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Packaging Detail:MDF box and angle steel frames
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Extension gate/Retractable door/Automatic remote control factory gate/Electrical Foldable Gates/ Collapsible gate:


Stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, Aluminum alloy

Major material


Auxiliary Material


Engine voltage and Frequency

~220V ± 10% 50Hz  

Working Temperature


Operation Current

<=2.5A X2    

Remote Control distance




Moving speed


Standard height


Type of track

No track ,Single track, Double track

The alarm function works while someone climb the gate

Electronic soft strengthens optional smoothness by reducing rolling and inertial damage of the head.

Displaying words and time on LED. input up to 1000 words according to customers requirements and language

Double self-lock to prevent any manual lifting.

The unique infrared collision avoidance system ensures safety of passengers and vehicles by running backwards automatically at a distance 20-25cm away from a person or an object

Contact -free control in the whole circuit to ensure the system in safe reliable operation.

Multi protection devices are designed to prevent the occurrence of car smashing.

Anti-wind device ensure that the gate can resist the stack of strong wind .

Increasing safety and reliability of the motor by replacing the common temperature sensing protection with current sensing protection function

The technical parameter of CMAX  extension door body:

1.The material is stainless steel ,which can effectively prevent the extension door from rust and corrosion.

2.All kinds of extention doors:extension structure with double-plane link lever,complete inner connection and double column integration in upright direction;preventing the pushing poles from pushing off the sliding guide and evenly stressed ensure moving in one line.

3.Long distance between two guide rails,low barycenter,fine stabilization,strong outside&wind force resistance.

4.Embedding way connection guiding-slot,high-tech design to make it perfect.

5.Stainless steel link lever slide guide ,steady moving ,wear-resisting and long using time .

6.CMAX extension door is the first remote controlling extension door which has encompassed three national patents.

7.The content in the display screen can be shown according to the need of our customers ,such as date ,time ,phrase, advertisement and so on.

The technical parameter of CMAX extension door motor:

Light style motors Characteristics:

1. Beautiful appearance, big startup power, easy operation, steady operation, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Working under low voltage (normally, 220V), the output power is more than 50% when voltage is 180V.

3. The temperature protector is set inside the motor (when the temperature exceeds the high point and the protector will stop the motor working automatically to protect the machine).

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Q:my automatic door locks on the front pass/drvr side work intermittently with the remote or the door switch.?
Sounds like its the actuators in the door's an elecrical part and commonly goes out on some vehicles....I know neons have a huge issue with them, at least in my experience. Your biggest problem is, they are for the most part a dealer item only. Easy to install though. Hope this helped.
Q:Automatic door revolving door brand how to choose? Which brand is good?
First-class products need first-class technology, first-class companies need first-class management. In the increasingly fierce market competition today, the company pay more attention to modern enterprise management and value of the after-sales service, adhering to the "honest, trustworthy, fair and innovative" spirit of enterprise, with a new business philosophy, fast and thoughtful service for the country Users around the "first-class quality, good looks," the satisfaction of products, and hope that on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, with the community sincere cooperation to better products and services dedicated to the community.
Q:pneumatics and automatic doors?
They could use pneumatics but mostly they use small motors to move them. If you want to build a door opener you can use a cylinder that can open and close it. Sliding side ways you will mount one end onto a rail that keeps it straight and the other end to the front of the cylinder shaft. You then use an pneumatic valve with either a pilot operated control via pressure plate to stand on or an electric solenoid getting a signal from a motion detector. then air is applied to the front of the cylinder to move it towards the back and then apply pressure on the back to move it forward. Use a timer to delay it though so it doesn't squash anyone. You can mount the cylinder differently for different movement. Otherwise you get pneumatic linear slides as well that Festo makes or you get pneumatic motors that can move a ball screw to move the door. Phone a Festo or Bosch agent in your area for specific products.
Q:Automatic door trademark category
Hello, belong to the sixth class 0603 similar group, hoping to help you to adopt
Q:Automatic door lock sticks on my Camry LE?
The last owner already gave you a pretty good clue as to his mentality when he riveted the door panel on like a moron, maybe you'll get lucky and find another display of his stupidity when you pull the door panel, like maybe he lost a piece of the actuator linkage and tried to replace it with a piece of coat hanger or something, or maybe the actuator itself is loose, which would cause it to not pull or push as far as it should,you know what I mean?, if it's loose it would reduce the distance it's capable of pulling or pushing because the actuator is wobbling back and forth, or if something is bent in the linkage it would have the same effect, you never know till you open the panel up, but maybe you'll get lucky!!, hope this helps,good luck with that!!! George
Q:Are you ever scared that an Automatic Opening door?
*classic horror music* OMG!!!!! *screams in agony* its the...!!! its the...!!!! AUTOMATIC OPENING DOOR THAT WONT AUTOMATICALLY OPEN!!! *face distorts like 'The Scream'*
Q:Solo Automatic pet door, or the Power Pet one?
The Solo automatic looks like the way to go. It uses a simple non electronic magnet on the collar to trigger the door. You cannot trust the electronics or the construction of power pet. And Staywell is the worst crap ever.
Q:Automatic sensor door how much price. What algorithm?
Automatic sensor door overall price is divided into two parts, one for the automatic door machine part, two for the door and construction costs. First said the door machine price: joint venture brand price of 4000-8000 yuan price range, such as: de Fu Lai, self, Panasonic and so on. Import brand price of 8000-15000 yuan price range, such as: GMT, Rui Ke, Stanley and so on. The door and construction costs are usually calculated according to the size of the door (ie, store entrance size) per square meter, such as the door opening width of 4 meters, 3 meters high, then the hole size of 4 * 3 = 12 square meters, the specific unit price is divided into box Door, frameless all-glass door, the specific differences can be found at, frame door unit price: 600-900 yuan / square meter, frameless door unit price For 500-750 yuan / square meter. Each level of technology and construction materials vary in quality, so the price will be different. At this point the overall price of automatic sensors will be more clear, the door machine price + door hole area * door unit price = the overall automatic sensor door price. By the way, the door is best to find two years warranty, dare warranty for two years, its level of technology is also a.
Q:My automatic garage door is not working properly. What is the problem?
Check stop switches
Q:Automatic door is open-loop or closed-loop control
Is open-loop control, the output does not affect the input, so it is open-loop control ...

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