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Product Description:

 Highly functional lidding foil that provides the
 best possible protection with a minimum of material.
 This foil is recommended for standard blister applications.

 Product can be accessed in a single step by simply
 pushing the blisters contents through the foil lid

 Technical Data
 Aluminium Foil 20 or 23 micron Hard-tempered
 Printing Side Clear heat resistant print primer
 on the basis of acrylic polymer
 Sealing Side Heat seal lacquer with excellent
 seal strength consist of methacrylic copolymer

 Essential Features of our Blister Foil
 Good Adhesion to multiple materials of PVC,
 PVdC coted PVC & PS
 Good Printability on print-primer surface.
 Excellent sealing strength.
 High product quality
 Better yield output

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Q:need the recipe for cinnamon candy (possibly rock candy)?
Q:Chemistry help?!!?!?!?
We need to know whether this is (as I suspect) dealing with nuclear reactions (not chemical reactions)Assuming I am right in thinking that these are nuclear reactions, and ignoring the number of neutrons in any particular element, we would have: (1) What element is created when you ADD 3 electrons to tellurium? n/52-Te + 3 e- → n/49-In n represents whatever atomic mass that nuclide has, and the number under the division sign is the atomic number of that element(2) What element is created when you REMOVE 3 electrons from silicon? n/14-Si - 3 e- → n/17-Cl (3) What element is created when you REMOVE 3 electrons from aluminum? n/13-Al - 3 e- → n/16-S So how did I come up with that? The gain of an electron, electron capture, results in a proton of the nucleus combining with the electron to form a neutronThe loss of that proton results in a decrease in the atomic number (the number of protons in the element) by oneSimilarly, the loss of an electron, beta decay, is from a neutron that then forms the electron (which is ejected from the nucleus) and a proton (which stays in the nucleus)This increases the number of protons in the nucleus by one and increases the atomic number by one.
Q:How do I replace the sash of a single hung window?
If it is an older window let say 50 to 100 years old or soThe sashes were not really made to be replacedHowever most can be done with a little or a lot of workSome windows are so labor intensive that it is easier to replace the window and get a new energy efficient window Most of the time the trim will have to be removed to get to the window frameOnce you get to the frame you will see a little access door that is screwed in placeAnd if the sash weight has broken off it could be in the wall on the floor plate and then you have to buy a new one or cut a hole in your wall to get the old weight outBut if it still intact then you can open or close the window until you can grab the weight and untie itand replace the cord if that is what needs to be replacedThe Knots need to be tied the same way so make note of how it is tied onPut it back together, providing you did not break any of the 100 year old trim This job is not easy as the trim will need to be repainted and the trim may have to be sanded and then again old trim paint may have lead in it and can be toxic while sandingAll the above is why it is more easy to just replace the window with a good energy window that you may get a tax deduction forSome windows come with the trim package already attached and you just slip it in and caulk the outside.
Q:My cats are freaks! Don't mind spice or citrus.
I know what you mean I thought I had the only cat in the world that actually likes the smell of citrus and doesn't mind double-sided tape or aluminum foilI tried all those training methods and none of them workedWhen I sprayed citrus carpet freshener around my computer desk to keep her away from there, she immediately rolled around on the floor and purredWith aluminum foil and double-sided tape on the kitchen counters, she just gives me a look and then walks across it anywayWhen I had no success with these methods, I went to a book store and picked up a couple of books about cat training and found several suggestionsOne way to keep cats off of kitchen counters is to place a couple of baking pans or unbreakable plates on the counter and put a little water in themCats usually don't like to walk in water, so if they step in the water, they'll try to get awayIn the process, they might knock down the pans or plates, which will be noisy, so they might not want to jump on the counters again and relive that experienceI have to tell you, though, that I also tried this method and it didn't seem to work with my cat - but maybe with yours, it willI just ended up deciding that I'd let my cat on the counters whenever there's nothing there for her to get into, but when I'm preparing food, I put her in another roomOf course, since she's now allowed on the counters, I have to clean the counters more often, but that's not as much of a hassle as trying to keep her offAs for the electrical cords, you can go to a hardware store or home improvement store and pick up something (I can't remember the name of the product) that wraps around the cords that can't be bitten or chewedI really wish you luck with this!
Q:You want to sell 12 ounces of mountain dewyou want to use as little aluminum as possible for the can.?
Typically steel sheds have skinny steel, heavy sanding/sandblasting might pass proper thu itI trust the utilizing a 'rust converter' paint, might make it more potent without a sandingThat plus a well satisfactory primer then well satisfactory paint will hold it watching well for many yearsI use Krylon 'fusion' variety spray paint on such a lot of my initiatives - it bonds to steel, and plastic - a top satisfactory epoxy paint might paintings as good.
Q:I need a quick and easy pork chop recipe!?
Here's a very simple recipe.perfect for a beginner cookAsian-Style Pork Chops Serves 4 1/3 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup sugar 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 3 garlic cloves, minced Coarse salt 4 bone-in rib pork chops (8 to 10 ounces each and 1 inch thick) Directions Make the marinade: In a liquid measuring cup, whisk together soy sauce, sugar, oil, garlic, and 1/4 teaspoon saltReserve 1/4 cup marinade for drizzlingPlace pork chops in a shallow dish with the rest of the marinade; turn to coatSet aside at room temperature, turning occasionally, 15 minutesHeat broiler, with rack 4 inches from heatLine a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil; set asideLift pork chops from dish, leaving some marinade clinging to meat; discard the restArrange on prepared baking sheetBroil, without turning, until well browned and cooked through, about 15 minutesTo glaze, brush with pan juices, and drizzle with reserved marinadeServe with shredded napa cabbage, if desired.
Q:Does anyone have a Sweet yellow potato salad recipe?
Q:Some science questions, please help I've had a rough weekend?
Fiber is super for filling you upwhether, you may enforce 2 snacks in between and be certain you do no longer wait longer than 4 hrs before you devour somethingYour meal plan could be approximately 1400-1700 cals consistent with how lively u are, with a view to shed weight adn chop up into countless nutrients3 4 hundred energy and 2 one hundred fifty calorie snacks could be suitablei think of you may attempt fiber a million cereal with flaxseed on your morning and combine w/ milk adn heat it upI try this, and positioned some splenda, cinnamon, raisins, and almonds and it tastes kinda like oatmeal yet sweeter and is extremely intense in fiber (22 g!!) attempt sprinkling a million TBSP of fiber in the mornign, a million into your yogurt or something as a snack, and yet another someplace in a soup or somethingFiber does shop you finished longer so its solid b/c u wont prefer to snack on junk, yet u could frequently devour each and every few hours to maintain your metabolism goingadditionally attempt understanding 30 min an afternoonultimately attempt enforcing blueberries and a few green teaAntioxidants are super for diets too! they help sparkling you to boot!
Q:Aluminum foil prevents silver from tarnishing?
what my mom does is she makes stove top stuffing, then she takes the tilapia after it thaws off all day, and she puts the stuffing in the individual cassorale dishes, and then she lays a fillet over it,adds pepper to the fish and puts it into the oven bakeor she does a lemon baked thing
Q:where to get a really cheap ghd?
I live in a metal building that has had several businesses in it over the course of many yearsLast business was a kennel for boarding and grooming dogs and cats, so the tub is off the floor to make it easier to bathe dogs and cats, so we have to use a step stool to get in and outWe have a toilet, bathroom sink, kitchen sink, few cabinets, refrigerator, microwave, slow cooker, hot plate, and a toaster ovenWe lost our house and everything in it last January to a flood, and since this is about 4 - 4 1/2 feet off the ground, I hope I don't have to worry about that again.

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