Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

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steel platform, one type of pallet racking system, also called attic shelf or multi layer racking system. 

It is suitable for limited space of warehouse and could have multi layers two or three.

The production adopts advanced roll forming technology and guarantee good quality and high precision. 



·         Ladder, hydraulic lift for upstair. 

·         Metal floor. 

·         For different goods. 

·         Frame suppor.




Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry

Steel Platform for Warehouse and Industry





Loading Capacity

500KG/sqaure meter

Beam Space

3-5 meter





What is steel platform ?

Steel platform is used in factory for space usage, usually have 2-3 floors and have big loading capacity. Ladder is equipped for going upstairs.


How is quality guaranteed?

The production use professional  technology  and material of steel for production have strict test. 


How about the project installation?

We send engineers to users's spot to carry out installation.

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Q:What are the principles of shelves and articles on shelves?
The horizontal spacing between the vertical and horizontal lighting fixtures shall not be less than 0.5m. The main channel is not less than 2m, material stacking safety, firm and neat, appropriate height, easy to send and receive.2. materials should be properly stored, neat, strong safety, reasonable and complete, thatch pad material sign marks.3. fixed location of storage of materials to implement the "four position" and "55 stack", and to comply with the quality system, environment / safety management system standards, welding materials, welding material shall comply with DIN6700 2 welding standards.
Q:What kind of goods is available in the attic shelf area?
Attic shelves, plainly, is to use space, as to what kind of goods, this is not easy to say. Ha ha, see what you do. Something that is not used, light, is best placed on top
Q:Can mountain bikes have fenders and shelves at the same time?
Yes, it is recommended not to install in case there is no need, because sometimes the fender is broken and the pieces will jam the fittings, which will cause the bicycle to change parts.
Q:What are the main types of storage shelves?
Each set of shelves can be driven by electricity (machinery) to move independently on the track, and a channel can be used to solve 6, 8, 10 or more shelves. Press the button to drive the shelf and turn on the desired channel.Light shelf, plug-in combination structure, standard group plug-in, without a connecting bolt, easy to assemble and disassemble, super closed steel plate structure, storey height adjustable at any 50mm, maximum weight of 150-250 kg per layer. Foreign trade family of medium-sized shelves, the shelf adopts the structure of beam and plywood combination, can carry 300-500kg beams, there are a variety of specifications of the cross section, structural parts can be freely loaded and disassembled, height adjustable, adjustable distance of 50mm. Stainless steel web support and encourage you to reprint this article on [knowledge] > > processing and distribution logistics of the article, but I hope you can respect the fruits of labor and stainless steel network staff hard, and indicate the source of the article in the reprint of the source! Thank You for Your Cooperation!
Q:How is the bearing capacity of the warehouse determined?
The construction of the ground floor is mainly compressive strength, the ground bearing capacity necessary to carry the goods according to the type or the stacking height of concrete research.Usually, the average carrying capacity of plain warehouse is 2.5 to 3 tons, followed by 3 to 3.5 tons.
Q:What laminates are used in angle steel shelves? Can I use wooden plywood?
Angle steel shelf panels can be made of density plates and iron plates
Q:How much is the shelf??
Commercial shelves, because there are thousands of kinds, large categories of more than 100 kinds of it, this can not tell you in detail, nor can you write. Can say, and only storage shelves, but also ordinary storage shelves, high-end automated three-dimensional library of what, that standard is to write a book is not enough.Storage shelf quality standards are also many, from bearing, design, specifications, processes, materials and so on.
Q:What is the size of the supermarket shelves in general convenience stores?
According to the width of the board can also distinguish the size of the convenience store shelves, the following will be described as:(1) general convenience store shelf height size is divided into 3 kinds: 1350mm1500mm1800mm2200mm convenience store shelf size;(2) according to the width of the board to distinguish the convenience store shelf size, that is: 900mm and 600mm convenience store shelf size;(3) according to the attributes of the convenience store shelves, the size of the convenience store shelves is divided into 2 kinds, one is the size of the two-sided shelves, as mentioned above; the other is the size of the single shelf:
Q:What are the general shelf sizes of the warehouse?
Shelf column column specifications for the 55*47*1.5mm, the vertical distribution of bearing shelf can reach 1500kg/ set of shelves, usually shelf column height of 2000mm, also has a height of 1500mm, 1800mm, or 2500mm. column positive hole shape six side holes, also called the diamond hole, the hole shape is matched with the cross beam of small gap, firm.
Q:Is it really possible to extend shelf life by using the storage shelf in the right way?
If in the use of the shelf, with strictly abide by this value, not an excess use of words, can guarantee absolute safety in shelf life cycle theory, even more than the theory of life can still continue to use for a period of time (which we don't advocate, but the theory is the practice of a lot of really). Some of our old customers, some shelves can even use sixteen or seven years, the beam will not have any deformation, bending and other problems, and even paint did not drop much.

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