general, the rental of floor shelves or stalls is operated in the following ways:1. Fixed rent: a certain amount of rent is paid each month, regardless of whether the sales are good or bad.2. The proportion of fixed point deduction: the actual monthly turnover as the base, according to a certain proportion as rent deduction.3. The agreed sales base, according to the proportion of each month must be completed at least Koudian: how many sales, and according to the turnover point (if not finish the minimum rental sales, according to the corresponding minimum sales agreement deduction to calculate, if exceeded, according to the actual calculation).4. Two: set the proportion of floating point deduction rate, sales of less than a value, with a high rate of deduction, sales of more than, in accordance with the implementation of the low.
Q:What are the features and uses of heavy duty shelves?
Heavy duty rack usually refers to ordinary crossbeam shelf, which has the characteristics of low cost, safety and reliability. It is easy to assemble and disassemble
Q:What are the different specifications of the shelves?
Specifications: mainly depends on the material thickness of various components (not on the paint before the steel material factory, many household paint thickness, good quality cheap) light column generally 0.4 of the shelves, shelves 0.6, this is the lowest standard, in fact, the theory of light shelves should 0.6 0.8, medium shelf. Other parts of the material thickness should also pay attention to. Of course, the column is shelves bearing the most critical parts, should be the main consideration, should be considered together and thickness of U type steel structure design, general structure, 0.8 mm thickness specifications than the C shaped actual bearing steel 1 or even 1.2 of the high, of course the weight is heavier, so many shelves manufacturers are using the C shape column steel, just, good processing, is thick, the cost can rest more than 1/3. On the other, after paint thickness should also note that the plate thickness of 0.8 mm thickness of paint after about 1.2, the thickness of many manufacturers to fool people after painting, painting is 0.8 mm, 0.5 is good, but certainly not a good painting.
Q:What is the height of the clothes hanger in the clothing store?
The formal standard clothing store clothes hanger which is the length of the 120 Nakajima aircraft width height 135 45cm hangers also includes wall shelf column etc.
Q:Warehouse shelf safety knowledge
Anti top-heavy: should be put on the bottom of high light, heavy principle.

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