Automobile sealing strip injection moulding machine

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Specializing in the production of car windows on the sealing strip


FT-200   规格表   Specifcatiom

Injection SystemScrew Diametermm222528
Injection Pressurekg/cm235818551530
Max.Shot Weight(PS)g364558
Max.Shot Weight(PS)OZ1.31.52
Screw Strokemm100
Screw Speed Maxrpm0-205
Nozzle Contact Forcetons2
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm140
Number of Temperacture Control-2-
Material Hopper CapacityL15
clamping systemClamping Forcetons20
Platen Sizemm460×290
Distance Between The Baremm295×125
Min.Mold Heightmm130/180
Opeing Strokemm160
Max.Opening Daylightmm290/340
Ejector Forcetons1.3
Ejector Strokemm35
Hydraulic power systemMax.Hydraylic Pressurekg/cm2140
Pump OutputL19
Oil Reservoir CapacityL65
Cooling Water ConsumptionL/hr400-600
Pump Motor Powerkw4
Barrel Heating Powerkw2
Total Weightkw6
OthersMachine Weighttons0.9
Machine Dimensioms(L×W×H)m1.4×1.0×1.7
Shipping Weighttons1
Shipping Measurement(L×W×H)m1.7×1.2×2.0


Above spec sheet, if design changes without notice!













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Q:Is there a national standard for oil filters?
The machine is composed of filter bed, oil pump and rough filter. With industrial filter paper as filter medium, different filter paper can be selected according to different filter requirements, and the filtering accuracy is high. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, low operation cost, etc..
Q:What's wrong with the vacuum oil filter?
The heater is damaged, resulting in increased oil viscosity, liquidity, filter oil will also slow down; the heating system of general vacuum oil filter machine has two functions: heating oil to increase liquidity and increase the oil temperature to achieve vacuum evaporation.
Q:Points for attention of vacuum oil filter
1, the power supply, you must connect the ground wire to operate.2, before the operation, pay attention to the direction of motor rotation, in line with the arrow direction.3, no oil circulation, shall not turn on the heater, otherwise it will burn the heater, heavy will be fried.4 、 drain all the oil outlet valve before draining.5, the working environment temperature is lower than 30 DEG C, higher than +40 degrees centigrade, should not use.
Q:Who knows what the vibration of the oil filter is?
You are welcome. We will do our best to help you with the oil filter. We will be the manufacturer of the oil filter
Q:Where is the vacuum oil purifier repaired?
Vacuum oil filter is not a big problem, generally vacuum filter oil machine leakage, welding, welding die.
Q:What is the working vacuum in the oil filter?
The existing vacuum oil filter machine technical indicators only vacuum oil filter and coalescence vacuum oil filter two, so to answer this question, you need to understand the principle of vacuum oil filter, vacuum oil filter machine work, need to vacuum oil filter in the outside atmospheric pressure and oil filter in the vacuum pump under the action of the suction filter, large particle impurities are removed by the oil heater into the precision filter, filter the impurity particles fine before entering the water filter, separated out from the oil droplet, the precipitation in the water reservoir. The oil solution for removing impurities and large water drops enters a three-dimensional vacuum flash tower for further treatment of micro water.
Q:Can oil filter oil filter oil still be used?
OK, the key is you purchase is guaranteed the quality of the machine the regular manufacturers, so that oil can be filtered to recover after the use of performance, but the regular manufacturers of oil filter payment are three steps: payment after delivery, delivery to the site acceptance of payment, and leave 10% years warranty gold.
Q:What are the oil filters for? What are they used for?
Improve the quality of lubricating oil, ensure the lubrication effect, reduce the frequency of lubricating oil, and increase the economic benefits.Generally used in large equipment industry, such as: compressors, steam turbines, etc.
Q:How much is the equipment for the oil press?
Oil press complete sets of equipment, in general, the price of 20 thousand yuan -3 yuan.In general, the oil mill complete equipment configuration includes: fried material machine, oil press, oil filter.In addition, the workload is different, processing materials are different, hot and cold pressing method is different, the corresponding configuration is also different.
Q:Working principle of vacuum oil filter
Vacuum pump to vacuum tank air to form a vacuum, outside the oil under the influence of the atmospheric pressure through the entrance pipe into the primary filter, remove larger particles, and then into the heating tank, after heating the 40~75 C oil through the automatic oil float valve, the valve is automatically controlled in a vacuum tank the amount of oil import balance. The heated oil is rapidly rotated through the jet wings to separate the oil into a half mist. The water in the oil evaporates rapidly into steam and is pumped into the condenser continuously by vacuum pumps

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